SpColl 20: Little Bluebook Collection

The Little Blue Books were published by the Halderman-Julius Publishing Company of Giraud Kansas from 1919-1978. The small staple bound books were designed to fit into a working man's pocket. Emanuel Haldeman-Julius and his wife Marcet published them to foster ideals of American socialism and to provide basic education to the working classes. The books included classics of Western literature as well as books that dealt with current social and political issues. They were enormously popular until the 1950s when the FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, put Halderman-Julius on its' enemies list.


Bluebook #1-200
1Rubaiyat of Omar KhayyamLittle Blue BookDarrow, Clarence 
2The Ballad of Reading GaolTen Cent PocketWilde, Oscar 
4The Age of ReasonTen Cent PocketPaine, Thomas 
6Love and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookMaupassant, Guy de 
7A Liberal EducationTen Cent PocketHuxley, Thomas 
11Debate on ReligionTen Cent PocketHolmes, John Haynes, Norris, O. 
13Man and His AncestorsTen Cent PocketFenton, Carroll Lane1923
14What Every Girl Should KnowLittle Blue BookSanger, Mararet H. 
15The Atheist's Mass and An Accursed HouseLittle Blue BookBlazac, Honore de 
19The Story of Friedrich Nietzsche's PhilosophyLittle Blue BookDurant, Will 
20Let's LaughLittle Blue BookNasby, Petroleum V.1924
21CarmenLittle Blue BookMerimee, Prosper 
23Great Stories of the SeaLittle Blue BookCooper, James Fennimore 
25Rhyming DictionaryLittle Blue Book  
26On Going to ChurchTen Cent Pocket  
27Last Days of a Condemned ManAppeal Pocket SeriesHugo, Victor 
28TolerationTen Cent PocketVoltaire 
32Poe's Complete PoemsPeople's Pocket Series  
33Brann: Smasher of ShamsAppeal Pocket SeriesGunn, John W. 
34The Mystery of the Iron MaskLittle Blue BookKeler, Theordore M.R. von1923
39A Guide to AristotleLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1923
39The Story of Aristotle's PhilosophyLittle Blue Book  
40The House and The BrainTen Cent PocketBulwer-Lytton, E. 
41A Christmas CarolTen Cent PocketDickens, Charles 
42The Origin of the Human RaceTen Cent PocketSchwalbe, G. 
43Marriage and DivorcePocket SeriesGreeley, Horace; Owen, Rober D. 
46SalomeLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar 
47Animals of Ancient SeasLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1922
48Bacon's EssaysTen Cent Pocket  
49Three Lectures on EvolutionTen Cent Pocket  
49Controversy on the Creation of ManLittle Blue BookHaeckel, Ernst 
50Common SenseLittle Blue BookPaine, Thomas 
51Bruno: His Life and MartyrdomTen Cent Pocket 1923
53Insects and Men: Instinct and ReasonTen Cent PocketDarrow, Clarence 
54The Importance of Being EarnestLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar 
55Herbert Spencer:His Li fe and WorksTen Cent PocketHudson, William 
56The Wisdom of IngersollLittle Blue Book 1924
58Boccaccio's StoriesTen Cent Pocket  
59Epigrams of Wit, Wisdom and WickednessLittle Blue Book 1924
60Essays on Compensation and FriendshipLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
60Emerson's EssaysTen Cent Pocket  
62Schopenhauer's EssaysTen Cent Pocket  
62Essays on Religion and PantheismLittle Blue BookSchopenhauer, Arthur1924
63A Defense of PoetryLittle Blue BookShelly 
64Rudolf Eucken: His Life and PhilosophyTen Cent PocketJones, W. Tudor 
65Meditations of Marcus AureliusLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
66Crimes of the BorgiasTen Cent PocketDumas, Alexander1922
67Church HistoryLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1921
69Life of Mary, Queen of ScotsLittle Blue BookDumas, Alexander 
71Poems of EvolutionTen Cent Pocket  
74Physiology of Sex LifeLittle Blue BookGreer, Joseph H.1924
77What Great Men Have Said About WomenLittle Blue Book  
80Pillars of SocietyTen Cent PocketIbsen, Henrik 
81The Care of the BabyLittle Blue Book 1925
82Common Faults in Writing EnglishLittle Blue BookAlexander, Henry1924
83The Evolution of MarriageLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1926
83Marriage: Its Past, Present and FuturePocket Series  
84Love Letters of a Portuguese NunPocket Series  
86On ReadingLittle Blue BookBrandes, Georg 
89Love Letters of Men and Women of GeniusLittle Blue Book  
90The MikadoLittle Blue BookGilbert, W.S. 
91Manhood:The Facts of Life Presented to MenTen Cent PocketThompson, Clarence 
93How to Live One Hundred YearsTen Cent PocketCornaro, Lewis 
94Trial and Death of SocratesTen Cent Pocket  
96Dialogues of PlatoTen Cent Pocket  
97Love Letters of King Henry VIIILittle Blue Book  
97Self-Contradictions of the BibleLittle Blue Book  
98How to LoveLittle Blue BookWood, Clement 
99TartuffePocket SeriesMoliere1922
101Thoughts of PascalLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
103Pocket TheologyLittle Blue BookVoltaire 
107The Dream-WomanLittle Blue BookCollins, Wilkie 
109Facts You Should Know About the ClassicsLittle Blue BookMcGabe, Joseph1927
110Dante, and Other Waning Classics Volume 2Little Blue BookMordell, Albert1915
111The Words of Jesus Volume 1Ten Cent PocketVedder, Henry C.1923
112The Secret of Self DevelopmentLittle Blue BookPowys, John Cowper1926
112The Words of Jesus Volume 2Ten Cent PocketVedder, Henry C.1923
114The Best Wit of the French PeopleLittle Blue BookLebris, Pierre 
117Proverbs of ItalyLittle Blue Book  
120Proverbs of SpainLittle Blue Book 1924
122Debate on SpiritualismLittle Blue BookDoyle, Conan; McGabe, Joseph1922
123Life of Madame DuBarryLittle Blue Book 1922
126History of RomeLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
127What Every Expectant Mother Should KnowLittle Blue BookReed, Charles B.    M.D.1924
128Julius Caesar: Who He Was and What He …Little Blue BookWood, Clement 
132Foundations of ReligionFive Cent PocketCook, Stanley H. 
133Principles of ElectricityTen Cent PocketCampbell, Norman R. 
