Original Comic Art Collection

The Browne Popular Culture Library has acquired a small collection of original comic art since its founding in 1969. These items take several forms, including pen and ink page layouts, prints, comic strips, original sketches, and animation cells. Artists represented include Robert Crumb, Milt Caniff, Art Sansom, Dik Browne, and Basil Wolverton among others.

Box 1
Title Artist (if known) Date Size
Ruff Tuff Creampuff (5 pages, original art) R. Crumb undated 11"x14"
Captain America (sketch) Leinil Wu 1997 8.5"x11"
Batman (sketch) Leinil Wu 1997 8.5"x11"
Goran (Grendel: Devil's Choices) Leinil Wu 1997 8.5"x11"
Spawn Leinil Wu 1994 8.5"x11"
The Dirty Pair (sketches and pencil pages) Adam Warren 1995 8.5"x14"
Depth Charge Digest #1 (autographed print of cover) Chuck Kalnick undated 8.5"x11"
Hilly Rose (photocopy of original art, signed by B.C. Boyer) B.C. Boyer 1996 11"x17"
Legendary Dark Silhouette (original cover art x2) William Carlisle 1997 11"x17"
Jet-X and Lilau (sketch) Heather Moore undated 11"x17"
Agony Acres (original art page) Ronn Stern undated 11"x17"
Deity #2 (original art page- autograph plus extra sketch on verso) Karl Altstaetter 1997 11"x17"
Blondie (print mat) Young & Raymond undated 8.5"x14.5"
Hi + Lois (print mat) Dik Browne undated 8.5"x14.5"
Henry (print mat) John Liney undated 8.5"x14.5"
Juliet Jones (print mat) Stan Drake undated 8.5"x14.5"
Journal of Popular Culture Vol. 5 No.1 (original cover art) Unknown 1971 12.5"x17.5"
Abraham Lincoln (reproduction) Basil Wolverton undated 11"x17"
Milton Berle (reproduction) Basil Wolverton undated 11"x17"
Eleanor Roosevelt (reproduction) Basil Wolverton undated 11"x17"
Plato (reproduction) Basil Wolverton undated 11"x17"
Herbert Hoover (reproduction) Basil Wolverton undated 11"x17"
George Washington (reproduction) Basil Wolverton undated 11"x17"
Journal of Popular Film Vol.3 No.3 (original cover art) Unknown undated 9"x12"
Skull-duggery (original art, 2 pages) Fowler undated 12"x18"
The Born Loser (7 original strips) Art Sansom 1969, 1971 6.25"x21"
Bugs Bunny (1 original strip) Raplh Heimdahl & Al Stoffel 1971 6.25"x21"
Charlie Brown (pencil drawing for TV special) Unknown undated 10.5"x12.5"
Archie (Sunday strip photostat) Bob Montana 1970 10.5"x15"
Out Our Way (2 original strips) Neg Cochran 1969, 1970 11"x13"
Our Boarding House (2 original strips) Jim Branagan & Tom McCormick 1970 11"x12.75"
Priscilla's Pop (original strip) Al Vermeer 1970 4.75"x16"
Campus Clatter (2 original strips) Larry Lewis 1969 5"x18"
Freckles and His Friends (original strip) Henry Thomas 1970 5"x17"
Lancelot (original strip) Coker & Penn 1971 5"x16.5"
Short Ribs (original strip) Frank O'Neal 1969 5"x18"
Captain Easy (original strip) Leslie Turner 1969 5"x18"
Brenda Starr, Reporter (6 original strips) Dale Messick 1974 5"x16"
Alley Oop (original strip) V.T. Hamlin & Dave Graue 1971 6.5"x20.5"
Rex Morgan, MD Frank Edgington 1976 7"x20"
The Flintstones (animation cell) Unknown undated 11.5"x13"
The Devil and Daniel Mouse (animation cell) Unknown undated 8"x10.5"
Sgt Rock- "The Rockman" (original art) Unknown undated 11"x11"
Col. Steve Canyon (original art) Milton Caniff 1970 11"x14"
Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies (animation cell) Leon Schlesinger undated 9"x12"
Star Trek: The Animated Series (animation cell) Unknown undated 9"x12"
Bugs Bunny In King Arthur's Court (animation cell) Unknown 1979 11"x14"
Disney characters sketch Fred Moore undated 12"x14.75"
Out Our Way (print mat) Neg Cochran 1970 5.5"x15"
The Man From Madison Ave. (5 pages, original art) Unknown undated 15"x20"
The Rat Race (original book cover art) Unknown undated 15"x18"
The Avengers #100 (original art, page 16) Barry Smith & Joe Sinnot 1972 18"x21"
Maw & Paw Kettle Paul Webb undated 16"x21"

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