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American culture and the history of tobacco are integrally linked. Counted among the New World’s cash crops, whose cultivation and exportation impelled Europeans’ conquest of the Western Hemisphere, tobacco consumption evolved between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries to become a staple of American life. Thanks to the invention of reliable cigarette-rolling machines in the late nineteenth century, cigarettes were, by the 1920s, one of the most popular means of smoking tobacco in the United States. The popularity of cigarettes continued to rise until the late 1960s when revelations concerning the link between smoking and various cancers, a connection recognized within the tobacco industry since the early 1950s, became widely accepted by the American public and resulted in a steep decline in the number of U.S. cigarette smokers that continues to the present day.

Primarily purchased by sound recordings archivist Bill Schurk between the years 1958 and 1962, from Sam Klein Cigar Company in Cleveland, OH, this collection represents a sampling of the foreign and domestic cigarette brands available to consumers at the apex of cigarette consumption in the United States. Showcasing an assortment of packaging styles, an array of eye-catching graphic designs, and a variety of smokable tobaccos cultivated from around the globe, this collection provides a glimpse into the consumer culture of twentieth-century tobacco retailers and cigarette smokers. This collection represents a portion of the vast selection of cigarette brands available to postwar consumers and, when paired with the BPCL’s Matchbook Cover Collection (Special Collection 14), offers researchers a compelling look at the material culture that surrounded American cigarette smokers during the mid-twentieth century at the habit’s height of popularity.

The inventory of the cigarette packs was completed by Katie Tovarnak, Student Assistant, in Dec. 2018.  The finding aid was written by William Avila, Graduate Student Supervisor, in March 2020.

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Box 1
Brand Additional Information
Vanity Fair Pastel Blue, White Filters
Spud Filter Tip, Light Menthol
Kent New Exclusive Micronite Filter
Old Gold Straights, Long Size
Rothman's King Size, Filtered Tip
Gitanes Bout Filtre
Paxton Humidor Cap
Player's Filtre
Hit Parade King Size, Filter Tip
Mapleton King Size, Filter Tip
Jezebel Perfumed Amber Cigarettes
Duke of Durham Filter King
KOOL Filter
Johnnie Walker Pearl Tipped, Extremely Mild
Turkish Special Turkish State
Lord Salisburg Selected Stock

Box 2
Brand Additional Information
Encore Custom Fashioned Mouthpiece, Ambassador Size
Player's Navy Cut  Mild
Golden's Gold Flake  
Export "A" Filter Tip Virginia Cigarettes
Peter Jackson King Size, Filter Tipped
Craven "A" Cork Tipped
Spud Mentholated
Domino Kings
Pall Mall Filter Tipped
Waterford Water Tip
Gold & Black  
Compania Anonima Tabacalera  
King Sano Filter Tip, Less Nicotine

Box 3
Brand Additional Information
Wings Perfect Blend King Size
Tareyton Modern Size, Filter Tip
Raleigh Plain End, King Size
Fatima  Extra Mild
Cancer King Size
Pall Mall Famous
Viceroy Filter
Fatima  Cork Tipped, Extra Mild
Raleigh Filter Tip King Size
Wings  King Size
Montclair Modern Menthol Filter
Old Gold Filters
Encore Custom Fashioned Filter, Ambassador Size

Box 4
Brand Additional Information
Salem Menthol Fresh Filter
Mapleton Filter Tip, King Size
Life Filter Tip
Kentucky Kings All Tobacco Tip
Sweet Corporal  
Home Run  
Black Cat  Virginia Cigarettes
Picayune Extra Mild
Riviera Fine Air Cooled, Filter, Menthol
Dunhill King Size
Oasis Filter, Menthol Mist
Viceroy Filter Tip, King Size
Tempo New Bonded Charcoal Filter
L&M Filters, The Miracle Tip
HP Milds Miracle Leaf
Skis Menthol Filter

Box 5
Brand Additional Information
Tareyton  Dual Filter
Benson & Hedges Menthol 100s
Dartmouth Club Duo-Blend 
Yorkshire  Filter Tip, King Size
York  Imperial Size
Lark Filter
Old Gold  
Camel Turkish & Domestic Blend
Lucky Strike Filters
Winston  Filter, Crush Proof Box
Philip Morris Long Size
Herbert Tareyton Tipped, Modern Sze
Holiday Kings Mildly Aromatic
Belair Light Menthol
Cavalier Superior  

Box 6
Brand Additional Information
Murad The Turkish Cigarette  
Batt Brothers  
Alpine  Filter
Salome Ideal Gold
Marlboro Filter
Phantom Club Size
Newport  Filter
Cavalier Superior  
Vega Havanna Brown, Plantation Size
Parliament  Recessed Filter
Pall Mall Menthol
Lords Low Nicotine
Spring Mild, Filters, King Size
Spud Mentholated
Omar  Turkish Blend
Lucky Strike  

Box 7
Brand Additional Information
Elegantes con Filtro
Emir Orient  
George Karelias and Sons Virginia Plain Ovals
Hellas Papastratos N:1  
Rembrandt Van Rijn  
du Maurier Kings Size, Filter Tip
Regent King Size
State Express  
Philip Morris English Ovals, Selected Mild Blend
M. Melachrino & Co.  
Gelbe Sorte Reemtsma  
Rameses II Stephano Bros  
Box 8
Brand Additional Information

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