SpColl 16: Trading Card Non-Sport

Scope and Content

The non-sports trading card collection consists of more than 10,000 pieces, with representative subjects ranging from cheerleaders (see “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” in the body imagery category) to animated characters (see “Itchy & Scratchy” in The Simpsons animated characters category). This collection is built primarily from donations from individual collectors. Its strength lies primarily in cards dedicated to narratives (whether cinematic, televised, or printed). The Animated character and Movie (non-animated) categories are particularly strong.

The collection is divided by category–the categories themselves being determined by the scope of included cards–and these categories are stored in alphabetical order. The cards within each category are further separated by published title, and these titles are filed in alphabetical order. Within each category, the individual cards are arranged in publisher-assigned number order.

Finding aid compiled by Mike S. DuBose, August 1st, 2000.

Finding aid updated by Mike. S. DuBose, 2002, then again by Stefanie Hunker, May 2011.


 Animated Characters, A-Disney


Acts of Vengeance1989Marvel
Adventures in Toon World1993Upper deck
alittlebettergasstation.com2007BP Products
Batman [orange back]1966Topps
Batman Bat Laffs1966Topps
Batman - The Animated Series1993Topps
Batman: The Animated Series [mini stickers]1993Panini
[**See also “Legends of Batman,” animated characters]
[**See also Batman, various, movies (non-animated)]
Batman (misc.)
The Brothers Hildebrant1994Comic Images
DC Bloodlines1993Skybox
DC Comics1991Impel
DC Comics Superheroes1984-1985DC Comics
DC Comics uncut sheets [**in oversize]1987-1989DC Comics
Miscellaneous DC promotional cards
Digi-Battle Card Game [**in oversize trading card game sets]1999Bandai/Upper Deck
Digimon Adventure1999unknown
Disney Collector Cards1993Skybox
Disney/Carl Banksn.d. 
 Animated Characters, Hp - Marvel 1992
Dragonball Z trading card game2000Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation
Dragonball Z trading card game2005Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation
[**See also “Mickey Mouse,” animated characters]
Fox Kid’s Network1995Fleer
[**See also “The Tick,” animated characters]
Garbage Pail Kids1986-1987Topps
Ghostrider1992Comic Images
GI Joe action stickers1987Diamond Publishing
Harry Pottern.d.Artbox/Warner Bros.
The Hobbit1992Eclipse Enterprises
[**See also “Middle Earth: The Wizards,” game cards]
H.R. Pufenstuf1969 
Image/Advance Comics promotional cards1994 
Jimmy Neutron2002Viacom
Kasumi: Dead or Alive Ultimaten.d.Masushi Kishimoto
Killer Instinct Card Game1996Topps
Kirbychrome Four of Four1993Jack Kirby/Topps
Kitchen Sink Cards1988 
Land Before Timen.d.BK Kid’s Club
Legends of Batman1994Skybox
[**See also Batman, various, animated characters]
[**See also Batman, various, movies (non-animated)]
The Lion King1994Skybox/AMC
Mage Knight Lancers2001Upper Deck
Mage Knight Rebellion2001Upper Deck
Masters of the Universe1986Wonder
Marvel Super Heroes1966Donruss
Marvel stickers1975Topps
Marvel Universe I1990Impel
 Animated Characters, Marvel 1991 - Monster Rancher
Marvel limited edition [**in oversize]1992Impel
Marvel - Famous Battles1993Skybox
Marvel - Super Heroes, Super Villains, etc.1993Skybox
Marvel Annualsn.d., 1990, 1993Marvel
Marvel Flair Annual1995Flair
Marvel/Crunch ‘n’ Munch1993 
Marvel Masterpieces [**in oversize]1994 
Marvel Superheroes Masterpieces1994Skybox
Marvel Team-ups1995Marvel Comics
Mickey Mousen.d. 
[**see also Disney, various, animated characters]
Miscellaneous Marvel promotional cards
Monster Ranchern.d.Playmates Toys
 Animated characters, MTV Animation-Valient Era, misc.