134The MisanthropeLittle Blue BookMoliere 
137Home NursingTen Cent PocketSister Matilda 
138Studies in PessimismLittle Blue BookSchopenhauer, Arthur 
140Reflections on Life and DestinyLittle Blue BookFrance, Anatole1925
141Would the Practice of Christ's Teachings ….Ten Cent PocketNearing, Scott; Ward, Percy 
146Snow-Bound / The Pied PiperTen Cent PocketBrowning, Robert 
147Cromwell and His TimesLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
153Chinese Philosophy of LifeLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1922
154Epigrams of IbsenLittle Blue Book 1924
157The Republic of PlatoLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1922
158Alice in WonderlandLittle Blue BookCarroll, Lewis 
159A Guide to PlatoLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1922
166English As She Is SpokeLittle Blue BookTwain, Mark1923
167General Hints on Everyday HealthLittle Blue BookFishbein, Morris   M.D.1927
168Epigrams of Oscar WildeLittle Blue Book  
169Voices From the PastTen Cent PocketTichenor, H.M.1921
169A History of the Modern Christian ChurchLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
170Constantine and the Beginnings of ChristianityLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1922
171Has Life Any MeaningLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank; Ward, Percy 
172The Evolution of SexLittle Blue Book 1924
172The Evolution of LoveTen Cent PocketKey, Ellen 
174Ten Dialogues on Religion and PhilosophyLittle Blue BookVoltaire1925
174Trial of William PennTen Cent Pocket  
175A Hindu Book of Love (The Karma Sutra)Little Blue BookMarkun, Leo 
175Science of HistoryTen Cent Pocket  
176Four EssaysTen Cent PocketEllis, Havelock 
177Subjection of WomenAppeal Pocket SeriesMill, John Stuart 
178One of Cleopatra's NightsLittle Blue BookGautier, Theophile 
179Gems From EmersonLittle Blue Book  
180Epigrams of Bernard ShawLittle Blue Book 1925
181Epigrams of ThoreauLittle Blue Book 1925
183Life of Jack LondonLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M. 
184Primitive BeliefsLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1921
187The Humor of WhistlerTen Cent Pocket  
189Eugenics Made PlainPocket SeriesEllis, Havelock 
190Psycho-Analysis: The Key to Human BehaviorLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1921
191Evolution Versus DogmaLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1925
191Evolution vs. ReligionTen Cent PocketBalmforth, Ramsden 
193Wit and Wisdom of Charles LambLittle Blue Book  
194Letters of Lord ChesterfieldLittle Blue Book  
195Thoughts on NatureLittle Blue BookThoreau, Henry David 
196The MarquiseLittle Blue BookSand, George 
200The Ignorant PhilosopherLittle Blue BookVoltaire 
Bluebook #201-400
202Survival of the FittestTen Cent PocketTichenor, H.M.1921
208Debate on Birth ControlLittle Blue BookSanger, Margaret H.; Russell, W.1921
209Aspects of Birth ControlTen Cent PocketKnopf, Adolphus 
210The Stoic PhilosophyTen Cent PocketMurray, Gilbert 
211The Idea of God in NatureLittle Blue BookMill, John Stuart 
212Life and CharacterLittle Blue BookGoethe 
214Speeches of LincolnTen Cent Pocket  
217The Puzzle of PersonalityLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1922
219The Human TragedyLittle Blue BookFrance, Anatole1924
224God: Known and UnknownLittle Blue BookButler, Samuel 
227Facts You Should Know About Animal LifeLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1925
229Les Precieuses RidiculesPocket SeriesMoliere1923
229DiderotTen Cent PocketEllis, Havelock 
230The Fleece of GoldLittle Blue BookGautier, Theophile 
231Humorous SketchesTen Cent PocketTwain, Mark 
232The Three StrangersLittle Blue BookHardy, Thomas 
233Revealing Comments on Humanity and LifeLittle Blue BookGoethe 
233Literature and ArtTen Cent Pocket  
234McNeal-Sinclair Debate on SocialismLittle Blue Book 1921
235EssaysLittle Blue BookChesterton, G.K. 
238Reflections on Modern ScienceTen Cent PocketHuxley, Thomas 
240The TempestLittle Blue BookShakespeare, William 
243Twelfth NightTen Cent PocketShakespeare, William 
248King Henry VLittle Blue BookShakespeare, William 
254Taming of the ShrewLittle Blue BookShakespeare, William 
258King Henry IV Part TwoTen Cent PocketShakespeare, William 
261King Henry VI Part ThreeTen Cent PocketShakespeare, William 
262The Comedy of ErrorsLittle Blue BookShakespeare, William 
263King JohnLittle Blue BookShakespeare, William 
269Contemporary Portraits   Volume OnePocket SeriesHarris, Frank 
270Contemporary Portraits Volume TwoLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank 
271Contemporary Portraits   Volume ThreeLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank 
272Contemporary Portraits Volume FourLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank 
273Chapters from The Social ContractsLittle Blue BookRousseau, Jean Jacques 
274Animals of Ancient LandsLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1922
275The Building of the EarthTen Cent PocketFenton, Carroll Lane1922
276Speeches and LettersLittle Blue BookWashington, George 
277The Man Without A CountryLittle Blue BookHale, Edward Everett 
278Quacks and Quackeries of the Healing CultsLittle Blue BookFishbein, Robert Louis1927
279Will O' The Mill and MarkheimLittle Blue BookStevenson, Robert Louis 
280The Happy Prince and Other TalesLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar 
281Lays of Ancient RomeLittle Blue BookMacaulay 
283The Courtship of Miles StandishLittle Blue BookLongfellow 
284Poems of Robert BurnsLittle Blue Book  
285Euphorian In TexasLittle Blue BookMoore, George 
287Whistler:The Man and H is ArtTen Cent Pocket  
287The Best Jokes About DoctorsLittle Blue BookMilburn, George 
288Essays on Chesterfield and RabelaisTen Cent PocketSainte-Beuve 
288Tales of the Far NorthLittle Blue BookLondon, Jack 
292Mademoiselle Fifi and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookMaupassant, Guy de 
296Lyrics LoveLittle Blue BookBrowning, Robert 
297Do We Need ReligionLittle Blue BookMcGabe, Joseph1927
297PoemsTen Cent PocketSouthey, Robert 
298Today's PoetryLittle Blue BookCrawford, Nelson A.; O'Neil, David1923
299Prose Nature NotesTen Cent PocketWhitman, Walt 
300Terrorism in FranceLittle Blue BookDumas, Alexander1923
301Sailor Chanties and Cowboy SongsLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1923
303RosmersholmLittle Blue BookIbsen, Henrik 
304What Great Women Learned About MenLittle Blue Book  
305MachiavelliLittle Blue BookMacaulay 
306A Shropshire LadLittle Blue BookHousman, A.E. 
307A Tillyloss ScandalLittle Blue BookBarrie, J.M. 
