SpColl 9: Pinback Button Collection

The Browne Popular Culture Library has an extensive pin-back button collection devoted to subjects such as advertising, sayings and slogans, sports, movies, commemorative, and political or non-political nature, to name just a few of the hundreds of buttons acquired over the years. Many of our buttons are on display in the entry hallway.

A price guide is available in our reference collection if you are interested: Collectible pin-back buttons, 1896-1986 : an illustrated price guide.

This collection and its finding aid were updated by Mackenzie Ryan in April 2012.


1AdvertisingFast Food
Miscellaneous Restaurants
Beverages and Alcohol
Clothing and Apparel
Cars, Tools, and Machinery
1AAdvertisingTransportation Services
Banking, Finance, and Lotteries
Computers, Technology, and Software
1BAdvertisingMiscellaneous Stores, Businesses, Services, and Products
Media Services
Books and Book Publishers
2Festivals, Places, Travel, and Special EventsCities and Tourist Attractions
States, Provinces, and Countries
State Flags
Special Events
3SportsHigh School and Collegiate
Professional Sports
Olympics (1980-1998)
Olympics (2000-Present)
Miscellaneous Olympics
4Television and FilmTelevision Shows
5Cultural InstitutionsHigh Schools and Universities
Clubs and Fandom
Charities, Labor Unions, and Non-Profit Organizations
Libraries, Museums, and Zoos
6Comics and CartoonsComic Books and Cartoons
Disney Properties
7PoliticsInternational and Miscellaneous Politics
Local and State Politics
Congressional Politics
Presidential (William Henry Harrison-Carter 1976)
Presidential (Carter 1980-Bush 1988)
Presidential (Doyle 1988-Bush 2004)
Presidential (Kerry 2004-Present)
8Social Issues and ActivismSocial Voting Issues Social Issues and Social Protest/Activism
9Holidays, Music, and Patriotism 
10Sayings and Images