SpColl 5: Romance Publicity Materials Collection


This is a collection of printed and other materials used for marketing romance Author/Publishers and books. The collection includes well-known Author/Publishers such as Nora Roberts and self-published Author/Publishers. Made up of primarily printed material, the collection features book previews, postcards, posters, among other unusual items such as temporary tattoos, picture frames, and fake crystals that have been used by Author/Publishers and publishers to make readers aware of their works.

Finding aid prepared by Mackenzie James in June 2011 and updated by Lily Bell in February 2020.


Box 1 - A-C
Printed Material
Author/ Publisher Item Book/Series Title
Abé, Shana Postcard The Last Mermaid
Postcard The Secret Swan
Agnew, Denise A. Postcard Discover The Dark Side of Romance
Albert, Neil Promotional Photo The Dave Garrett Series
Alexander, Victoria Bookmark The Perfect Wife
Bookmark The Princess and the Pea
Brochure Yesterday and Forever
Allister, Barbara Bookmark A Love Match
Alsobrook, Rosalyn Bookmark Love's Image
Ames, Laurel Postcard Besieged
Postcard Playing to Win
Postcard Castaway
Postcard Homeplace
Andersen, Susan Bookmark Present Danger
Anderson, Garbriella Postcard with Coin A Matter of Convenience
Anderson, Linda Poster The Secrets of Sadie Maynard
Poster When Night Falls
Anderson, N.C. Bookmark Liability
Appel, Cynthianna Postcard Beautiful Dreamer
Arness, Christine Bookmark Rosemary for Remembrance
Ashley, Amanda aka Baker, Madeline Book Jacket The Captive
Postcard Embrace the Night
Atlee, Gwyneth Bookmark Night Winds
August, Elizabeth Bookmark The Forgotten Husband
Avery, Anne Brochure A Distant Star
Brochure All's Fair
Brochure All's Fair
Bailey-Pratt, Cynthia Bookmark The Temporary Bride
Baker, Jeanette Booklet Irish Lady
Baker, Madeline
a.k.a. Ashley, Amanda
Postcard Under a Prairie Moon
Postcard Hawk's Woman
Postcard The Nun
Postcard The Outlaw
Baker, Madeline Brochure Warrior's Lady
Balogh, Mary Bookmark Mary Balogh
Banks, Leanne Bookmark Playing with Dynamite
Barbieri, Elaine Postcard Only for Love
Bookmark Dance of the Flame
Barbour, Anne Bookmark Lord Glenraven's Return
Barclay, Suzanne Brochure Lion of the North
Brochure Lion's Heart
Flyer Knight's Ransom
Flyer Knight's Honor
Flyer Knight's Lady
Barnes, Joanna Brochure Pastora
Barnett, Loraine Bookmark (2) Island Magic
Barrett, Victoria Card with Fragrance Sample Seascape Series
Bartell, Linda Lang Oversized Postcard Caressa
Oversized Postcard Tender Marauder
Beard, Juile Shelf-Talker Romance of the Rose
Beau Monde Regency Romance  Brochure History of The Beau Monde Regency Romance
Beaumont, Nina Bookmark Sapphire Magic
Berland, Nancy Bookmark Ties That Bind
Betts, Heidi Bookmark Loves Me, Loves Me Knot
Shelf-Talker Tangled Up in Love
Business Card for Blog No Title
Business Card for Mailing List
Door Hanger for Blog and Mailing List
Bevarly, Elizabeth Book Cover The Perfect Father
Beverley, Jo Brochure Tempting Fortune
Pamphlet Stanforth Secrets
Pamphlet Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed
Pamphlet Stolen Bride
Pamphlet Emily and the Dark Angel
Pamphlet Fortune Hunter
Brochure Dangerous Joy
Flyer Dark Champion
Postcard Forbidden Magic
Postcard The Brides of Christmas
Biggs, Cheryl Postcard Remembering Jake
Bittner, Rosanne Postcard Indian Summer
Brochure Stories of the Old West
Blake, Kathryn R. Bookmark Mortal Illusions
Blake, Toni Bookmark The Red Diary
Blount, Patty Postcard A Match Made at Christmas
Bolen, Cheryl Bookmark The Bride Wore Blue
Bonander, Jane Bookmark Scent of Lilacs
Bond, Stephanie Shelf-Talker Naughty or Nice?
Born, R.R. Postcard Day of the Dead
Boyle, Elizabeth Brochure No Marriage of Convenience
Poster/Flyer Brazen Temptress
Postcard Brazen Angel
Newsletter (2)
Newspaper Article
List of Quotes and Praises
List of Awards and Nominations
Newspaper Article
Oversized Postcard Brazen Heiress
Biography Sheet No Title
Bradshaw, Emily Bookmark Cactus Blossom
Brandmeyer, Lesire Bookmark A Time To Dance
Brant, Kylie Bookmark A Year of Loving Dangerously Series
Bretton, Barbara Bookmark (6) Tomorrow & Always Nobody's Baby Mrs. Scrooge Maybe This Time Operation: Husband Destiny's Child No Safe Place
Bookmark Mrs. Scrooge
Bookmark Shore Lights
Bookmark The Bride Came C.O.D.