308She Stoops to ConquerFive Cent PocketGoldsmith, Oliver 
309Le Bourgeois GentilhommeLittle Blue BookMoliere 
311A Lodging for the NightLittle Blue BookStevenson, Robert Louis 
312The Life and Works of Laurence SterneLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.1922
315Pen, Pencil and PoisonLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar 
316Prometheus BoundLittle Blue BookAeschylos 
318Christ in FlandersPocket SeriesBalzac, Honore de 
319Comtesse de Saint-GeranLittle Blue BookDumas, Alexander 
320The PrinceTen Cent PocketMachiavelli1922
321History of EvolutionTen Cent PocketFenton, Carroll Lane 
322The Buddhist Philosophy of LifeLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M. 
323The Life of Joan of ArcTen Cent Pocket 1922
324Life of Abraham LincolnTen Cent PocketBowers, John Hugh1922
325The Essence of BuddhismLittle Blue Book 1922
326Hints on Writing Short StoriesLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles 
327The Ice AgeLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1922
328Joseph Addison and His TimeTen Cent PocketFinger, Charles1922
329Dante's Inferno Volume OneLittle Blue Book  
332The Man Who Was and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookKipling, Rudyard 
334Caught and Dreams and Compound InterestLittle Blue BookHaldman-Julius1923
337Pippa PassesLittle Blue BookBrowning, Robert 
338A Guide to EmersonLittle Blue Book 1923
340Life of JesusLittle Blue BookRenan, Ernest 
342Hints on News ReportingFive Cent PocketSheehan, Murray1922
344Don Juan, A Passion in the DesertLittle Blue BookBalzac, Honore de 
345ClarimondeLittle Blue BookGautier, Theophile 
347A Guide to StoicismLittle Blue BookStock, St. George 
350Hedda GablerTen Cent PocketIbsen, Henrik 
351Memories of LincolnLittle Blue BookWhitman, Walt 
354The League of YouthLittle Blue BookIbsen, Henrik 
357City of the Dreadful NightTen Cent PocketKipling, Rudyard 
364How to Argue LogicallyLittle Blue BookSchopenhauer, Arthur 
364The Art of ControversyLittle Blue Book  
365The Odes of Horace Volume OneLittle Blue Book  
366Religion's Failure to Combat CrimeLittle Blue BookMcGabe, Joseph1927
366The Odes of Horace Volume TwoTen Cent Pocket  
367Improve Your ConversationLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E. 
367How To Improve Your ConversationLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1927
367Essay on ConversationPocket SeriesQuincey, Thomas de 
368To California and BackLittle Blue BookWard, Artemus 
371Empedocles on EtnaLittle Blue BookArnold, Matthew1923
372A Guide to MalthusianismPocket SeriesGambs, John S.1923
373The Truth of MasksLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar 
374The Critic As Artist Part OnePocket SeriesWilde, Oscar 
374The Psychology of SuicideLittle Blue BookFraser, Hugh Russell 
375The Love Story of an Old MaidLittle Blue BookHaardt, Sara1927
375The Critic As Artist Part TwoPocket SeriesWilde, Oscar 
379The King Enjoys HimselfTen Cent PocketHugo, Victor1923
382Humor and Wisdom of LincolnLittle Blue BookGunn, John W. 
384Four One-Act PlaysLittle Blue BookStrindberg, August 
387A History of PaintingLittle Blue BookSheehan, Murray1923
387The Story of PaintingLittle Blue Book 1923
388Proverbs of HindustanLittle Blue BookShan, Champak C.1923
389My Fellow-TravelerPocket SeriesGorki, Maxim 
390The Death of Ivan IlyitchPocket SeriesTolstoi, Leo 
392The Nurnberg StoveLittle Blue BookOuida 
393Frederic the GreatPocket SeriesMacaulay, Lord 
394Boswell's Life of JohnsonPocket SeriesFinger, Charles1923
396Embers, A Play in One ActLittle Blue BookHaldman-Julius1923
397Irish Fairy TalesLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1923
398Irish Folk Songs and TalesLittle Blue Book  
400Tales From the Arabian Nights Volume TwoPocket Series  
Bluebook #401-600
402Epigrams of George MoorePocket Series  
403A History of MusicLittle Blue BookSheehan, Murray1923
404Romances of ParisLittle Blue BookMusset, Alfred de 
405Outline of EconomicsLittle Blue BookGambs, John S.1923
407Hints on FarmingPocket SeriesPower, R.A.1923
408Introduction to EinsteinLittle Blue BookHudgings, William F. 
409Great Men of ScienceFive Cent Pocket 1923
410Amorous MisadventuresLittle Blue BookBretonne, Restif de la 
411A Guide to CervantesPocket SeriesGoldberg, Isaac1923
412MahometTen Cent PocketFinger, Charles1923
414The Art of HappinessLittle Blue BookPowys, John Cowper1923
415The Age of MammalsLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1923
416The God of VengeanceLittle Blue BookAsch, Sholom1918
417The Nature of DreamsLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1923
418The BacchantesPocket SeriesEuripides1923
423Representative Men Volume OneLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
424Representative Men Volume TwoLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
425Representative Men Volume ThreeLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
426Representative Men Volume FourLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
428The Essence of the KoranLittle Blue BookKeler, Theordore M.R. von1923
429The Life and Works of Jonathan SwiftLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.1923
430Poultry for ProfitLittle Blue BookPower, R.A.1923
431A United States Commercial GeographyLittle Blue BookMarkhun, Leo1927
431Literary Stars on the Scandinavian FirmamentTen Cent PocketMoritzen, Julius1923
432The Tragic Story of Oscar Wilde's LifeLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1923
434The Significance of Georg BrandesLittle Blue BookMoritzen, Julius1923
435One Hundred Best BooksLittle Blue BookPowys, John Cowper1916
436Henrik Ibsen: His Life, Aim and InfluenceLittle Blue BookMoritzen, Julius1923
437Hints on Scenario WritingLittle Blue BookSheehan, Murray1923
438Secret Memoirs of a French Royal MistressLittle Blue BookBeaujoint, Jules 
438Secret Memoirs of Madame de Pompadour v.1Little Blue Book 1924
439Secret Memoirs of Madame de Pompadourv.2Little Blue Book  
439My Tweleve Years in a MonasteryLittle Blue BookMcGabe, Joseph1924
440Cavalleria RusticanaLittle Blue BookKeler, Theordore M.R. von1923
442Oscar Wilde in OutlineLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1923
443The Story of Francis Bacon's PhilosophyLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1923
445Psychical Research Volume 1Little Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1923
446Psychical Research Volume 2Little Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1923
447Autosuggestion: How It WorksLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1923
448Essays on Montaigne, Pascal, VoltairePocket SeriesPowys, John Cowper1923
452Essays on Emily Bronte and Henry JamesPocket SeriesPowys, John Cowper1923
454The Unworthy Coopers and Comtesse Du JamesPocket Series  
456Bizet's CarmenPocket SeriesKeler, Theordore M.R. von1923
458How to Write Telegrams ProperlyLittle Blue BookRoss, Nelson E.1928
459Das RheingoldPocket SeriesKeler, Theordore M.R. von1923
461Literary EssaysPocket Series 1923
463The Art of ReadingLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1923
466A History of SculptureLittle Blue BookSheehan, Murray1924
467Evolution Made PlainLittle Blue BookMason, John1923
468The Story of ArchitectureLittle Blue BookSheehan, Murray1923
469The Egypt of YesterdayLittle Blue BookMoritzen, Julius1923
470Guide to KantLittle Blue BookThomas, James B.1923
472The Strange Notes of Samuel ButlerLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.1923
473Lives of Chorus GirlsLittle Blue BookDeventer, Betty van1928
475How to Develop Your Sense of HumorLittle Blue BookMarkum, Leo1928
477The Nonsense Called TheosophyLittle Blue BookMcGabe, Joseph1927
477Theosophy in OutlinesLittle Blue BookWillis, F. Milton1923
482Five Weeks in a BalloonLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1923
485A Voyage to the MoonLittle Blue BookVerne, Jules1923
487Thomas Carlyle's Philosophy of ClothesLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1923
491Psychology for BeginnersLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1924
494Negro Life in New York's HarlemLittle Blue BookThurman, Wallace 
499A Dictionary of Classical MythologyLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E. 
