World War I Collection


The United States entered World War I in 1917 and were part of the Allied countries who won the war in 1918.  The government created a variety of methods to engage citizens on the Homefront to help with the war effort.  Americans were encouraged to purchase war bonds to help finance the campaign.  Rationing was enforced so essential supplies could be sent to the soldiers, including sugar, milk and fat.  Other ways citizens could help included joining the Red Cross and the War Chest.  Similar Homefront efforts would be implemented by the government during World War II twenty-four years later.

Scope and Content

This is a collection of printed materials and ephemera from the United States during World War I. The collection consists of documents regarding war bonds, war stamps, rations, and other government propaganda. Most items are undated, but are primarily from 1918.

These items came from the Browne Popular Culture Library’s vertical files and are arranged alphabetically by subject.  This collection would be useful for researchers interested in seeing primary materials related to the Homefront during World War I.  This finding aid was compiled by Sarah Kuniakis, Student Assistant, and Dana Nemeth, Reference Archivist, in November 2019.


Box 1
Folder/Title Description Date
Food Rationing
American Guernsey Cattle Club Essential Food for Victory Producer pin n.d.
U.S. Food Administration Sugar Ration Application n.d.
Committee on Public Safety 1 pound Sugar Coupons n.d.
Application for Sugar Card n.d.
Grocer’s Monthly Report Sugar Card n.d.
Public Safety Committee Sugar Card c. 1918
Sugar Card for Muskegon County 1918
Liberty Loan Bonds
“Third Liberty Loan Bond” Application form 1918
Appreciation letter to Mr. Chest P. Pearson regarding Fourth War Loan 1918
“Ark Stock before the Deluge” small booklet n.d.
“The Fable of the Married Party with Words to Spare” small booklet 1918
3rd Liberty Loan subscriber window sign n.d.
4th Liberty Loan subscriber window sign n.d.
Illustrated Picture Man Holding Gun n.d.
Red Cross
Red Cross “Instructions for Sending Christmas Boxes to our Soldiers Oversea” Pamphlet n.d.
Red Cross service flag small n.d.
Red Cross Join card n.d.
Red Cross service flag 1920
Red Cross Service flag 1919
United States Food Administration
‘Bulletin No. 1 for Retail Merchants’ United States Food Administration Booklet n.d.
‘Instructions to Retail Merchants’ Board of Food Administration document n.d.
Retail Stores Flyer No. 2 United States Food Administration February 1918
‘United States Food Administration Exhibit’ Flyer n.d.
Retail Stores Flyer No. 1 United States Food Administration January 1918
United War Work Campaign
“Back up the Boys” War Work Campaign flyer n.d.
United War Work Campaign “Victory Girls” Flyer n.d.
War Bonds
War Bonds Pocket-Folder Illinois National Bank n.d.
War Finance Committee Bond Order Envelope n.d.
War Chest
“31 to 1” War Chest Association Flyer n.d.
Gardner War Chest Member Enlistment card n.d.
War Savings Stamps material
War Savings Stamps Card n.d.
War Savings Stamps Book Marker n.d.
War Savings Stamps Card Boy Scouts of America c.1918
War Savings Certificate Thrift Card 1918
War-Savings Certificate Stamps Series 1918

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