MTV Animation1995Fleer Ultra
MTV Animation - Beavis & Butthead1995Fleer Ultra
MTV Animation - The Brothers Grunt1995Fleer Ultra
MTV Animation - The Head1995Fleer Ultra
MTV Animation - Limited Edition Puzzle1995Fleer Ultra
MTV Animation - The Maxx1995Fleer Ultra
Naruto Ninja Ranks2002Masashi Kishimoto/Panini
Nintendo Power1994Capcom
Nintendo Power Super Power Club [**in oversize]1991Enix
Pokemon Gotta catch 'em all1995 
Pokemon Gotta catch 'em all2000 
Predator1992Dark Horse Comics
The Punisher War Journal1992Comic Images
Real Monsters1995Fleer
The Simpsons1994Skybox
The Simpsons - Bartman Cards1994Skybox
The Simpsons - Itchy & Scratchy1994Skybox
The Simpsons - Radioactive Man1994Skybox
The Simpsons - Smell-o-rama1994Skybox
Snoopy - WWII planes1965 
Superman1940Leader Novelty
Superman1978DC Comics
Superman (misc.)
Tarzan and the She-Devil (3D)1953Topps
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1985Playmates
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1989Topps
TeknoComix [**in oversize]1994Big Entertainment
The Tick1997Comic Images
[**see also “Fox Kid’s Network”, animated characters]
Toy Storyn.d.Skybox
Ultraverse1993Malibu Comics
Unsolved Mysteries of the Marvel Universe1993Skybox
The Valient Era1993Pyramid
 Animated characters, Warner Bros.-Z, misc.
Warner Brothers1974 
Wolverine “from then ‘till now” II1992Comic Images
Worst From Mad1992Lime Rock
X-Men series II1993Skybox
X-Men1994Fleer Ultra
X-Men1995Fleer Ultra
Miscellaneous promotional cards
Miscellaneous animated character cards
 Body imagery; celebrities; cultural stereotypes
Body imagery
AVE Girl 2n.d.Continental Erotic
[**See also AVE Girl postcards in oversize]
Beauty and Skin Artn.d.Mother Productions
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders1992Enor
Hot Shots1994D.B. Cardiff Co.
NBA Cheerleaders1991Lime Rock
Ladies, Leather & Lace (Olivia 3)1994Olivia De Berardinis
Produced by Comic Images
Ladies, Leather & Lace (Olivia 3)
(Holochrome cards)
1994Olivia De Berardinis
Produced by Comic Images
Unnamed showgirl card[**in oversize]n.d. 
Vjena’s Swimwear Illustrated1993Comic Images
Beatles [1-60]n.d.Topps
Beatles 2nd seriesn.d.Topps
Beatles Color Cardsn.d.Topps
Beatles Diaryn.d.Topps
[**See also “Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night,” movies (non-animated)]
Charles Staritt 10 of Clubs[**in oversize]n.d. 
Famous Comic Book Creator promotional cards [**in oversize]1991Eclipse Enterprises
Here’s Bo [Derek]1981Fleer
Kay Starr [**in oversize]n.d. 
Marilyn Monroe1993Sports Time Company
Reward Card [**in oversize]n.d.T. Presser Co.
Rock Cards1991Brokum
Sue Thompson [**in oversize]n.d. 
Cultural Stereotypes
Dr. A.W. Chase’s medicated Plaster [**in oversize]n.d. 
Note: Celebrities on card sets explicitly labeled as television-related are located in the television (non-animated) box.
 Game cards; Miscellaneous
Game Cards
Babylon 51998Precedence
[**See also “Babylon 5,” television (non-animated)]
Galactic Empires1994Companion Games
Jyhad1994Wizards of the Coast
Magic: The Gathering Deckmaster[**in oversize]1997Wizards of the Coast
Magic: The Gathering1993-1999Wizards of the Coast
Magic: The Gathering2009Wizards of the Coast
Middle Earth: The Wizards1996Iron Crown Enterprises
[**See also “The Hobbit,” animated characters]1999Wizards
Overpower card game (Marvel)1993Fleer
Spellfire (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)1994TSR
Star Quest1995White Buffalo Games
Star Trek: The Next Generation1994 
[**See also Star Trek (all series)]
Star Wars1995Decipher
[**See also Star Wars, various, movies (non-animated)]
Monogram Hobby Kits1970Monogram Models, Inc.
Wacky Packages1980's[?]-2008T.C.G.
 Game Sets (oversize)
Digi-Battle Card Game1999Bandai/Upper Deck