500MedeaLittle Blue BookHarvey, Alexander1924
501Poems of Carew, Suckling, Lovelace and HerbertLittle Blue BookWhiting, Bartlett J.1924
503A Short History of the Civil WarLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1927
503August Strindberg The Literary EnigmaLittle Blue BookMoritzen, Julius1924
508A Guide to BergsonLittle Blue BookThomas, James B.1924
509The Ancient RegimeLittle Blue BookGottschalk, Louis R. 
512Voltaire and the French EnlightenmentLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1924
513The Travels of Marco PoloLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1924
515The Fall of Louis XVILittle Blue BookGottschalk, Louis R.1924
516Book of Real AdventuresLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1924
518The Life and Works of Charles DickensLittle Blue BookSwasey, Robert1924
519A Guide to RabelaisLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
520A Guide to SpinozaLittle Blue BookDurant, Will 
527A Guide to AeschylusLittle Blue BookSchnittking, Henry T.1924
529Walt Whitman: Bard of the WestLittle Blue BookHamblen, Emily S. 
530Camoens: Central Figure of Portuguese LiteratureLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
532Essays on JesusLittle Blue BookHarvey, Alexander1924
534Honey and GallLittle Blue BookPowys, John Cowper1924
535How to Play GolfLittle Blue BookLardner, George E.1927
539None Beneath the KingLittle Blue BookZorrilla, Francisco de Rojas1924
541Stories in Green, Zinzolin, Rose, Purple, Mauve, ..Little Blue BookGourmont, Remy de1924
542Essays on Power and BehaviorLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
545Essays on Character and MannersLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
547Essays on Spiritual Laws and CirclesLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
548Essays on History and IntellectLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
551Essays on Beauty and WorshipLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
552Essays on Fate and IllusionsLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo 
554A Child's Garden of VersesLittle Blue BookStevenson, Robert Louis 
555The Structure of the EarthLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1924
556Hints on EtiquetteLittle Blue BookFloyd, Esther1924
558Great PiratesLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1924
566Ernst Haeckel: YouthLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1924
570The Legend of Saint Julian the HospitallerLittle Blue BookFaubert, Gustave1924
571Kant's Critical PhilosophyLittle Blue BookAlexander, Arch B.D.1924
572The Beggar's OperaLittle Blue BookGay, John 
573The Gist of Herbert SpencerLittle Blue Book 1924
574The Christian System, and Other EssaysLittle Blue BookSchopenhauer, Arthur 
575Essays in EthicsLittle Blue BookSchopenhauer, Arthur1924
580A History of Polar Exploration and AdventureLittle Blue BookSicklen, Helen Putnam Van1924
581Lucretius On Life and DeathLittle Blue BookMallock, W.H. 
582Philosophic Nights in ParisLittle Blue BookGourmont, Remy de 
593As A Man ThinkethLittle Blue BookAllen, James 
595The Happy HypocriteLittle Blue BookBeerbohm, Max 
596A History of Modern MexicoLittle Blue BookParker, Kermet E.1924
597Ernst Haeckel: EvolutionistLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1924
598Ernst Haeckel: Philosopher-NaturalistLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1924
599Haeckel's Monistic PhilosophyLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1924
Bluebook #601-800
601Recollections of Oscar WildeLittle Blue BookJeunesse, E. La; Fide, A.; Blei,F.1906
607Solving the Mystery of the CometsLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard 
608The Orgin and Development of the Atomic TheoryLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1924
609Are the Planets Inhabited?Little Blue BookShipley, Maynard1924
610Life of Martin LutherLittle Blue BookVeddar, Henry C.1924
611H.L. MenckenLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
612Disraeli: England's Novelist-PremierLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
613Ancient PhilosophersLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
614Religious PhilosophersLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
615Modern PhilosophersLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
616The Lady of the LakeLittle Blue BookScott, Sir Walter1924
617Catalogue of 617 Larger BooksHaldeman-Julius Publications  
627A Short History of the JewsLittle Blue BookWood, Clement 
628The Making of the Old TestamentLittle Blue BookWood, Clement 
629Hand-book of Legal FormsLittle Blue BookShannon, John W.1924
633Prince HagenLittle Blue BookSinclair, Upton 
634A Captain of Industry Volume oneLittle Blue BookSinclair, Upton 
635A Captain of Industry Volume 2Little Blue BookSinclair, Upton 
636The Greatest Thing in the WorldLittle Blue BookDrummond, Henry 
637Pax VobiscumLittle Blue BookDrummond, Henry 
638The Crime of PovertyLittle Blue BookGeorge, Henry1924
6394,000 Most Essential English WordsLittle Blue Book  
641The Philosophy of Immanuel KantLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1924
644Poem of the Cid       Volume OneLittle Blue BookHuntington, Archer M.1908
645Confidential Chats With WivesLittle Blue BookGoddard, Gloria1927
645Poem of the Cid Volume TwoLittle Blue BookHuntington, Archer M.1908
646The Spirit of Brazilian LiteratureLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
648Rejuvenation --- Science's New Fountain of YouthLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1924
649A Defence of CosmeticsLittle Blue BookBeerbohm, Max1896
650K K K The Kreed of the KlansmenLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1924
652Is the Ku Klux Klan constructive or Destructive?Little Blue BookDreiser, Theodore1919
661Neurotic America and the Sex Impulse and …..Little Blue BookDreiser, Theodore1920
664Oscar Wilde's Letters to Sarah BernhardtLittle Blue BookDorien, Sylvester1924
665Sarah Bernhardt's Love Letters to SardouLittle Blue BookDorien, Sylvester1924
667Sarah Bernhardt As I Knew Her Volume TwoLittle Blue BookDorien, Sylvester1924
668Humorous FablesLittle Blue BookTwain, Mark 
671Moral Discourses of EpictetusLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
675Sarah Bernhardt's Philosophy of LoveLittle Blue BookDorien, Sylvester1924
676Sarah Bernhardt's Love Letters to Pierre BertonLittle Blue BookDorien, Sylvester1924
678E. Haldeman-Julius -- the Man and His WorkLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.1924
679Chemistry For BeginnersLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1924
680Louis Pasteur, the Man and His WorkLittle Blue BookFishbein, Morris1924
681Spelling Self TaughtLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
682Grammar Self TaughtLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
683Punctuation Self TaughtLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
684Essence of JudaismLittle Blue BookJung, Rabbi Leo1924
685Practical Hints on Interior DecorationLittle Blue BookHerts, B. Russell1924
690Man's Sexual LifeLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1925