Postcard The Day We Met
Postcard Second Harmony
Postcard (2) No Safe Place
Postcard Playing for Time
Oversize Postcard Destiny's Child Tomorrow & Always Somewhere in Time
Brockmann, Suzanne Brochure Multiple Titles
Brockway, Connie Flyer As You Desire
Brondos, Sharon Bookmark East of the Moon
Bryan, Beverley Bookmark What Friends Are For
Buck, Gayle Bookmark How to Write (and Market), The Regency Romance Hearts Betrayed Mutual Consent The Waltzing Widow The Vicar's Daughter
Burke, Cinnamon Bookmark Lady Rogue
Burkhardt, Mary Bookmark The Panther and The Rose
Burton, Jaci Bookmark Summer Heat
Caille, Julie Bookmark The Scandalous Marquis
Calvino, John Bookmark Remembering "Romantic Times" in Fort Worth
Camden, Patricia Bookmark Scarlet Kisses
Cameron, June Bookmark Gypsy Jewel
Cameron, Stella Flyer Breathless Fallen Angel Trouble in Paradise
Flyer Charmed
Bookmark Moonlight Rhapsody
Campbell, Marilyn Flyer Worlds Apart
Flyer Stolen Dreams
Campisi, Mary Bookmark Simple Riches The Butterfly Garden
Book Jacket The Butterfly Garden
Book Jacket Simple Riches
Book Jacket Paradise Found
Book Jacket Innocent Betrayal
Cane, Nancy Bookmark Circle of Light
Poster Starlight Child
Bookmark Circle of Light Moonlight Rhapsody Moonlight Rhapsody
Canham, Marsha Postcard Straight For The Heart
Postcard The Last Arrow 
Poster Across a Moonlit Sea
Cantrell, Raine Bookmark Celebrate Topaz's One Year Anniversary
Carmichael, Jeanne Bookmark A Touch of Blackmail
Carpenter, Teresa Postcard The Baby Due Date
Carrington, Tori Postcard For Her Eyes Only
Carroll, Lois Brochure Overbyte So Alone Chimera Just a Memory Once Upon a Lie
Carroll, Lorraine Brochure Playing Daddy
Carroll, Susan Flyer The Bride Finder
Castle, Linda Bookmark Abbie's Child
Bookmark The Return of Chase Cordell
Bookmark Fearless Hearts
Brochure Abbie's Child
Chadwick, Cathryn Huntington Bookmark The Poor Relation The Cruel Deception
Chamberlain, Diane Bookmark Lovers and Strangers
Chamberin, Ann Bookmark The Sultan's Daughter
Chastain, Sandra Postcard Baring It All
Cherry, Rowena Bookmark Forced Mate
Christopher, Ann Bookmark Trouble
Clark, Barbara Brochure Tears of the Hawk A Breath of Heather A Touch of Fire
Clark, Jaycee Bookmark Deadly Shadows
Chicago, North: Romance Writers of America Postcard Encouraging Romance Writers
Cohen, Nancy J. Bookmark Silver Serenade
Cole, Alyssa Bookmark Spring Fling Writers Conference
Paper Crown  Romance Royalty
Cole, Victoria Postcard Mind Reader
Collins, S. Melinda Door Knob Hanger Reading in Progress
Comstock, Mary Chase Book Cover A Midsummer's Magic
Conlan, Margaret Booklet Abilene Gamble
Conn, Phoebe Bookmark Love Me 'Til Dawn
Tempt Me With Kisses
Conrad, Helen a.k.a. Raye Morgan Bookmark Joe's Miracle The Bachelor Caution: Charm at Work
Cooper, Inglath Postcard John Riley's Girl
Crawford, Louise Bookmark Blaize of Glory
Bookmark Hat Trick
Crawford, Ramona Bookmark Jaded Hearts
Coulter, Catherine Pamphlet The Hellion Bride
Criswell, Millie Bookmark Diamond in the Rough
Bookmark Phantom Lover
Bookmark California Temptress
Postcard Defiant
Poster/Flyer Phantom Lover
Poster Mail-Order Outlaw
Crooks, Pam Brochure Wyoming Wildflower
Crosby, Tanya Anne Business Card Angel of Fire
Cross, Charlene Bookmark Deeper Than Roses
Cross, Claire Postcard Double Trouble
Crowleigh, Ann Postcard Dead as Dead Can Be
Cullman, Heather Bookmark Bewitched


Box 2
Author/ Publisher Item Book/Series Title
Dahl, Victoria Bookmark It's Always Been You
Bookmark To Tempt a Scotsman
Bookmark Good Girls Don't
Bookmark A Rake's Guide to Pleasure
Bookmark Talk me Down
Bookmark Crazy for Love
Bookmark Too Hot to Handle
Pin-Back Button Looking for Trouble
Coaster Donovan Brothers Brewery Series
Magnet Donovan Brothers Brewery Series 
Dain, Claudia Postcard The Willing Wife
Daniels, B.J. Bookmark Stroke of Luck
Daria, Alexis Sticker The Dance Off
Sticker The Dance Off
Davis, Justine Bookmark (2) Multiple Titles
Davis, Kathryn Lynn Sticker Kathryn Lynn Davis
Davis, Maggie
a.k.a. Katherine Deauxville
Bookmark Blood Red Roses
Davis, Suzannah Pamphlet Dance of Deception
Dawson, Geralyn Card The Bad Luck Wedding Cake
Card w/ eye patch The Wedding Ransom
Flyer Sizzle All Day
Poster/Flyer Simmer All Night
Deauxville, Katherine
a.k.a. Maggie Davis
Bookmark Daggers of Gold
Delacroix, Claire Bookmark Romance of the Rose
Oversized Postcard The Countess
Poster/Flyer The Heiress The Princess The Damsel
Poster/Flyer The Princess Once Upon a Kiss
Poster/Flyer The Damsel The Princess
Poster/Flyer The Rogue
Delightfully Dirty Postcard Delightfully Dirty in Dallas
Denison, Janelle Bookmark The Baby Surprise Tempted Seduced
Brochure Tempted
Flyer Wilde Thing
Book Jacket A Year and a Day
Denton, Jamie Bookmark Discover Hot and Steamy Romance with Jamie Denton
Brochure Two New Hot Reads
Brochure Jamie's Upcoming Releases
deWolfe, Adrienne Book Jacket Texas Lover
Newsletter Texas Lover Texas Outlaw Texas Wildcat
di Benedetto, Theresa
a.k.a. Theresa Michaels/Raine Cantrell
Booklist Multiple Titles Listed
Bookmark Western Winds
Bookmark Silver Mist
Book Jacket (photocopy)/Postcard Whisper My Name
DiCanio, Judy Postcard Beloved Warrior
Dier, Debra Bookmark A Quest of Dreams
Bookmark Surrender The Dream
Dodd, Christine Book Jacket Scottish Brides
Brochure A Knight to Remember
Dolan, Charlotte Louise Bookmark The Counterfeit Gentleman
Brochure The Substitute Bridegroom
Domming, Denise Bookmark A Love For All Seasons
Donnelly, Shannon Book Jacket A Compromising Situation
Dorsey, Christine Christmas Ornament My Heavenly Heart
Bookmark Sea of Desire
Bookmark Bold Rebel Love
Bookmark Traitors Embrace
Bookmark My Savage Heart
Bookmark Kansas Kiss
Bookmark Sea of Temptation
Bookmark Sea Fires
Douglas, Carole Nelson Postcard Irene's Last Waltz
Postcard Cat on a Blue Monday
Doyle, Jen Sticker Life is serious. Read happy.