Star Trek TNG customizable card game1994Paramount Pictures
Star Trek TNG customizable card game1995Paramount Pictures
The X-Files Collectible Card Game1996United States Playing Card Company
 Movies (non-animated) A-B
The Ackermonster’s Cardicards set 2—ScienceFiction1991Raygun Entertainment
The Addams Family1991Topps
The Addams Family [stickers]1991Topps
The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack[**in oversize]n.d.Samuel Eppy, Inc.
Alien 31992Star Pics
Batman (Collector’s Ed.)1989Topps Ireland
Batman (Collector’s Ed., Second Series)1989Topps Ireland
Batman (stickers)1989Topps
Batman Forever1995Fleer Ultra
Batman Returns1992O-Pee-Chee
Batman Returns glossy subset1992O-Pee-Chee
 Movies (non-animated) B-R
Batman Returns1992Topps
Batman Returns1992Topps Stadium Club
[**See also Batman various, “Legends of Batman,” animated characters]
Beatles’ Movie “A Hard Day’s Night”n.d.Topps
[**See also Beatles, various, celebrities]
Coneheads Cone-Speakn.d. 
The Crow [**in oversize]1993Kitchen Sink Press
Davy Crockett (green-backed set)1956Topps
Davy Crockett (orange-backed set)1956Topps
Demonic Toys Collector's Series1992Full Moon Entertainment
Dick Tracyn.d.Topps/Disney
Dick Tracyn.d.N/A
The Empire Strikes Back [**in oversize]1980Burger King/Coca Cola
Fright Flicks1988Topps
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets2007Artbox/Warner Bros.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firen.d.Artbox/Warner Bros.
James Bond—Thunderball1966Philadelphia Gum
John Carter2012Disney
Jurassic Park promotional1992Topps
Jurassic Park series I1993Topps
Jurassic Park stickers1993Topps
Jurassic Parkn.d.Kenner
Lord of the Rings Game Card2002NLP
Night at the Museum2009McDonald's/Fox
Puppetmaster1989Full Moon Entertainment
Raiders of the Lost Ark1981Lucasfilms
Return of the Jedi1983Topps
The Rocketeern.d.Topps
 Movies (non-animated) S
The Shadow1994Topps
Shadowzone1989Paramount Pictures
Spook Stories series 11961Leaf
Spooky Stories1961 
Starship Troopers promotional1997Inkworks
Star Wars series 11977Inkworks
Star Wars1984Kelloggs
[**See also “Star Wars,” game cards]
Star Wars Episode I — The Phantom Menacen.d.Lays
Star Wars Galaxy1993Topps
The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition1997Doritos/Cheetos
Stealing Home1985Secret Identitee/Warner Bros.
Subspecies1991Full Moon Entertainment
 Movies (non-animated) T-Z
Terminator 21991Impel
Terminator 2 stickers1991Topps
Trancers II1991Full Moon Entertainment
Universal Monsters1991Topps
Universal Monsters1996Kitchen Sink
Universal Monsters sticker cards1996Kitchen Sink
Willow album stickers1989Panini
The Wizard of Oz1990Pacific
 Original/pulp art
1960 Sex Magazine Covers  
Astounding Science Fictionn.d.21st Century Archives
Astounding Storiesn.d.21st Century Archives
Bizarre Detective1992Kitchen Sink Press
Dope Fiendsn.d.Kitchen Sink Press
Fate Magazine [**in oversize]1996Llewellyn Worldwide
Hollywood Horrors1993Sheltone Publications
Jeffrey Jones Fantasy Art [**stored in binder]1993FPG Cards
Spicy1992Kitchen Sink Press
Spicy1993Kitchen Sink Press
Total Trashn.d.Kitchen Sink Press
Tribe: The Introduction1993Press Pass
Weird Talesn.d.21st Century Archives
Weird Tales1993 
Women in Terror199321st Century Archives
 Star Trek (A)
[**see also the Marie Wakefield Star Trek Collection, Box 33 and Star Trek game cards]
Star Trek 25th Anniversary, series I1991Impel
Star Trek 25th Anniversary, series II1991Impel
Star Trek: The Next Generation1992Impel
Star Trek: The Next Generation bonus cards1993Impel
Star Trek Master Series1993Skybox
Star Trek: The Next Generation1993Playmates/Skybox
Star Trek: Deep Space 91993Playmates/Skybox
Star Trek Generations1994Skybox
Star Trek: The Next Generation1994Playmates/Skybox