691The Child's Sexual LifeLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1925
693New Experiments in Animal PsychologyLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1925
6974,000 Words Often MispronouncedLittle Blue Book  
700A Guide to SchopenhauerLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1924
700The Story of Schopenhauer's PhilosophyLittle Blue Book 1924
704Diderot and the French EncyclopedistsLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.1924
706The Bible: Should It Be in the School Room?Little Blue BookSteiner, Franklin1924
707Epigrams of Love, Life and LaughterLittle Blue BookFrance, Anatole1924
708An Introduction to PhilologyLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
710Botany for BeginnersLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
711Odd Facts About American LifeLittle Blue BookA Symposium 
711The Sociology of Lester WardLittle Blue Book  
713Byron and the Women He LovedLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
714Emerson: The Man and His WorksLittle Blue BookWood, Clement 
717Modern Sexual MoralityLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
718Great Women of AntiquityLittle Blue BookWood, Clement 
720The Intelligence of Invertebrate AnimalsLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1924
722Electricity and LifeLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1924
724Address at the Grave of Luther BurbankLittle Blue BookLindsey, Ben B.1927
725Zoology Self TaughtLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1925
726Simple Facts About Venereal DiseasesLittle Blue BookGreer, Joseph H.    M.D.1924
727The Psychology of The AffectionsLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
728Life Among The BeesLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
729Poe's MarginaliaLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
729How To Budget the Family IncomeLittle Blue BookHeaden, Josephine1927
730Poe As a Literary CriticLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
732The Spirit of Yiddish LiteratureLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1925
733Brazilian Short StoriesLittle Blue BookLobao, Monteiro1925
734A Book of Useful PhrasesLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
735Confessions of St. AugustineLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
735Catalogue of 735 Larger BooksHaldeman-Julius Pub.  
736Morals of SenecaLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
737Thoughts on the Meaning of LifeLittle Blue BookJoubert, Joseph1924
738Poor Richard's AlmanacLittle Blue BookFranklin, Benjamin1925
743Great Christian HymnsLittle Blue BookCrawford, Nelson Antrim 
745Montes: The MatadorLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank1920
746A Daughter of EveLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank1924
747The True Story of Eleonora Duse's Love Affair withLittle Blue BookRiccio, Luigi del1924
748Elementary Plane Geometry Self TaughtLittle Blue BookBarrett, Lawrence1928
754An International Dictionary of AuthorsLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo 
755The Five Civilized American Indian TribesLittle Blue BookSeymour, Flora Warren1924
758The FrogsLittle Blue BookAristophanes1925
759How to Conquer StupidityLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1927
759The BirdsLittle Blue BookAristophanes 
761Food and DietLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward 
763The Gist of Burton's Anatomy of MelancholyLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1924
765Life of Frances of AssisiLittle Blue BookVedder, Henry C. 
766Gallant CassianLittle Blue BookSchnitzler, Arthur1925
769Life of Thomas JeffersonLittle Blue BookGunn, John W. 
772The Philosophy of Herbert SpencerLittle Blue BookDurant, Will 
776The Foundations of ScienceLittle Blue BookMiller, A.G. 
777The Riddle of Human BehaviorLittle Blue BookHibschman, Harry 
779The Fitness of LifeLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane 
781Catholicism and SexLittle Blue BookHarrington, Gerard1928
782Psycho-Analysis and the Link Between Mind and ..Little Blue BookBonus, Daniel H.1924
784Association Tests Used in Psycho-AnalysisLittle Blue BookBonus, Daniel H.1925
786Panthea, and Other PoemsLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar1925
793A Ballad of a Nun, and Other PoemsLittle Blue BookDavidson, John1925
799The Deserted VillageLittle Blue BookGoldsmith, Oliver1925
Bluebook #801-1000
801A Rapid CalculatorLittle Blue BookMilburn, George 
802Contemporary European Philosophers:Little Blue BookDurant, Will 
803Costa Rican TalesLittle Blue BookGuardia, Ridacdo Fernandez1925
806The Nature of ScienceLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1925
808Man's Debt to the SunLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1925
809What the Editor's Wife Is Thinking AboutLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, Marcet1924
810Mexican Poetry An AnthologyLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1925
811Genetics for BeginnersLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1925
812An Introduction to HeredityLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1925
813Contemporary American Philosophers:Little Blue BookDurant, Will1925
814How to Raise and Train Cats and Dogsnot listedCunningham, Clarice 
815A Book of Familiar QuotationsLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
816Popular Shakespearian QuotationsLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
817Her Burning SecretLittle Blue BookValdagne, Pierre 
818Life Among the DragonfliesLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1925
820Best Jokes About Married LifeLittle Blue BookCunningham, Clarice 
821How to Improve Your VocabularyLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
822Rhetoric Self TaughtLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
823English Composition Self TaughtLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
824Torquemada and the Spanish InquisitionLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1925
826More Animals of Ancient LandsLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1925
827Life Among the Apes and MonkeysLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1925
830The Cross Word Puzzle Book for Children: No.1Little Blue BookWood, Clement1925
832The Life and Poems of CatullusLittle Blue BookdeFord, Miriam Allen1925
833Life Among the AntsLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1925
835A Handbook of Useful TablesLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
836Bluebeard, Cinderella, and Other TalesLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
837Greek Physics and Modern ScienceLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1925
838Dialogues of the DeadLittle Blue BookFontenelle, Bernard le Bovier1925
839Anatole France: The Man and His WorkLittle Blue BookDurant, Will 
840Conventional Lies of our CivilizationLittle Blue BookNordau, Max1925
841Italian Lyrics Poetry: An AnthologyLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1925
843Can the Individual Control His Conduct?Little Blue BookDarrow, Clarence; Smith, Tho mas V. 