Drake, Shannon Brochure No Other Man
Poster Tomorrow The Glory
Dunn, Carola Bookmark The Frog Earl Polly and the Prince Byron's Child
Dunne, Jennifer Bookmark Raven's Heart
Dupree, Madris Bookmark My Lord Beaumont
Eagle, Kathleen Bookmark Heaven and Earth
Eames, Anne Door Hanger A Marriage Made in Joeville (from The Montana Trilogy)
Eastwood, Gail Bookmark A Perilous Journey
Edingfield, Tracy Postcard The Law Firm of Psycho and Satan
Edwards, Andrea Book Jacket Above Suspicion
Elizabeth, Suzanne Flyer Fan the Flame
Ellis, Susana Bookmark The Third MacPherson Sister
Bookmark A Twelfth Night Tale
Bookmark Treasuring Theresa
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Brochure Unquiet Hearts
Estep, Irene Bookmark Send Me No Roses
Fated Mates Sticker Fated Mates
Faulkner, Colleen Brochure Once More After Midnight
(See Judith E. French's brochure on McKenna's Bride)
Ferguson, Adelaide Postcard For Love of Lucine
Ferguson, Maggie Postcard Passion & Intrigue True Hearts
Fetzer, Amy J. Book Jacket Renegade Heart
Fielding, Liz Postcard The Bride, the Baby, and the Best Man
Fields, Hillary Bookmark Marrying Jezebel
Finch, Carol Bookmark To Love Again
Fobes, Tracy Bookmark Heart of the Dove
Forster, Suzanne Bookmark Blush
Brochure Innocence
Fortin, Cherif and Lynn Sanders Flyer/Poster Passion's Blood
Foster, Lori Bookmark Just a Hint
Bookmark Just a Hint Clint
Fox, Karen Brochure Sword of MacLeod
Flyer Somewhere, My Love
Freiman, Kate Postcard Jake's Angel
Bookmark Spring Fever
Bookmark Jake's Angel
French, Judith E. Sticker Rachel's Choice
Brochure This Fierce Loving
Brochure Sundancer's Woman
Brochure McKenna's Bride Morgan's Woman
Fyffe, Caroline Bookmark Where the Wind Blows
Gaddy, Eve Brochure Midnight Remedy
Gaffney, Patricia Postcard Another Eden
Postcard Lily
Flyer Lily
Gallagher, Rita Postcard Shadowed Destiny
Galloway, Laura Bookmark Forbidden Delight
Garner, Sharon K. Brochure River of Dreams Lokelani Nights
Geist, Jean Ann Business Card Jean Ann Geist
Postcard Only in the Movies
Postcard Only on the Radio
Poster Confessions of a Repeat Self-Publisher
Gentry, Georgina Bookmark Cheyenne Caress
Postcard Cheyenne Song
George, Melanie Bookmark Devil May Care
Book Preview The Art of Seduction
Book Jacket
(with Autographed Stickers)
The Devil's Due
Book Jacket Like No Other
Gideon, Nancy
a.k.a. Dana Ransom
Bookmark Temptation's Trail
Texas Destiny
Brochure Multiple Titles
Gillgannan, Mary Postcard Dragon's Dream
Girard, Paula Tanner Book Cover Lord Wakeford's Gold Watch
Gist, Deeanne Postcard The Measure of a Lady
Postcard A Bride Most Begrudging
Givens, Kathleen Book Jacket Kilgannon
Gladden, Theresa Bookmark Just Desserts
Gordon, Deborah Book Jacket Runaway Magic
Graham, Heather Bookmark Tomorrow the Glory
Bookmark Hurricane Bay
Bookmark Surrender Rebel
Bookmark Captive Runaway
Bookmark A Magical Christmas
Grasso, Patricia Bookmark Desert Eden
Postcard Highland Belle
Book Jacket To Tempt an Angel
Poster To Charm a Prince
Poster To Tame a Duke
Poster To Tempt an Angel
Grayson, Elizabeth Bookmark So Wide The Sky
Bookmark Moon in the Water
Brochure Bride of the Wilderness
Greiman, Lois Postcard The Princess Masquerade
Poster Highland Scoundrel
Greene, Maria Bookmark Forever Love
Greenwood, Leigh Bookmark Scarlet Sunset, Silver Nights
Grey, R. Garland Bookmark Predestined
Guyer, Cindy Photograph Cindy Guyer
Box 3
Author/ Publisher Item Book/Series Title
Haddad, Sandi Bookmark Ticket to Romance
Haeger, Diane Brochure The Return
Hampton, Paula Brochure The Reluctant Tutor
Hanchar, Peggy Oversized Postcard The Scottish Bride
Handeland, Lori Poster Full Moon Dreams
Brochure When Midnight Comes
Brochure By Any Other Name
Harlequin Bookmarks Bookmark (6) No Title
Harmon, Danelle Bookmark Captain of my Heart
Harrington, Kathleen Postcard Fly With the Eagle
Brochure Enchanted By You
Harris, Langston Oliver Book jacket This Magic Moment
Speaking Invitation
Newspaper article (2)
"Meet the Author/Publisher" No Title
Invitation No Title
Hart, Catherine Bookmark Multiple Titles
Harte, Holly Brochure Dancer's Angel
Brochure Texas Silver
Texas Jade
The Christmas Portrait
Brochure Texas Jade
Texas Indigo
Brochure Texas Jade
Brochure Texas Silver
Hatcher, Robin Lee Pamphlet Forever Rose
Hauf, Michele Business Card Tame Me Not
Hayes, Sally Tyler Bookmark Dixon's Bluff
Heath, Lorraine Book Jacket Texas Destiny
Hendrickson, Emily Bookmark A Scandalous Suggestion
Heggan, Christiane Pamphlet Deception
Pamphlet Cannes
Flyer Never Say Never
Henderson, Dee Oversized Postcard True Honor
Oversized Postcard Danger in the Shadows
The Negotiator
True Devotion
Oversized Postcard The Negotiator
Danger in the Shadows
Shelf-Talker No Title
Pamphlet The Guardian
Pamphlet The Truth Seeker
Bookmark The Truth Seeker
True Devotion
The Protector
Danger in the Shadows
The Negotiator
The Guardian
Henley, Virginia Bookmark The Pirate and the Pagan
