Paper Doll Collection


This is a collection of a variety of paper doll sets dating from the twentieth century. Most of the dolls are of motion picture celebrities, such as Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth. Famous child celebrities are also represented, including Shirley Temple, Margaret O’Brien and the Dionne Quintuplets. The dolls and their accessories have been cut out and show use, yet are still in good condition.

The collection is organized alphabetically. The major U.S. publishers of paper dolls from the time period are represented, including Saalfield and Merrill. The doll sets would be of interest to scholars of girl culture of the twentieth century.

This finding aid was prepared by Lily Bell, Student Assistant, and Dana Nemeth, Reference Archivist, in March 2020.


Paper Doll Inventory
Title Description Publisher
Armed Forces Dolls 5 dolls, 24 outfits  
Betty Grable (1 of 3) Book with 3 cut out dolls, 23 outfits, accessories Merrill Company Publishers
Betty Grable (2 of 3) 2 female dolls, 22 outfits, 2 purses, hats Merrill Company Publishers
Betty Grable (3 of 3) 2 dolls, 22 outfits, hats, purses Merrill Company Publishers
Campbell Soup Dolls 5 females, 2 males, 26 outfits, 3 pets, 13 miscellaneous items  
Carmen Miranda 2 dolls, 8 dresses  
Claudette Colbert 3 dolls, 1 skirt, 23 dresses, 4 shirts, 3 hats  
Contemporary Card Cutouts Dolls of Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince William, Nancy Reagan, with a few outfits for each doll Sincere Novelty Company (1982)
Cut Out Newspaper Animal 1 cat, 3 outfits that are colored by hand Omaha School Supply Company
Dagwood & Blondie 3 female dolls, 3 male dolls, 17 male outfits, 19 female outfits, 6 hats  
Dionne Quintuplets 5 female baby dolls, 211 piece set The Merrill Publishing Company (1934)
Female Dolls 4 dolls, 18 dresses, 7 hats Raphael Tuck & Sons (1894)
From the Land of Make Believe Mary Had a Little Lamb, Barbel of Switzerland Hallmark
Greer Garson 3 female dolls, 25 dresses, 1 babydoll, 12 cutouts of Greer Garsons face Metro-Golden-Mayer
Hedy Lamarr 2 female dolls, 19 outfits  
Jane Russell Paper Dolls/Coloring Book 3 dolls attached to coloring book but can be taken out, dresses to cut out, coloring pages throughout book Saafield Publishing Company
Judy Garland 2 dolls, 20 outfits  
Loretta Young Paper Dolls/Coloring Book 2 paper dolls and dresses to cut out in book along with coloring pages Lewislor Films Inc.
Margaret O'Brien 2 toddlers, 2 adolescents, a bear, a dog, 23 outfits, 2 hats,  
Newspaper Dolls 3 females, 2 males, 5 pets, 7 hats, 28 outfits  
Rita Hayworth (1 of 3) 2 female dolls, 9 outfits, 3 instruments  
Rita Hayworth (2 of 3) 2 female dolls, 22 outfits  
Rita Hayworth (3 of 3) 2 dolls, 28 outfits  
Shirley Temple Dolls 2 dolls, 22 dresses, 3 tops, 2 hats  
Sonja Henie 2 female dolls, 28 outfits, 3 bags, 1 set of skis, 1 tennis racket  


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