SpColl 7: Radio City Music Hall Collection

Dubbed a "palace for the people", Radio City Music Hall was the first building completed in what has come to be known as Rockefeller Center. An incomparable performance venue since its inaugural program on December 27, 1932, Radio City Music Hall has had over 300 million visitors and has hosted countless shows and performances. Find additional information about it on the official web site.

This collection is comprised of magazine and newspaper articles, programs from decades of shows, photographs of theatre itself as well as those who have performed there, and many other printed materials about Radio City Music Hall and the world-famous Rockettes. Below is an inventory of the collection.


Box 1 — Correspondence/Literary Productions
1Correspondence to the donors of this collection1973-1987
Literary Productions (periodical articles)
Architectural Record
2Reinhard, L. Andrew. "What is the Rockefeller Radio City?" Architectural Record, Vol. 69, No. 4, p. 277-281.April 1931
"Theater Designs for Rockefeller Center," Architectural Record, p.418-420, 438.June 1932
"Rockefeller Center in the Making," Architectural Record, p. 14-15.July 1932
Advertisement for National Tube Company using examples of tubing craftsmanship at Radio City Music Hall, Architectural Record, p. 19.August 1933
3Journal of the Theatre Historical Society, Vol. 4, No. 4,Fourth Quarter 1972
Popular Mechanics1933-1950, n.d.
4"The Temple of Sound," Popular Mechanics, p. 818-821.
"The Greatest Theater in the World," Popular Mechanics, p. 186-191.
"Secrets of the 'Magic' Theater," Popular Mechanics, p. 27-31, 146A.
January, 1941
Dempewolff, Richard F. "Hall of a Thousand Illusions," Popular Mechanics, p. 97-104, 238, 244-245.April 1950
"World's Largest Theater in Rockefeller Center will Seat Six Thousand Persons," Popular Mechanics, p. 252-253.n.d.
"A Modern Tower of Babel," Popular Mechanics, p. 354-357.n.d.
5Theatre CraftsOct. 1974
Theatre Organ
6Atkins, Robert A. "Radio City Music Hall," Theatre Organ, p. [15]-18.August 1974
"Salute to Ray Bohr," Theatre Organ, p. [18]-19.October 1974
"New York," Theatre Organ, p. 57-58.June-July 1977
7"Music," Time, p. 37.June 21, 1937
"The Theater," Time, p. 41.July 4, 1949
Trippett, Frank. "A Shrine of Showbigness Goes Down," Time, p. 37.January 16, 1978
Okrent, Daniel. "Encore, encore," Time, p. 94-95.September 27, 1999
8Haskell, Douglas. "Roxy's Advantage over God," The Nation, Vol. 136, No. 3522, p. 11.