Henke, Shirl Business Card Bouquet
Bookmark Night Flower
Bookmark Moon Flower
Bookmark Terms of Love
Bookmark Night Wind's Woman
Poster (2) Sundancer
Hern, Candice Postcard A Proper Companion
Hertner, Lori Bookmark Confession 
Hess, Norah Business Card Kentucky Bride
Hill, Joey W. Bookmark Joey W. Hill
Brochure Natural Law
Hill, Judith Bookmark Hearts Enslaved
Hill, Sandra Brochure Frankly, My Dear
Brochure The Tarnished Lady
Brochure The Outlaw Viking
Poster The Outlaw Viking
Hix, Martha Bookmark River Magic
Hoag, Tami Postcard Cry Wolf
Flyer In Our Dreams
Hocker, Karla Bookmark The Impertinent Miss Bancroft
The Incorrigible Sophia
The Incomparable Lady Northrop
Hockett, Kathryn Bookmark Sweet Savage Surrender
Holliday, Arlene Bookmark Summer Wind
Holm, Stef Ann Pamphlet King of the Pirates
Howey, Carole Flyer Sweet Chance
Hudson, Jan Bookmark Step Into My Parlor
Bookmark Deeper and Deeper
Bookmark Wild Texas Fame
Hughes, Julianna Bookmark Historical Romances 
Postcard To Save an Angel
Hunter, Diana Bookmark Bound by Desire, Freed by Love
Brochure Secret Submission
Huxman, Karin Brochure Entangled
Ihle, Sharon Card Tempting Miss Prissy
Ivory, Judith Book Jacket The Proposition
Jac, Cheryln Book Cover Nights Immortal Kiss
Bookmark Nights Immortal Kiss
Jackson, K.M. Bookmark Too Sweet to Be Good
Jacobs, Jonnie Bookmark Witness for the Defense
Jamison, Kelly Bookmark Echoes From the Heart
Bookmark The Wedding Contract
Jordan's Lady
Janssen, Christine Brochure Stand On Your Own
Janssen, Krista Bookmark Wind Rose
Bookmark Ride the Wind
Jarrett, Miranda Book Preview Sparhawk's Lady
Flyer (2) Cranberry Point
Jarrod, Sara Bookmark Arranged in Heaven
Jeffrey, Anna Bookmark The Love of a Cowboy
Jeffries, J.M. Bookmark Mirth Magic Mayhem
Book Jacket Cupid: The Amorous Arrow
Book Jacket Cupid: The Bewildering Bequest
Jernigan, Brenda K. Postcard Postcard Christmas in Camelot Dance on the Wind
Jess, Debra Bookmark Blood Surfer
Johansen, Iris Bookmark The Magnificent Rogue
Bookmark The Tiger Prince
Johnson, Susan Bookmark Hot Streak
Brochure Seized By Love
Brochure Pure Sin
Johnston, Joan Postcard Frontier Woman
Postcard The Loner
Oversized Postcard Shattered
Poster Kid Calhoun
Jones, Jenna Bookmark A Delicate Deception
Jones, Marjorie Bookmark The Jewel of the Sword
Jordan, Nicole Bookmark The Outlaw
Joy, Dara Bookmark Knight of Trillion Stars
Joyce, Brenda Bookmark Lovers and Liars
Bookmark The Darkest Heart
Bookmark Dark Fires
Bookmark Fire Storm
Bookmark The Conqueror
Bookmark Violet Fire
Justiss, Julia Bookmark The Courtesan
Kane, Andrea Bookmark Dream Castle
Bookmark My Heart's Desire
Poster Masque of Betrayal
Newsletter Multiple Titles
Brochure Masque of Betrayal Echoes in the Mist
Kane, Kathleen Book Jacket Catch a Fallen Angel
Kauffman, Donna Bookmark Bounty Hunter
Kelly, Leslie Bookmark Night Whispers
Brochure Enter Into Temptation
Kells, Sabine Flyer A Deeper Hunger
Flyer Shadows on a Sunset Sea
Kelly, Sahara Brochure Mesmerized 
Kemerer, Jill Bookmark n/a
Kent, Allison Book Jacket The Beach Alibi
Book Jacket The Samms Agenda
Book Jacket The Shaughnessey Accord
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Brochure Daemon's Angel
Keys, Elizabeth Bookmark Reilly's Law Reilly's Gold Reilly's Pride
Kincaid, Katharine Book Jacket Master of Horses
Poster/Flyer Windsong
Kincaid, Kimberly Book Cover All Wrapped Up
Kingsley, Katherine Bookmark No Greater Love
Bookmark A Natural Attachment
Postcard No Greater Love
Kinsale, Laura Postcard The Shadow and the Star
Kinson, Wylie Bookmark Bella Fiore
Kirk, Mary Postcard Miracles
Kitt, Sandra Brochure The Color of Love
Brochure Sincerely
Knight, Allison Bookmark Sea-Spun Ecstasy
Kopp, Nancy Bookmark Final Justice
Krahn, Betina Pamphlet The Last Bachelor
Postcard The Princess and the Barbarian
Door Hanger Behind Closed Doors
Kramer, Kathryn Business Card Highland Bride
Bookmark Siren Song
Bookmark Lady Rogue
Landis, Jill Marie Temporary Tattoo Glass Beach
Lanigan, Catherine Bookmark Dangerous Love
Bookmark Wings of Destiny
Laurens, Stephanie Book Jacket Scottish Brides
*see Christina Dodd*
Laurey, Rosemary Bookmark Love Me Forever
Law, Susan Kay Book Jacket Heaven in West Texas
Poster The Last Man in Town
Lawrence, Deborah
a.k.a. Deborah Wood
Bookmark Humble Pie
The Hat Box
Caroline's Promise
Layton, Edith Bookmark A Love for All Seasons
Leigh, Tamara Bookmark Saxon Bride
Bookmark Pagan Bride
Bookmark Virgin Bride
Bookmark Misbegotten
Bookmark Unforgotten
Pamphlet Pagan Bride
Leland, Toni Bookmark Winning Ways
Leone, Laura Bookmark Guilty Secrets
Levigne, Michelle L. Postcard The Dark One
Bookmark 10,000 Suns
Bookmark Bitter Sweet
Lindseth, Ellen Bookmark A Girl Divided
Lindsey, Betina Bookmark Waltz With the Lady
Lindsey, Terri
a.k.a. Terri Lynn
Bookmark Going My Way
Bookmark Uncommon Stock
London, Cait Pamphlet Delilah
Pamphlet Sleepless in Montana
Business Card Last Dance
Do You Take This Cowboy?
