Special Collections

This list will give you an idea of what kinds of collections are housed in the Browne Popular Culture Library. Please stop by and see us to use any of these collections. Here's an overview of how to use the BPCL.

Advertising Ink Blotters
This is a collection of advertising ink blotters, an absorbent paper used to blot the excess ink off paper and prevent smearing when using fountain pens. With strong visual images on the front of the blotters, manufacturers and businesses gave them away to customers as free promotional items. Advertising ink blotters were used from the 1900s through the 1940s until the ballpoint pen was invented.
Advertising Proofs Collection
This is a collection of advertising proofs dating from the mid-to-late 1960s primarily. The proofs include advertising for various products and some list the magazine in which the ads were to be inserted, such as Reader's Digest, Field & Stream, or The New Yorker. Categories for the ads include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, food and beverages, clothing, and household products. This represents a small selection of ads from this time period, but may prove useful for users wishing to examine the advertising process.
Advertising trade cards
An inventory of our collection of these mainly Victorian-era advertising resources.
Alternative press
Searchable by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. There is also a research guide that gives additional information and links to specific titles in the Alternative and Underground Press Collection.
Audio Literature Collection
This collection is primarily books on CD and cassette from BPCL manuscript donors. Some other books from BPCL collections are included.
Automotive Vertical File Collection
The finding aid for this collection includes an overview of the collection and its organization as well as an inventory of the entire collection.
Beauty Pageant Collection
This is the finding aid for this collection of photos of Miss America contestants and programs and scrapbooks of articles from the pageants.
Bicentennial Collection
This collection of printed materials and realia (e.g. objects from everyday life) commemorates the American Bicentennial celebration in 1976.
Big Little Books
These are available by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. You can also browse a list by call number.
Bill Schurk Postcard Collection
Bill Schurk began collecting postcards as a young boy while living in Cleveland, Ohio. He donated his collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library in 2017. Totaling over 11,000, the postcards are organized alphabetically by subject in the same order that Mr. Schurk arranged them.
Bookmarks (Romance)
These are not processed currently. Please ask BPCL personnel for assistance.
Bridge Tally Cards
This collection, donated by Laura M. Mueller, contains mainly bridge tally cards and score pads from the early part of the 20th century to the 1960's.
This finding aid describes the calendar collection and gives a list of subjects available.
Comic Books
These are available by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. A list is available for up to 10,000 records via subject heading. Consult our libguide on Comics & Graphic Novels for information on our comics and how to find them.
See also: general comics, magazine comics, underground comics
See also: Bravard Comics, Bravard magazine comics, Bravard underground comics
Display Photos Collection
A 3-box collection of black and white photographs of window displays from the Best & Co. store in New York City from 1933-1934. The displays garnered the Socrates' High Award of the Year in 1934, a competition for department store window displays in New York City. Photographs of the display manager, Richard Terhune, and his assistant, Mary Clark, are included.
Fanzines @ BGSU
Games Collection
This is the finding aid for the Games Collection. Background of the collection and an inventory are included.
Greeting cards
This gives an overview of the collection. A more detailed online inventory is in progress, with a print inventory in the BPCL reference area.
Hoosier Archives
Amassed by Walter Buchanan, this collection reflects the interest of many who played the game Diplomacy via the mail beginning in the 1960's.
Ice Cream Card Collection
All cards in this collection feature ice cream in some way. This finding aid gives an outline of the subject represented in the collection.
Jeffrey Shore Collection
This is a collection of videos (VHS & DVD) dating from the 1980s-present and a small selection of miscellaneous materials; primarily related to Mr. Shore's work at E! Entertainment Television as well as videos submitted for Emmy consideration.
Kennedy Collection
This collection of newspapers and periodicals highlight the life of the Kennedy family, specifically, John F. Kennedy, and his impact in American history and his assassination.
Liebig Cards
This collection of advertising trading cards consists of the colored lithographed cards found on the packaging of the Liebig products. The production of these cards started in 1870 and ended in 1975, spanning more than 11,000 different types of cards.
Little Blue Books
The Little Blue Books were published by the Halderman-Julius Publishing Company of Giraud Kansas from 1919-1978. The small staple-bound books were designed to fit into a working man's pocket. Emanuel Haldeman-Julius and his wife Marcet published them to foster ideals of American socialism and to provide basic education to the working classes. The books included classics of Western literature as well as books that dealt with current social and political issues. They were enormously popular until the 1950s when the FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, put Halderman-Julius on its' enemies list.