Brenner, Anita. "Art and Big Business," The Nation, Vol. 136, No. 3522, p. 12.
January 4, 1933
"The World's Biggest Playhouse Opens," The Literary Digest, p. 16-17.January 14, 1933
Seymans, Etta M. "Glamour Girl Hospital," Hygelia, p. 708-710.August 1940
Birnie, William A. H. "Mr. Van Packs 'Em In," American Magazine, p.30-31, 115-116. (photocopy)September 1941
"Radio City Music Hall," Liberty, p. 66-67.1972
"Radio City Music Hall…"
(booklet with reprinted newspaper clippings from New York Time, Chicago Tribune, etc.)
January 1978
Kroll, Jack. "Save the Music Hall!" Newsweek, p. 15January 16, 1978
Gill, Brendan. "Radio City — Without Tears," Horizon, p. 88-90, 95.March 1978
Flaherty, Joe. "Radio City: A Crasher's Bore," New York, p. 61-62.March 20, 1978
Pictorial on Radio City Music Hall, Horizon, p. 91-95.March 1978
Gill, Brendan. "Stop the Music", p. 22-24.1978
Schmidt, Peter. "Rockefeller Center: Heart of Manhattan," Exxon Magazine, p. 4-7.Winter 1980-1981
McGuigan, Cathleen. An article about the "Night of 100 Stars", Newsweek.March 1, 1982
"Producer Alexander Cohen Stages the Show of the Century as New York Blazes with 100-plus Stars," People, p. 26-31.March 1, 1982
Fowler, Charles B. "Cheers for Radio City Music Hall," Musical America, p. 13-15.July 1982
Botto, Louis. "The Return of 'Porgy'," Playbill, p. 14-20.April, 1983
Smith, Wendy. "Backstage at Radio City," Preservation, p. 52-59.March/April 2000
Burris-Meyer, Harold. "Building Number 10," p. 934-937.
n.d. (c. 1930s?)
Box 2 — Scrapbooks & Scrapbook Materials
1Newspaper clippings
(most original, some photocopied )
Box 3 — Printed Material (Programs)
1Programs # 29 - # 901933 - 1983
2miscellaneous other programs1938 - 1984
Box 4 — Printed Material (Programs)
1Programs # 91 - # 1021984 — 1998
2miscellaneous other programs and playbillsc. 1986 — 2001
Box 5 — Printed Material (postcards, brochures, flyers, circulars, etc.)
1Miscellaneous printed materials
(includes: Postcards, flyers, tickets, decals, booklet on office space available in Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall seating chart, stationery)
1930s - 1989
Box 6 — Photographic Material
18 x 10 black and white still photographs (13)
(Radio City Music Hall building) (some are official photos from Radio City Music Hall Entertainment Center)
c. 1930s
2Still photographs of organist Ray Bohr (4) and the Wurlitzer organ used at the Hall (2)n.d.
3Miscellaneous photographs (3)1934 - 1972
4Photographs of The Rockettes and other performers (7)n.d.
5Miscellaneous snapshotsn.d.
6Color snapshots of Radio City Music Hall photographs and memorabilian.d.
Box 7 — Artifacts
1Shopping Bags (Christmas Spectacular shopping bag, 75 Years Radio City Rockettes shopping bag, Radio City Avenue Store shopping bag, Radio City Music Hall logo plastic bags)n.d.
2Promotional cards ("A New York Summer" promotional card, Christmas Spectacular promotional card)
3Miscellaneous oversize and other promotional articles (Radio City Christmas Spectacular drink container, 3-D glasses set, Rockettes Christmas tree decoration)
Box 8 — Oversize Printed Material (programs, pictorials, souvenir book)
1Miscellaneous programsn.d.
2Pictorials # 4 - # 26 (missing # 20)1936 — 1997
3Radio City Christmas Spectacular Souvenir Book1999
Box 9 — Oversize Miscellaneous Printed Material (newspaper clippings, periodicals, folders, floor plan, musical scores, architectural information, promotional materials)
Magazines with articles related to Radio City Music Hall
1Life Magazines with articles related to Radio City Music HallJanuary 12, 1942
2April 26, 1943
3December 11, 1964
4Life Magazine
clipping of stars in the "Night of 100 Stars" gala
April 1982
5Theater WeekDecember 17, 1990
6Myrtle Beach Entertainment and LifestylesHoliday Edition 1997
7Today's Active Lifetimes1997
Oversize newspaper clippings
8Newspaper clippings1975 — 1998
9Newspaper and magazine articles and clippings on Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall1936-1978, n.d.
Leaflets (promotional leaflets about New York/Radio City/Rockefeller Center)
10"Let's Go See"
World's Fair Edition, vol. 1, No. 3
11"The New York Experience"1980
12"Radio City/Rockefeller Center"n.d.
131 photocopied program "Cheer China"n.d.
143 copies of inaugural program, foldern.d. (1932?)
15Audience folderJan-Feb 1973, vol. 3 no. 1
16Play Script
"Ten Minutes to the Nativity" by Elise Warner, from the collection of Radio City Music Hall
17Floor plan of Radio City Music Hall1974
Musical Scores
18Musical score for "Good Night Angel"1937
19Musical score for "Encore"1981
20Radio City Music Hall architectural description
(Release by Publicity Department describing dimensions and appearance of Radio City Music Hall)
21Photograph and business cards for Northeast Media
(produced original paintings and posters of Rockettes)
22Radio City Christmas Spectacular Coloring Bookn.d. (1998?)
Press kits
23Press kit for the Golden Jubilee1982
24Press kit for Ron and Joy Holiday Cat Dancers (Biography, articles, 2 8x10 black and white photographs, 1 signed)(1991?)
Box 10 — Oversize (scrapbooks of periodical and newspaper clippings)
1Album 2 - Volume 2December 1977-September 12, 1983
2Album 3 - Volume 3September 1983-December 1985
3Album 4 - Volume 4December 1985-January 1988