The Loving Season
Tallchief: The Homecoming
It Happened at Midnight
Slow Fever
A Tallchief Celebration
Book Jacket It Happened at Midnight
London, Julia Bookmark The Dangerous Gentleman
Lowery, Fawn Business Card Fawn Lowery
Lynn, Anita Book Preview Something in Common
Book Preview Blood Fever
Lynn, Ann Bookmark Zebra Heartfire
Lynn, Mary Bookmark More Than Friends
Bookmark Dear Cari
Lynnford, Janet Flyer Lord of Lightning
Lyon, Kate Bookmark Time's Captive
Box 4
Author/ Publisher Item Book/Series Title
McBride, Mary Bookmark Riverbend
Bookmark Fly Away Home
McCall, Dinah Bookmark Tallchief
McCarthy, Candace
a.k.a. Leigh Fletcher
Brochure Sweet Possession
Affairs of the Heart
Baby in a Basket
Wild Innocence
Brochure Irish Linen
Brochure Heaven's Fire
McCarthy, Erin Bookmark Smart Mouth
Book Jacket Smart Mouth
Book Jacket Bad Boys Online
Book Jacket Houston, We Have a Problem
McCray, Cheyenne Bookmark Erotic Interludes
McCutcheon, Pam Pamphlet Golden Prophecies
Postcard No title
McCusker, Penny Oversized Postcard Happily Ever After
McDaniel, Sylvia Poster/Flyer Sunlight on Josephine Street
McIntyre, Amanda Postcard Too Hot to Handle
MacIver, Sharon Bookmark Dakota Dream
Bookmark River Song
McKade, Mackenzie Bookmark The Game Ecstasy
Bookmark A Tall Dark Cowboy
McKade, Maureen Bookmark Winter Hearts
McKenna, Lindsay
a.k.a. Eileen Nauman
Bookmark Heart of the Warrior
Morgan's Mercenaries
Bookmark Come Gentle The Dawn
Night Flight
Silhouette Christmas Stories
Bookmark Morgan's Mercenaries: Heart of Stone
Bookmark Heart of the Warrior, Morgan's
Poster/Flyer Mercenaries
Hangar 13
Shadows and Light
Dangerous Alliance
Count Down
Red Tail Lovers
Dark and Dangerous
McKinney, T.D. Bookmark Dancing in the Dark
McLinn, Patricia Postcard A Stranger in the Family
Bookmark A New World
McMahon, Barbara Bookmark Shining Through
Bride of a Thousand Days
Wyoming Wedding
Angel Bride
The Cowboy and the Bad Girl
Triumph of Love
Bride on the Ranch
Postcard Wyoming Wedding
Brochure Shining Through
Bride of a Thousand Days
Wyoming Wedding
Macias, Susan Postcard Fire in the Dark
Postcard Sweet Escape 
Maclay, Charlotte Book Cover Accidental Roommates
Macomber, Debbie Postcard This Matter of Marriage
Magner, Lee Bookmark Mistress of Foxglobe
Major, Ann Bookmark The Barefoot Enchantress
Bookmark Married to the Enemy
Bookmark A Knight in Tarnished Armor
Bookmark Children of Destiny Series
Bookmark Multiple Titles
Malcolm, Anthea Bookmark Frivolous Pretence
Malvey, Victoria Picture Frame (2) Portrait of Dreams
Mann, Catherine Bookmark Anything, Anywhere, Anytime
Martin, Deborah Brochure Dangerous Angel
Martin, Kat Bookmark Captain's Bride
Bookmark Creole Fires
Book Jacket Dangerous Passions
Book Jacket The Dream
Book Jacket Fanning the Flame
Book Jacket The Fire Inside
Book Jacket Hot Rain
Book Jacket Midnight Rider
Book Jacket Night Secrets
Book Jacket Perfect Sin
Book Jacket Silk and Steel
Book Jacket Wicked Promise
Oversized Postcard Wicked Promise
Oversized Postcard Silk and Steel
Oversized Postcard The Secret
Oversized Postcard Perfect Sin
Oversized Postcard Night Secrets
Oversized Postcard Hot Rain
Oversized Postcard Heartless
Oversized Postcard Fanning the Flame
Masek, Carrie S. Bookmark Under a Bear Moon
Mason, Connie Bookmark The Outlaws: Rafe
Bookmark A Taste of Sin
Bookmark Tempt the Devil
Matlock, Curtiss Ann Bookmark The Forever Rose
Bookmark Intimate Circle
Bookmark Love Finds Yancey Cordell
Merritt, Emma Bookmark Lord of Fire
Pamphlet Lord of Thunder
Meyers, Helen R. Bookmark Whispers in the Woods
Meyers, Martin and Annette Bookmark The Dutchman
The Kingsbridge Plot
The High Constable
Michaels, Elizabeth Ann Bookmark From a Silver Heart
Michaels, Lynn Bookmark Nightwing
Michaels, Lorna Bookmark Blessing in Disguise
Michaels, Monette Booklet Fatal Vision
Michaels, Theresa Sticker Theresa Michaels
Michelle, Patrice Bookmark A Taste for Revenge
Michels, Christine Pamphlet Dangers Kiss
Pamphlet In Fugitive Arms
Mikels, Jennifer Bookmark Rich, Rugged…Ruthless
Milan, Courtney Stickers Women: Doing things since forever
Miller, Linda Lael Pamphlet Forever and the Night
Mihalik, Jessie Bookmark Aurora Blazing
Minger, Miriam Business Card Captive Rose
Minghella, Anthony Bookmark The English Patient
Mittman, Stephanie Brochure A Kiss To Dream On
Moning, Karen Marie Postcard Kiss of the Highlander
