Seed Grants

Faculty Research Development Award (FRDA) Summer 2021

To promote high-quality population science among its affiliates, the CFDR offers a competitive seed grant funding opportunity for faculty with promising research ideas through its Faculty Research Development Award. This award can be used to support projects in the early stages of the research process, including primary data collection or preliminary feasibility analyses. These projects often lead to applications for external funding in the future.

The criteria for selection of projects includes topical alignment with both the CFDR’s mission to promote research on the well-being of children and families and the mission of our funder, the Population Dynamics Branch of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Additional criteria include significance of the research, approach and feasibility of the project, qualifications of the researcher(s), and external funding potential. Priority is given to junior faculty.

Race/Ethnicity, Parenting, and Child Well-being During the Elementary School Stage
Kei Nomaguchi

Familial Responses to Social Distancing and Mothers’ Gatekeeping Role
Monica Longmore

Economic Uncertainty and Prospective Fertility Intentions
Karen Guzzo

Add Health Ancillary Study: Creating a Sexual Minority Policy Contextual Database
Kara Joyner

Nonmaternal Child Care, Role Strain, and Maternal Sensitivity in the First Three Years
Kei Nomaguchi

Functional Disability, Depression, and Social Support in Late Life
I-Fen Lin

Juvenile offenders’ emotions and behaviors: What is the influence of social experience, social thinking, and depression?
Marie Tisak

Alcohol, Heterosexual Relationships, and HIV
Peggy Giordano  

Violence in the Transition to Young Adulthood: Influences of Dynamic Neighborhood Contexts
Ray Swisher, Danielle Payne Kuhl, Jorge Chavez

Postretirement Health Change Patterns of both Men and Women
Yiwei Chen

A Process Analysis of Reduced Recidivism in Domestic Violence Courts
Rekha Mirchandani

Augmenting the National Survey of American Life with Occupational Self-Direction Data from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles
Gary Oates

The Relationship between Extended Family Living Arrangements and Adult Health Outcomes among Mexican Immigrants and Natives
Jenny Van Hook

The Impact of Family, Classroom and Caregiver Characteristics on Optimal Infant and Toddler Development in an Early Head Start Sample
Ann Stacks and Jacqueline Guzell