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The United States entered World War II in 1941 and was part of the Allied Forces who won the war in 1945.  Similar to its efforts during World War I, the government created a variety of methods to engage citizens on the home front to help with the war effort.  Americans were encouraged to grow and preserve their own food and purchase war bonds to help finance the campaign. Food and other essential supplies were rationed.

Scope and Content

This is a collection of printed materials and ephemera from the United States during World War II from the Browne Popular Culture Library's vertical file. There are some materials regarding soldiers who served on the front line, but most of the items included were published for the home front war efforts. Topics covered include food preservation, rationing, war bonds and loans. Quite a few of the documents are undated, but the date range for this collection is from the years 1941 to 1946.

These items came from the Browne Popular Culture Library's vertical files and are arranged alphabetically by subject.  This collection would be useful for researchers interested in seeing primary materials related to the home front during World War II.  This finding aid was compiled by Sarah Kuniakis, Student Assistant, Brian Collins, Library Volunteer, and Dana Nemeth, Reference Archivist, in November 2019.

Box 1
Folder Description Date
1 Army-Navy "E" Award; 1943 1943
2 British Information Services
- "Report on the Flying Bomb" booklet
3 Certificate & Rating Description for Aviation Radioman Francis Fandray 1945, n.d.
United States Navy rating description for Francis J. Fandray; 1945
Letter of Thanks for Service to Francis J. Fandray; n.d.
4 Congressional Proceedings
- Congressional Record: 77th Congress, First Session, January 30
5 Delphian Society 1946
The Delphian Society Building a Better World January Thoughts January
The Delphian Society Building a Better World February Thoughts February
6 Food Preservation 1943, n.d.
New York State Emergency Food Commission Victory Gardens Leaflet No. 5 (Red) n.d.
New York State Emergency Food Commission Canning Rhubarb and Tomatoes n.d.
War Emergency Bulletin Freezing Fruits and Vegetables March 1943
War Emergency Bulletin Canning and Storing Food March 1943
New York State Emergency Food Commission Tomato Recipes n.d.
New York State Emergency Food Commission food preservation and quick recipes n.d.
New York State Emergency Food Commission Victory Gardens Leaflet No. 5 (Green) n.d.
7 Henry J. Reilly Propaganda Pamphlet - "Only Fighting Brings Victory" 1943
8 Memorial Day Services Program 1945
45th Infantry Division program May 30
9 Poultry Production - "The Poultry Book" Germo Manufacturing Company n.d.
10 Rationing n.d., 1943
Red and Blue Rationing Points n.d.
War Rationing Miscellaneous
  • War Saving Stamp Case; n.d.
  • Application for War Ration Book 3; 1943
  • A message to ration book holders; n.d.
  • Ration stamps; n.d.
  • Homefront rationing application; n.d.
  • Food Ration Certificate; 1943
n.d., 1943
11 Red Cross n.d., 1944
(2) Red Cross Blue Star for Military Family n.d.
Red Cross War Fund pamphlet 1944
Red Cross War Fund window flyer 1944
12 R&L Enterprises - Badges and Medals Replica Purchase booklet n.d.
13 Seventh Column pamphlet; n.d.
14 Toledo Blade Newspaper Page 1944
"Allies Invade North France in Landing by Air and Sea" June 6
15 Toledo's War Chest
- flier
16 University of Michigan 1942
Physical Fitness Rally pamphlet February 14
17 V-Mail n.d., 1944
(2) V-mail letter sheets n.d.
War and Navy Department V-mail envelope and letters 1944
18 War Emergency Identification Card n.d.
19 War Essays n.d., 1938,1942
"Reparation by Germany" American Defense Society booklet n.d.
"The Last Best Hope of Earth, a Philosophy for the War," Harry Scherman 1942
"Japan-China Tragedy" The Church Peace Union pamphlet 1938
20 War Garden n.d., 1943-1944
Firestone Farm and Garden Service Bureau "Your War Garden" booklet 1944
National War Garden Commission "We Have a War Garden" banner n.d.
U.S. Department of Agriculture Victory Gardens MISC publication 1943
21 War Information Resources n.d., 1941-1942
Kaltenborn's Defense Series No. 2 booklet 1941
National Archives "WWII Resources" booklet n.d.
Military and Naval Map of World War II n.d.
War Planes booklet, John B. Walker 1942
22 War Loan Drive n.d.
"Straight Talk about the 6th War Loan" pamphlet n.d.
Schedule for Purchase of United States Savings Bonds Series E Pamphlet n.d.
"7th War Loan" pamphlet n.d.
Volunteer War Bond Salesman 7th War Loan Drive envelope, Series E Applications n.d.
Seventh War Loan Drive Instructions to Salesman document n.d.
"We can Sell More" War Loan Drive sales flyer  n.d.
"How to Get There: Some Interesting Facts About the War Bonds You Own" booklet n.d.
23 War Ration Books n.d., 1942
War Ration Book One (11 copies) 1942
War Ration Book Two (15 copies) 1942
Burgundy empty ration book n.d.
Ration Books Holder with ration books n.d.
24 War Ration Books Cont. n.d., 1943
War Ration Book Three (13 copies) 1943
War Ration Book Four (6 copies) 1943
Calvert Whiskey Food Ration Books envelope n.d.
25 War Savings Stamps n.d., 1942, 1946
Patriotic postage stamps n.d.
NAA Stamps and Bonds envelope 1946
United States War Savings Bonds stamp album 1942
26 Women's Army Corp. n.d.
"This is Our War" Women's Army Auxiliary Corp. flier n.d.
"Join the Women's Army Corp." flier n.d.

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