Postcard The Highlander's Touch
Monk, Karyn Postcard Surrender to a Stranger
Monroe, Karen Keychain The Necklace
Monroe, Lucy Bookmark The Real Deal
Moon, Jeannie Postcard Until You
Postcard This Christmas 
Moore, Elaine Pin Button Madonna of the Dark
Postcard Dark Desire
Moore, Margaret Brochure A Warrior's Way
Brochure The Duke's Desire
Book Jacket His Forbidden Kiss
Postcard The Viking
Flyer A Scoundrel's Kiss
Moreland, Peggy Bookmark The Rescuer
Bookmark A Little Bit Country
Bookmark Texas Grooms
Morgan, Kathleen Business Card Heart's Lair
Brochure Enchant the Heavens
Brochure Fire Queen
Brochure Firestorm
Holographic Book Jacket Heart's Surrender
Pamphlet Heart's Surrender
Pamphlet Firestar
Pamphlet Demon Prince
Newsletter Child of the Mist
Morganthaler, Sarah Sticker  #MooseSprings
Morsi, Pamela Book Jacket Here Comes the Bride
Postcards Sealed With a Kiss
Pamphlet Garters
Box 5
Author/ Publisher Item Book/Series Title
Nash, Sophia Postcard Lord Will & Her Grace
Bookmark Lord Will & Her Grace
Nauman, Eileen Bookmark Beginnings
Needham, Linda Postcard The Wedding Night
Neggers, Carla Pamphlet Tempting Fate
Newman, Holly Bookmark The Waylaid Heart
O'Donnell, Laurel Flyer The Lady and the Falconer
Osborne, Maggie Business Card Lady Reluctant
Business Card Emerald Rain
Orwig, Sara Bookmark Albuquerque
Page, Sharon Magnet A Gentleman Seduced
Paige, Laurie Bookmark Cheyenne Bride
Palmer, Diana Bookmark Mercenary's Woman
Pappano, Marilyn Business Card Safe Haven
Parker, Laura Booklet Risque
Parmett, Doris Bookmark Lies
Parnell, Andrea Postcard Wild Glory
Postcard Devil Moon
Parr, Delia Bookmark The Ivory Duchess
Pega, Bonnie Bookmark The Rebel and His Bride
Bookmark Animal Magnetism
Perkins, Diane Bookmark The Marriage Bargain
Bookmark The Improper Wife
Phillips, Carly Flyer/Poster The Bachelor
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Shelf-Talker Natural Born Charmer
Poster Accidently in Love (in German)
Phillips, Tori Postcard Midsummer's Knight
Postcard Silent Knight
Book Jacket Midsummer's Knight
Book Cover Midsummers Knight
Postcard Midsummers Knight
Piel, Stobie Newsletter The White Sun
Midnight Moon
The Dawn Star
The Magic of Christmas
Affairs of the Heart
Newsletter The Midnight Moon
The Dawn Star
The Twelfth Knight
Free Falling
Brochure Stobie's Adventurous Times - The Midnight Moon
Brochure Stobie's Adventurous Times - The White Sun
Pizzuti, Suzy Bookmark Say Uncle (and Aunt)
Raising Cain
Porch Swings and Picket Fences
Porter, Jane Oversized Postcard Christo's Promise
Porter, Margaret Evens Bookmark Discover the Delights of Regency Romance
Potter, Patricia Bookmark Island of Dreams
Flyer The Black Knave
Pryce, Melinda Bookmark Thief of Hearts
Putney, Mary Jo Bookmark Dearly Beloved
Bookmark Silk and Shadows
Postcard Silk and Shadows
Quinn, Colleen Flyer Unveiled
Quinn, Julia Book Jacket Scottish Brides
(see Christina Dodd)
Quinn, Tara Taylor Postcard Shotgun Baby
Postcard No Cure for Love
Raddon, Charlene Bookmark Forever Mine
Bookmark To Have and To Hold
Brochure To Have and To Hold
Rafferty, Carin Bookmark Full Circle
I Do, Again
A Change of Seasons
My Fair Baby
Ramin, Terese Bookmark An Unexpected Addition
Ranney, Karen Book Jacket Scottish Brides (see Christina Dodd)
Bookmark One Man's Love
Postcard One Man's Love
Ransom, Dana Shelf-Talker Dakota Dawn
Dakota Desire
Dakota Destiny
Rasey, Patricia Bookmark Kiss of Deceit
Bookmark Deadly Obsession
Reavis, Cheryl Book Jacket The Bartered Bride
Reding, Jaclyn Postcard White Knight
Postcard Stealing Heaven
Brochure Stealing Heaven
Reed, Paula Bookmark Into His Arms
Reeves, Barbara Bookmark Georgina's Campaign
Regency Fashion Bookmark Ackerman's Regency Fashion prints
Regency Reader Bookmark Fall in Love
Rice, Patricia Business Card Touched Magic
Bookmark Cheyenne's Lady
Bookmark Love Forever After
Postcard Rebel Dreams
Postcard Devil's Lady
Brochure Volcano
Rich, Sue Bookmark The Scarlet Temptress
Richards, Emilie Brochure Wedding Ring
Richards-Akers, Nancy Postcard The Heart and the Heather
Rieger, Catherine Bookmark Waltz in the Shadows
Bookmark The Shadow of the Raven
Flyer/Poster Waltz in the Shadows
Riley, Eugenia Bookmark Bushwhacked Bride
Rinehold, Connie Bookmark Veil of Tears
Business Card More Than Just a Night
Ring, Thomasina Bookmark Time-Spun Rapture
