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This collection consists of print advertisements for automobiles and automobile manufacturers.  These advertisements are produced by the manufacturer and are then distributed to consumers via mail or in person at dealerships and auto shows.  Materials date from the early 1900s to the present, covering nearly an entire century of automobile history.

For images of this collection, view the slideshow below.  To see what materials this collection has, simply click on the make/model links listed on each page to see a drop-down list.


The collection is sorted by Manufacturer ranging from Acura to Winnebago.  These Manufacturer files contain a Miscellaneous file, a Lines file, and files for individual Models.  Each Manufacturer file does not necessarily contain all three of these file types.

Miscellaneous files contain any files that do not fall into the Lines or Models categories.  These materials usually deal with certain aspects of the automobile, but not the car as a whole.  Subject matter covers areas such as Power Steering Systems, Air Conditioning, Accessories, Paint Options, New Engine Types, etc.

Lines files contain materials advertising three or more different models for a specific year.  These publications are useful in showing trends in automobile manufacturing during one year in comparison to other years.

Models files are the individual publications specific to a certain model.  These publications tend to go into greater details about the attributes of an individual model.

Automotive Vertical Files by Subject:

There is also another small collection of automotive advertisements separated by subject matter.  These consist of advertisements dealing with non-conventional automobiles, driving etiquette, car care, racing, etc.  These materials are not catalogued.  A list of Subjects are:

  • Auto Racing
  • Automobile Advertising
  • Automobiles (women)
  • Car Care
  • Car Parts
  • Driving Tips and Safety
  • Motorcycles
  • Recreational Vehicles and Mobile Homes
  • Snowmobiles
  • Trucks


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