Little Leather Library volumes
Mail-order catalogs
There is a company and subject list available, as well as an overview of the collection.
Matchbook covers
These are arranged by subject.
Mike Douglas Show
Black and white still photographs from his Philadelphia show.
Motion picture scripts
These are browsable by the subject motion picture plays, by the local call number moviescripts, and searchable by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog.
Motion picture press kits
These are in the process of being cataloged into the BGSU Libraries Catalog; cataloged press kits can be browsed by local call number or searched by title of film. See BPCL personnel for assistance for press kits not yet cataloged.
Nickel weeklies
These are searchable by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. They are also a part of the University Libraries' Digital Gallery, where the full text of these can be viewed.
Obama Collection
This is a selective collection of articles and memorabilia on Barack Obama.
Personal Growth Leaflets
These appeared in the early 20th century as commencement messages for young people.
Pin-back buttons
Many of these are displayed at the entrance to the BPCL. The rest of collection are arranged by subject. Take a look at the finding aid to read more about these buttons.
Pokemon Collection
This collection consists of American and Japanese Pokémon memorabilia dating from approximately 1998-2002.
Popular Entertainment Photo Collection
Photographs from TV programs, movies, TV movies, radio programs, and others. Come take a look.
Arranged by country, state, and city, or by subject.
The BPCL has several different kinds of posters: movie posters, World War I and II posters, movie lobby cards, and miscellaneous themed posters. To see any of these, stop by the BPCL Service/Reference Desk.
See BPCL personnel for assistance.
Pulp magazines
There is a research guide available if you'd like more information on pulp magazines. These are also searchable by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog.
Radio City Music Hall Collection
This collection is comprised of magazine and newspaper articles, programs from decades of shows, photographs of the theatre itself as well as those who have performed there, and many other printed materials about Radio City Music Hall and the world-famous Rockettes.
Radio scripts
These are searchable by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. They are also browsable by local call number radioscripts and by the subject heading radio scripts. There is also a finding aid available with the titles in the Du Pont series "The Cavalcade of America."
Rawhide Collection
This is a select collection of Rawhide (Television program) memorabilia.
These are arranged by subject or format. There is an item list available with the finding aid in the BPCL reference area. These typically are toys or memorabilia.
Religious Materials Collection
This collection is comprised of various types of religious materials used to evangelize and educate fellow believers.
Romance Publicity Collection
This is a collection of printed materials used for marketing romance Author/Publishers and books.
September 11 Collection
The September 11th Collection consists of 70 items related to al-Qaeda's attack on targets in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. The collection is home to newspapers (mainly local) printed the day of and the days following the attacks in addition to periodicals, high school and university publications. The collection also contains other printed material such as advertisements, trading cards, a calendar, bumper stickers, a puzzle, and other items. A few video tapes round out the collection.
Somerville Gates Collection
Spider-Man Collection
Star Trek
This is the finding aid for this collection. See also the collection announcement from 1997, when the collection was donated.
Story papers
These are searchable by title and browsable by the local call number storypapers in the BGSU Libraries Catalog.
Studio One Collection
Collection of television scripts with some videos of the programs. Searchable by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog or browsable by "Studio One". There is also a collection announcement that further details the collection.
Television press kits
These are searchable by title of the television program and also browsable by local call number in the BGSU Libraries Catalog.
Television scripts
These are searchable by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. Within each series title, they are arranged by episode title. You can also browse this collection by the subject heading television scripts and the local call number tvscripts.
Tim Conway Collection
A collection primarily of Dorf videos by Tim Conway
Titanic collection
Andrew Anthos was an avid and devoted Titanic collector based in Detroit, Michigan. Through his generous donation, the Browne Popular Culture Library holds a treasure trove of information regarding the film, its release, its worldwide reception, its stars, and the historic Titanic.
Trading cards
This collection is arranged by sport and non-sport categories. Click on either the sport or non-sport links to see a more detailed inventory.
Vertical file
There is a listing available of subjects covered as well as a finding aid in the BPCL reference area.
Vintage paperbacks
These are searchable by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog.
World War I posters
These are arranged by issuing agency. See BPCL personnel for assistance.
World War II posters
See BPCL personnel for assistance.
Yearbook Collection
The Yearbook Collection is a selective set of 85 yearbooks from colleges around the U.S. Years range from 1891 to 1987.