Bookmark Time-Spun Treasure
Bookmark Dream Catcher
Roberts, Ann Victoria Bookmark Louisa Elliot
Roberts, Kelsey Postcard Stolen Memories
Roberts, M.J. Pamphlet Marcy's Playground
Roberts, Nora Bookmark River's End
Jewels of the Sun
Postcard Born in Fire
Postcard Homeport
Book Preview River's End
Rogers, Evelyn Bookmark Betrayal
Bookmark Wicked
Bookmark The Forever Bride
Brochure Raven
Rogers, Marylyle Poster The Keepsake
Poster Chanting the Dawn
Poster The Eagles Song
Poster Chanting the Morning Star
Poster Chanting the Storm
Roman, Hebby Brochure Love Me Only
Brochure Midnight Promise
Photocopied Book Jacket Sueños De Verano
Romantic Times: Booklovers Convention Paper  Booklovers Romantic Times Convention
Romantic Times Magazine Bookmark No Title
Bookmark No Title (signed by Fabio)
Bookmark No Title
Romantics at Hart Sticker Romantics at Hart
Rosburg, Helen A. Bookmark By Honor Bound
Bookmark Ellie and the Elven King
Rosenthal, Pam Book Jacket Almost a Gentleman
Ross, Julia Bookmark Night of Sin Wicked Lover
Bookmark My Dark Prince
Roszel, Renee Business Card Valentine's Knight
Royal, Lauren Bookmark Emerald
Runge, Tina Brochure Treasures of the Heart
Rustand, Roxanne Postcard Operation: Texas
Ryan, Nan Bookmark The Last Dance
Ryan, Patricia Bookmark Twice the Spice
Secret Thunder
Oversized Postcard Wild Wind
Poster Secret Thunder
Box 6
Author/ Publisher Item Book/Series Title
Sala, Sharon Bookmark Chance McCall
Samuel, Barbara Brochure Dancing Moon
Brochure A Winter Ballad
Savery, Jeanne Book Jacket A Lady's Deception
Sawyer, Meryl Book Jacket A Kiss in the Dark
Book Jacket Lady Killer
Sawyer, Robert J. Postcard Far-Seer
Saxe, Coral Smith Flyer Enchantment
Schuler, Candace Postcard Wildcat
Scott, Cynthia Bookmark Masquerade
Book Preview Masquerade
Scott, Joanna Postcard Lover Come Back
Scott, Teresa Bookmark Northern Nights
Seerani, Sonia Flyer Roses are Red
Shannon, Colleen Postcard Surrender the Night
Shapiro, Joan Bookmark Sweets to the Sweet
Shayne, Maggie Postcard Twilight Memories
Postcard Miranda's Viking
Brochure Eternity
Flyer/Poster Twilight Illusions
Sherman, Jory Bookmark Eagles of Destiny
Silhouette Bookmarks No Title
Simpson, Patricia Bookmark Whisper of Midnight
Sinclair, Elizabeth Brochure Eight Men and a Lady
Sinclair, Linnea Postcard Gabriel's Ghost
Bookmark Wintertide
Sizemore, Susan Brochure In My Dreams
Skinner, Gloria Dale Postcard Hellion
Skye, Christina Business Card The Ruby
Bookmark Key to Forever
Bookmark Defiant Captive
Bookmark Bride of the Mist
Bookmark The Black Rose
Booklet Season of Wishes
Poster Come the Night
Poster East of Forever
Sloan, Gail Jackson Bookmark Wednesday's Woes
Small, Beatrice Business Card Beloved
Business Card The Spitfire
Business Card Love Wild and Fair
Bookmark The Spitfire
Bookmark Blaze Wyndham
Postcard A Moment in Time
Postcard Wild Jasmine
Brochure Multiple Titles
Smith, Barbara Dawson Bookmark Dreamspinner
Postcard Countess Confidential
Postcard The Wedding Night
Poster Romancing the Rogue
Poster Too Wicked to Love
Poster Once Upon a Scandal
Smith, Bobbi Bookmark Heaven
Bookmark The Brides of Durango
Bookmark Renegade's Lady
Bookmark Brazen
Snodgrass, Catherine Bookmark Feather on the Wind
Snow, Ashley Bookmark Southern Fire
Snow, Gemma Bookmark The Lovin' Is Easy
Soule, Marle Brochure Shelter from the Storm
Chase the Dream
The Bachelor
The Beauty and the Blizzard
Spangler, Catherine Bookmark Shielder
Speer, Flora Bookmark Destiny's Lovers
St. John, Tina Poster White Lion's Lady
Stephens, Daniel Postcard  Surfacing
Stevens, Lynsey Bookmark Love…
Stevens, Rosemary Bookmark Crime of Manners
Steele, Judith Bookmark Apache Fire
Bookmark Lawman's Loving
Apache Heartbeat
Seduction's Raging Flames
Stone, Sally Bookmark Silver Fire
Storm, Ruby Postcard You've Met Ruby in St. Louis Contest
Stuart, Anne Book Jacket Lord of Danger
Stewart, Martha Newsletter Wonderful You
Stover, Deb Bookmark Shades of Rose
Brochure A Willing Sprit
Poster Another Dawn
Poster A Moment in Time
Sumner, Tracy Bookmark Tides of Love
Sutcliffe, Katherine Bookmark Notorious
Postcard A Fire in the Heart
Pamphlet My Only Love
Sutherland, Peg Bookmark Tallahassee Lassie
Syrill, Binnie Bookmark The Color of Love
Out of the Darkness
Baby Love
Talcott, DeAnna Postcard The Cowboy and the Christmas Tree
The Bachelor and the Bassinet
To Wed Again?