Star Trek “Space Caps” (pog cards)1994Playmates
Star Trek Master Series1994Paramount/Skybox
Star Trek 30 Years1995Skybox
Star Trek [movies]1995Skybox/Playmates
Star Trek: Voyager1995Skybox
Star Trek1996Skybox/Playmates
Star Trek miscellaneous
 Star Trek (B)
Star Trek 30 Years1996Skybox
Star Trek: The Next Generation (season 1)1994Paramount/Skybox
Star Trek: The Next Generation (season 2)1995Paramount/Skybox
Star Trek: The Next Generation (season 3)1995Paramount/Skybox
Star Trek: The Next Generation (season 4)1996Paramount/Skybox
Star Trek: The Next Generation (season 5)1996Paramount/Skybox
Star Trek: The Next Generation (season 6)1997Paramount/Skybox
 Star Trek (C)
Star Trek: Deep Space 91993Playmates/Skybox
Star Trek: Deep Space 91993Skybox
Star Trek: The Motion Picture1994Skybox
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan1994Skybox
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock1994Skybox
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home1994Skybox
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier1994Skybox
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country1994Skybox
Television (non-animated), UFOs, Westerns
Babylon 5 promotional1994Skybox
[**See also Babylon 5, game cards]
Battlestar Galactica1978 
Charlie's Angels1977Spelling-Goldberg
Dark Shadows (green)1969Philadelphia Gum
Dr. Who1995Cornerstone Communications
The Flying Nun1968Screen Jems
Green Hornet1966Donruss
Growing Pains1988Topps
Hopalong Cassidy1950Boyd
Man From U.N.C.L.E.1965Topps
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers1995Collect-A-Card
Mod Squad1969Topps
The Monkees1967Screen Jems
The Outer Limits promotional card1992DuoCards
Saturday Night Live1992StarPics
Tales from the Crypt1993Cardz
Television & Radio Stars of N.B.C.n.d. 
Television and Radio Stars of the National Broadcasting Company  
Television (non-animated), UFOs, Westerns
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles1992Proset
Miscellaneous television promotional cards
Saucer People1993Kitchen Sink Press
Frontier Days1953Bowman
Note: Television actors on card sets not explicitly labeled as television-related are located in the body imagery; celebrities box in the celebrities category.
 Oversize (list of cards, sheets, etc.)
The Adventures of Smilin' Jack 1-128, uncutn.d.Samuel Eppy, Inc.
AVE postcards (erotic oriental women)n.d.Designer Printing
Charles Staritt 10 of Clubsn.d. 
DC Comics1987-1989DC Comics
Empire Strikes Back1980Burger King/Coca Cola
Famous Comic Book Creator promotional card1991Eclipse Enterprises
Fate Magazine1996Llewellyn Worldwide
Frazetta Hologram Set199321st Century Archives
Hocus Pocus Photo Albumn.d. 
Kay Starrn.d. 
Magic: The Gathering Deckmaster1997Wizards of the Coast
Marvel limited edition uncut sheet1992Impel
Nintendo Power Super Power Club1991Enix
Sue Thompsonn.d. 
Wrath Unleashed2003LucasArts
Unnamed showgirl cardn.d. 
 Binder with card sets
Part 1 - Marvel Comics
  1. Super Heroes
  2. Super-Villains
  3. Rookies
  4. Famous Battles
  5. M.V.C. (Most Valuable Comics)
  6. Team Pictures
  7. Spider-Man Presents:
  8. Stan Lee
  9. Marvel Universe Hologram Cards
Part 2 - DC Comics
  1. Hero Heritage
  2. Villain Heritage
  3. Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  4. Earth's Mightiest Villains
  5. Heroes from Beyond
  6. Villains from Beyond
  7. Great Battles
1991DC Comics
Part 3 - Marvel
  1. Super Heroes
  2. Super-Villains
  3. Arch-Enemies
  4. Weapons
  5. Legends
  6. Rookies
  7. Teams
  8. Power Ratings
Part 4 - Marvel
  1. Super Heroes
  2. Super-Villains
  3. Teams
  4. Ex X-Men
  5. Allies
Part 4 - Marvel Masterpiece1994Marvel/Fleer
Part 4 - Marvel Gold Foil Signature Series1994Marvel/Fleer
Part 5 - Jeffrey Jones Fantasy Art1993FPG Cards