SpColl 11B: Ann & Billy Wilkinson Ice Cream Card Collection

Scope and Content

This collection of ice cream themed greeting cards was donated by Ann Wilkinson and varies in topics ranging from Birthday to Get Well and even Valentine's Day. The collection also includes some iconic characters such as Snoopy and the characters of Peanuts, Cathy from the comic strip of the same name, Barbie, and the ever lovable Garfield. The cards span the late 1980s through 1990s and are comprised of publishers such as Portal, Hallmark, and Tenderness as well as some homemade cards. The collection is arranged by topic and overall theme.

Contents complied by Jasmine Carter, July 2012. Scope and Content description by Amber Bryan, January 2013.



  • Box 1: Bags 1-40
  • Box 2: Bags 41-58
  • Box 2: Bags 59-71
  • Box 3: Bags 72-83
  • Box 3: Bags 84-97

Diet/Guilt, Blank, Pop-Up

  • Box 4: Bags 220-250
  • Box 4: Bags 251-270

Mother's/Father's Day, Anniversary, Holiday, Get Well, etc.

  • Box 2: Bags 128-154
  • Box 5: Bags 192-218

Valentine's Day, Friendship, Love

  • Box 6: Bags 98-126
  • Box 6: Bags 155-191

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