844A Voyage to LilliputLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
845An Introduction to ChaucerLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1925
847Card Games and How to Play ThemLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E. 
848Poems About JesusLittle Blue BookCrawford, Nelson Antrim1925
849Poems of Oliver Wendell HolmesLittle Blue BookCrawford, Nelson Antrim1925
850The CaptivesLittle Blue BookPlautus1925
851Sources of Bible Myths and LegendsLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1925
852The Pot of GoldLittle Blue BookPlautus1925
853How to Know the Song BirdsLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1925
855How to Write LettersLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
856Arithmetic Self Taught Part OneLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
857Arithmetic Self Taught Part TwoLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
858The Three Coin ManLittle Blue BookPlautus1925
859The Enjoyment of MusicLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1925
860Our Insect EnemiesLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1925
862German Self TaughtLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1926
863The BrothersLittle Blue BookTerence1925
866The Untold Lie, and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookAnderson, Sherwood1919
867Cicero As Revealed in His LettersLittle Blue BookdeFord, Miriam Allen1925
868Some General Hints on Self-ImprovementLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
871Love Letters of Abelard and HeloiseLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
872A Manual of Parliamentary LawLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
874The Lower Invertebrate AnimalsLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1925
876Curiosities of MathematicsLittle Blue BookCondon, Edward1925
880What I Saw in RussiaLittle Blue BookHays, Arthur Garfield1927
883Debate on Capital PunishmentLittle Blue BookDarrow, Clarence; Talley, Alfred J.1924
884Debate on ProhibitionLittle Blue BookDarrow, Clarence; Holmes, John Haynes1924
885How to Know The SpidersLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1925
886The Piece of String and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookMaupassant, Guy de 
887The Necklace and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookMaupassant, Guy de 
888Memoirs of Madame De StaelLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
889AgamemnonLittle Blue BookSeneca1925
892Follies of LoversLittle Blue BookMendes, Catulle1927
892Restoration and Reaction in France 1814-1815Little Blue Book 1925
895Astronomy for BeginnersLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1925
896The Augustan Poets of RomeLittle Blue BookdeFord, Miriam Allen1925
896The Wages of Sin and Six DollarsLittle Blue BookStelle, Wilbur Daniel1926
897The Enjoyment of ReadingLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1925
902A Dictionary of Foreign Words and PhrasesLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
905A Dictionary of Biblical AllusionsLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
906A Devil of a Fellow and The Yellow CatLittle Blue BookSteele, Wilbur Daniel1918
910Is Life Worth Living?Little Blue BookStarr, Frederick; Darrow, Clarence1925
913Black Jack An Other StoriesLittle Blue BookKipling, Rudyard 
914On The City WallLittle Blue BookKipling, Rudyard 
915Mad And Other StoriesLittle Blue BookMaupassant, Guy de 
924The Miracle of the Stigmata and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank1913
925The Empire of the AntsLittle Blue BookWells, H.G. 
934Realism in Literature and ArtLittle Blue BookDarrow, Clarence1899
937A Refutation of DeismLittle Blue BookShelley, Percy Bysshe 
949The CloakLittle Blue BookGogol, Nikolay V. 
961Humorous VerseLittle Blue Book  
962Comic PoemsLittle Blue Book  
964How to be Happy Though MarriedLittle Blue BookOppenheim, James1927
966The Dawn of Rational Sex EthicsLittle Blue BookHarding, T. Swann1928
967The Pace of YouthLittle Blue BookCrane, Stephen 
968The Upturned FaceLittle Blue BookCrane, Stephen 
969Tales of the Strange and SupernaturalLittle Blue BookMachen, Arthur 
978The Psychology of JungLittle Blue BookOppenheim, James1925
981Songs for the New AgeLittle Blue BookOppenheim, James1926
982The Real Mary Baker EddyLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1925
987The Art of KissingLittle Blue BookWood, Clement 
988The Art of Courtship or How to Win a MateLittle Blue BookWood, Clement 
994Physics Self TaughtLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1926
996Dual and Multiple PersonalityLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1926
998How to Make Money in Wall StreetLittle Blue BookFrederick, J. George1926
999Latin Self TaughtLittle Blue BookdeFord, Miriam Allen1926
Bluebook #1001-1200
1003How to Think LogicallyLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1926
1007The Revolt Against ReligionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1008The Origin of ReligionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1009Typewriting Self TaughtLittle Blue BookdeFord, Miriam Allen1926
1010A Handbook for Amateur MagiciansLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1926
1013The Best Humorous Irish StoriesLittle Blue Book 1926
1013The Best Irish JokesLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1926
1015A Book of Comic Dialect PoemsLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1926
1020Why I Am an InfidelLittle Blue BookBurbank, Luther1926
1021Italian Self TaughtLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac 
1023A Book of Popular RecitationsLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1926
1024Tales of the Big SnowsLittle Blue BookLondon, Jack 
1025Casey at the BatLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1926
1026Sherlock Holmes Detective StoriesLittle Blue BookDoyle, Conan; McGabe, Joseph 
1033Masterpieces of Russian HumorLittle Blue Book 1926
1034Masterpieces of Spanish HumorLittle Blue Book  
1035Masterpieces of Italian HumorLittle Blue Book  
1040A Book of Bedtime StoriesLittle Blue BookPerkins, Grace1926
1041How to Cane and Upholster ChairsLittle Blue BookEnders, H.E.1926
1042The Crime at the Red InnLittle Blue BookBalzac, Honore de1926
1043A Study of a Woman and Comedies of the CounterLittle Blue BookBalzac, Honore de1926
1044Another Study of WomanLittle Blue BookBalzac, Honore de1926
1047The Mysterious ExilesLittle Blue BookBalzac, Honore de1926
1048Gargantua: Mighty MonsterLittle Blue BookRabelais1926
1050X-Ray, Violet Ray and Other RaysLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1926
1051The Cause and Nature of GeniusLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1926
1056The Devil's DictionaryLittle Blue BookBierce, Ambrose1909
1057The Truth About New York's ChinatownLittle Blue BookWood, Clement 
1058The Truth About New York's White Light RegionLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1926
1059The Myth of ImmortalityLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1061The Human Orgin of MoralsLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1062HumoresqueLittle Blue BookHurst, Fannie1919-1920
1063The Psychology of LaughterLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo 
1065Lives of the U.S. PresidentsLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1926
1066The Forgery of the Old TestamentLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1070How to Fight Nervous TroublesLittle Blue BookOppenheim, James1926
1075Tales of Ghouls and GhostsLittle Blue BookBierce, Ambrose 
1076Morals in Ancient BabylonLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1077Religion and Morals in Ancient EgyptLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1082The Best Jewish JokesLittle Blue BookMilburn, George 
1083Dying Like a Gentleman and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookHowe, E.W.1926
1084Did Jesus Ever Live?Little Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1085The Love-Life of George SandLittle Blue BookOppenheim, Ralph1926
1093A Book of Interesting and Amusing PunsLittle Blue BookMilburn, George 
1095The Sources of Christian MoralityLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1096How to Dress on a Small SalaryLittle Blue BookGoddard, Gloria 
1098Extraordinary Opinions on Commonplace SubjectsLittle Blue BookBierce, Ambrose1911
1099A Cynic Look at LifeLittle Blue BookBierce, Ambrose1912
1100Iconoclastic Memories of the Civil WarLittle Blue BookBierce, Ambrose1909
1104The Myth of the ResurrectionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1925
1106Bohemian Live in N.Y.'s Greenwich VillageLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1911
1108The Elements of WoodworkingLittle Blue BookEnders, H.E.1926
1109Spanish Self TaughtLittle Blue BookBois, Gaylord1927
1113Love From Many AnglesLittle Blue BookEhrmann, Max1926
1114Thrilling Moments and Profound Passages from ….Little Blue BookEby, Anson D. 