Celebrity Status
Swept Away
Tarantino, Janice Flyer/Poster The Crystal City
Tarr, Hope Book Jacket A Rogue's Pleasure
Bookmark Tempting
Postcard Vanquished
Postcard My Lord Jack
Postcard A Rogue's Pleasure
Taylor, Janelle Bookmark Chase the Wind
Bookmark Multiple Titles
Postcard Whispered Kisses
Taylor, Laura Bookmark Honor Bound
Thacker, Shelly Bookmark Midnight Raider
Bookmark Falcon of the Wind
Brochure His Forbidden Touch
Flyer/Poster Timeless
Thle, Sharon Poster The Bride Wore Spurs
Thomas, Rosie Bookmark Bad Girls Good Women
Toombs, Jane Bookmark Wild Mustang
Trapp, Jessica Book Cover Master of Pleasure
Triner, Jeanne Bookmark Make No Mistake
Valentine, Terri Book Jacket Storm Dancer
Bookmark Storm Dancer
Valentino, Donna Pamphlet Queen of My Heart
Book Preview Prairie Knight
Vanak, Bonnie Bookmark The Panther & the Pyramid
VanNuys, Joan Bookmark Beloved Avenger
Vaughan, Vivian Bookmark Secret Surrender
Verge, Lisa Ann Brochure Twice Upon a Time
Vickery, Katherine Bookmark Flame Across the Highlands
Wainscott, Tina Book Jacket Back in Baby's Arms
Book Jacket Now You See Me
Book Jacket In a Heartbeat
Flyer/Poster On the Way to Heaven
Walden, Luanne Bookmark Tides of Splendor
Walker, Margie Bookmark Love Signals
Warady, Phylis Ann Bookmark The Earl's Comeuppance
Waters, Elisabeth Bookmark Changing Fate
Weger, Jackie Bookmark Man of the Moment
Weir, Theresa Bookmark Iguana Bay
Bookmark Forever
Weldon, Susan Bookmark Tempt a Lady
Wells, Mark Bookmark Oklahoma Outlaws
Wendi, Joann Postcard Beyond the Savage Sea
West, Rosalyn a.k.a. Nancy Gideon and Dana Ransom Book Jacket A Woman's Heart
Brochure The Outcast
The Outsider
Pamphlet The Outcast
Flyer/Poster The Rebel
White, D.E. Bookmark Jettison
Whitney, Diana Bookmark For the Children
I Now Pronounce You Mom and Dad
A Dad of His Own
The Fatherhood Factor
Wiete, Robin Leanne Bookmark So Bright of a Flame
Bookmark Fortune's Lady
Wiggs, Susan Book Jacket The Mistress
Postcard with Coupon The Goodbye Quilt
Postcard Lakeside Cottage
Postcard The Winter Lodge
Postcard Just Breathe
Postcard Summer at Willow Lake
Postcard The You I Never Knew
Workshop Invitation No Title
Newsletter Circle in the Water
Wilhelm, Terri Lynn Bookmark Fool of Hearts
Bookmark A Hidden Magic
Flyer Fool of Hearts
Williams, Bronwyn
a.k.a. Dixie Browning and Mary Williams
Bookmark White Witch
Blemished Angel
Wilson, Caryl Bookmark Firebrand's Lady
Wilson, Dolores J. Bookmark Barking Goats and the Redneck Mafia
Windsor, Linda Pamphlet Autumn Rose
Winters, Frances DeleCourt Postcard The Girl with Flowers in her Hair
Wisdom, Linda Randall Bookmark Double Jeopardy
Wittich, Justine Bookmark Family Matters
Postcard The Shocking Miss Shaw
Woods, Sherryl Bookmark Stolen Moments
Woodward, Rhonda Bookmark Lady Emma's Dilemma
Bookmark Moonlight and Mischief
Wulf, Jessica Postcard The Irish Rose
Postcard The Mountain Rose
Zane, Carolyn Bookmark The Brubaker Brides Series
Miscellaneous Bookmarks Multiple Titles
Romance Writers of America Awards Program A Tale As Old As Time-1999
Box 7
Publisher Item Theme
Avon Books Cloth Bag Romance is my happy place
Crown Books Cloth Bag The Magic of Romance
Cloth Bag Romance Writers of America
Harlequinn Cloth Bag 1000 Years of Romance and Beyond
Romance Writers of America Cloth Bag Romance Writers of America
The Burkley Publishing Group Cloth Bag Jill Marie Landis


Box 8
3D Materials
Author/Publisher Item Theme
Arabesque Waterbottle The Soul of Romance 
3 Rubber Bracelets
2 Keychains
Aquilante, Antonia Handkerchief A Dance of Water and Air
Born, R.R. Notepads There's a Witch At Work
Boyle, Elizabeth Mouse pad No Marriage of Convenience
Brown, Sarah Sunglasses w/ holder Mirror Image
Burns, S.B.K. Hand Sanitizer Ages of Invention
Constance, Phillips Cup Powerful, passionate romance 
Darcy, Emma Corkscrew The Secrets Within
Dell, Kari Lynn Bag Tag When the Going Gets Wild Spur Harder
Ellis, Susana Necklace The Regency Love's Golden Age
Englert, Jeanine Sewing pack  
Harlequin 2 Visors  
Mirror Holder
Pocket tissues
Mini game Echoes in the Mist  
Indiana, Zoey Survival Pack Vengeance
Kane, Andrea Clock The Black Diamond
Landis, Jill Marie Cup holder with pens Take a break with…
Major, Michelle Waterbottle Life, love and happy endings…
Manderson, Sarah Bottle Opener The Beaumont Heirs
Night Owl Romance Coaster Grow Your Readership
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth 2 Mini Novels Natural Born Star
2 Floor Displays Her Magic will Touch Your Heart
Roberts, Nora Tissue box The MacGregors
Sport glasses
Mouse pad Homefront
Ryan, Patricia Mug  
Tomlinson, Dar Keychain/Tape Measure Measure Her Success
Winters, Kara Erotica  
Wood, Jilly Card holder Epic Fantastic Romance
Wrap for cup Spring Fling 2020  


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