1115A Book of Ridiculous StoriesLittle Blue BookLeacock, Stephen 
1117The Human Animal and Its FollyLittle Blue BookLeacock, Stephen1924
1126Eating for HealthLittle Blue BookBarrett, Lawrence1926
1127Christianity and SlaveryLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1927
1128The Church and the SchoolLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1133Love Tales of the Queen of NavarreLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1926
1139Photography Self TaughtLittle Blue Book  
1140The Renaissance: A European AwakeningLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1141The Reformation and Protestant ReactionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1142The Truth About Galileo and Medieval ScienceLittle Blue Book 1926
1143How to Prepare ManuscriptsLittle Blue BookMilburn, George 
1146A Book of College HumorLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1927
1150The Churches and Modern ProgressLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1927
1161Tales of the Mysterious and WeirdLittle Blue BookFernald, Chester Bailey; Pliny, the Younger; Machen Arthur 
1164The Inlovely SinLittle Blue BookHecht, Ben1927
1168Stories of AdventureLittle Blue BookLondon, Jack 
1169Stories of Ships and the SeaLittle Blue BookLondon, Jack 
1170Funny Ghost StoriesLittle Blue BookJerome, Jerome K. 
1171Funny Facts About StagelandLittle Blue BookJerome, Jerome K. 
1174How to Write Business LettersLittle Blue BookdeFord, Miriam Allen1927
1177Woman and the New RaceLittle Blue BookEllis, Havelock 
1182How to Make Your Own CosmeticsLittle Blue BookGoddard, Gloria1927
1184The Best Scotch JokesLittle Blue BookMilburn, George 
1196The Girl With Three HusbandsLittle Blue BookCaballero, Fernan and others 
1198The Devil's Mother-in-LawLittle Blue BookCaballero, Fernan and others 
1199A Book of Laughable LyricsLittle Blue BookLear, Edward 
Bluebook #1201-1400
1204A Dictionary of Musical TermsLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard 
1207French Self TaughtLittle Blue BookDu Dois, Gaylord1927
1211The Conflict Between Science and ReligionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1927
1213The Romance That Balzac LivedLittle Blue BookOppenheim, Ralph1927
1214A Book of the Best Ford JokesLittle Blue BookMilburn, George 
1216Pocket Italian-English DictionaryLittle Blue BookPaquin, Helen 
1222Easy Readings in SpanishLittle Blue Bookdu Bois Gaylord 
1228The Best Jokes About DrunksLittle Blue BookMilburn, George 
1231Best Jokes of 1926Little Blue BookCunningham, Clarice1927
1237The Beliefs of ScientistsLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1927
1238Beginning Married Life RightLittle Blue BookCunningham, Clarice1927
1241An Outline of United States HistoryLittle Blue Book 1927
1242The Care of the Skin and HairLittle Blue BookFishbein, Morris 
1242The Care of the Skin and Hair: And Other General…Little Blue BookFishbein, Morris1927
1246The Best Hobo JokesLittle Blue BookMilburn, George 
1247The Psychology of Love and HateLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo 
1251What Do You Know?Little Blue BookCunningham, Clarice1927
1253A Book of General Information QuizzesLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1927
1259A Dictionary of Geographical NamesLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1927
1263The Serpent's ToothLittle Blue BookFulks, Clay1928
1276The Truth About American YokelsLittle Blue BookMilton, Frank1928
1279Side-Show Tricks ExplainedLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward 
1283Are Petting Parties Dangerous?Little Blue BookCunningham, Clarice 
1297Facts You Should Know About ArkansasLittle Blue BookClugston, W.G.1928
1304How to Go Into Business for YourselfLittle Blue BookCheyney, Ralph1928
1318The Case For and Against Sexual SterilizationLittle Blue BookDexter, Robert1928
1319How to StudyLittle Blue BookCrawford, Nelson1928
1320How to Get a HusbandLittle Blue BookVan Deventer, Betty 
1323Facts You Should Know About LightLittle Blue BookBarrett, Lawrence1928
1326Origin of the Solar SystemLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard 
1330You Should Know About DigestionLittle Blue BookHarding, T. Swann1929
1333The Common Sense of HealthLittle Blue BookBirkhead, L.M.1929
1339Crooked Financial Schemes ExposedLittle Blue BookHusser, George1929
1357Laws You Should KnowLittle Blue BookHibschman, Harry 
1358How to Acquire Good Taste : What Is Culture?Little Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1929
1361Who Killed Jesus?Little Blue BookHibschman, Harry1929
1370Clement Wood and His LovesLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1929
1380The Flesh and the DevilLittle Blue BookHorner, Howard 
1393The Fake Way to HealthLittle Blue BookMeyrowitz, B.C.1929
Bluebook #1401-1600
1404Hollywood From the InsideLittle Blue BookGordon, Don1929
1403The Voice of the YokelsLittle Blue BookFulks, Clay1929
1406Voltair's Weapon-The Smile!Little Blue BookNash, J.V.1929
1409Milwaukee-the Bier of BeerLittle Blue BookLevin, Ruben1929
1410New Orleans-The Civilized and Lively CityLittle Blue BookJarrell, Stanford1929
1413My Prison DaysLittle Blue BookGordon, Don1929
1414San Francisco-A Credit to the NationLittle Blue BookJarrell, Stanford1929
1423Is the U.S. Immigration Law Beneficial? A DebateLittle Blue BookDarrow, Clarence and Stoddard. Lothrop1929
1425The Open ShopLittle Blue BookDarrow Clarence1929
1426Foot Troubles and Their Correction by Simple ExerciseLittle Blue BookBenson, C.O.1929
1428Curious and Unusual Love AffairsLittle Blue BookWinterbrotham, Russell1929
1430Lightning Shorthand Self TaughtLittle Blue BookButton, Geroge 
1436Strange Marriage CustomsLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo 
1447Can People Be Made Good by Law?Little Blue BookBirkhead, L.M.1929
1448Character Reading From the FaceLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1929
1453Have We Religious Freedom?Little Blue BookSwancara, Frank1929
1454A Dictionary of Contemporary AuthorsLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1929
1458The Princess and the TigerLittle Blue BookGeothe1929
1459The Psychology of the CriminalLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1929
1464Clarence Darrow-The Big Minority ManLittle Blue BookWhitehead, George1929
1465A Book of European StatisticsLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1929
1466Home Removal of Spots and StainsLittle Blue BookHeaden, Josephine1929
1475Best Jokes of 1928Little Blue BookGunn, John W.1929
1477How Glands Affect PersonalityLittle Blue BookAdams, Grace1929
148Poor Posture Corrected by ExerciseLittle Blue BookBenson, C. O.1929
1480The Causes of the World WarLittle Blue BookBarnes, Harry Elmer 
1488The Age-Old Follies of ManLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1930
1505Africa, Its Geography, People and ProductsLittle Blue BookDuBois, W.E.B.1930
1507A Rational View of the Sex IssueLittle Blue BookBarnes, Harry Elmer1930
1509The Gay Chronicle of the Monks and NunsLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph 
1511War Guilt and the Present European SituationLittle Blue BookBarnes, Harry Elmer1930
1514The Famous Inventions of Thomas EdisonLittle Blue BookNorden, Heinz1930
1516Facts You Should Know About GonorrheaLittle Blue BookNorden, Heinz1930
1519Blood and LavaLittle Blue BookBercovivi, Konrad1930
1520For Love of Zaska and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookBercovivi, Konrad1930
1523How to Avoid Catching Venereal DiseasesLittle Blue BookNorden, Heinz1930
1525The Menace of the Modern PrisonLittle Blue BookBarnes, Harry Elmer1930
1553Beneficial Exercises for Nervousness and IndigestionLittle Blue BookBenson, C.O. and Dr. Smith, C.L.1930
1535How to Throw a PartyLittle Blue BookNorden, Heinz1930
1538A Rational Sex CodeLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1930
1539A Debate With a Jesuit PriestLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1930
1540How We Can Live HappilyLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1930
1541What Life Means to Me at Seventy-twoLittle Blue BookDarrow, Clarence1930
1543Is War Inevitable?Little Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1930
1544Why I Do Not believe in Capital PunishmentLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1930
1545Why I Do Not Fear DeathLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1930
1546An Encyclopedia of SexLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1930
1547How Can We Wipe Out the Crime of War?Little Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1930
1554Beneficial Exercises for Heart DisturbancesLittle Blue BookBenson, C.O. and Dr. Smith1930
1555Rules for Success In BusinessLittle Blue BookFeather, William1930
1556How the Sun's Rays Will Give You Health and BeautyLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1930
1558A Peep at 19th Century AmericansLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1931
1561That Horrible French RevolutionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1931
1562How to Live LongLittle Blue BookSwann Harding, T.1931
1565the Danger of Catholicism to the Public SchoolsLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1930
1566How to Conduct a Love AffairLittle Blue BookVan Deventer, Betty1930
1573Herbert Hoover-the Fatuous Failure in the White HouseLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1931
1575The History of Venereal DiseasesLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1931
1577Can Americans Be Made Good by Law?Little Blue BookFulks, Clay1931
1581Environment vs. HeredityLittle Blue BookDarrow, Clarence and Wiggam, A. E.1931
1582A Liberal View of DivorceLittle Blue BookRussell, Bertrand1931
1587The Amazing Loves of King Carol of RumaniaLittle Blue BookWilson, Raymond Everett1931
1589Facing Life RealisticallyLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1931
1592A History of GamblingLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1931
1593Romantic Heroes of the ConfederacyLittle Blue BookNash, J.V.1931
1594Does the Death Penalty Curb Crime?Little Blue BookKavanagh, M. A. vs Lawes, Lewis1931
1595Facts You Should Know About the CalendarLittle Blue BookWaddy, Frank Vincent 
Bluebook #1601-1846
1604The Venereal Disease ProblemLittle Blue BookHarding, T. Swann1931
1608Facts You Should Know About the Art of LoveLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1931
1609How a Roast Goose Vendor Was PaidLittle Blue BookRabelais, Francois1931
1610One Lover Among ManyLittle Blue BookLawrence, D. H.1931
1615How to Improve Yourself MorallyLittle Blue BookSpencer, Herbert1931
1621How Man Will Live In the FutureLittle Blue BookOgburn, William F.   Professor1931
1627A Piece of the PrincessLittle Blue BookGautier, Theophile 
1643Under the HillLittle Blue BookBeardsley, Aubrey 
1645Strange Flowers of PassionLittle Blue BookHeine, Heinrich 
1646Girls, Virgins and WineLittle Blue BookHeine, Heinrich 
1652The Origin of War and the Philosophy of ConflictLittle Blue BookEllis, Havelock 
1660A Woman's HeartLittle Blue BookWells, H.G. 
1662The Valley of Spiders and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookWells, H.G. 
1663The Treasure in the Forest and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookWells, H.G.1931
1664A Slip Under the MicroscopeLittle Blue BookWells, H.G.1931
1679Various Types of Venereal Diseases and Their TreatmentLittle Blue BookHarding, T. Swann1931
1684To Please His WifeLittle Blue BookHardy, Thomas1931
1689Socialism and the Farmer's ProblemLittle Blue BookLee, Algernon1931
1693Will Socialism End the Evil of War?Little Blue BookAllen, Devere1931
1700The Betrayal of the WorklessLittle Blue BookColeman, McAlister1931
1701Can Socialism Prevail in America?Little Blue BookOneal, James1931
1706The Practical Accomplishments of SocialismLittle Blue BookHilquit, Morris, and Fine, Nathan1931
1712Great Dates in HistoryLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo 
1714The Case For Determinism and Against Free WillLittle Blue BookSolly, J. Raymond 
1719Dean Inge's Apology For ChristianityLittle Blue BookArcher, William 
1723The Amazing Career of Al CaponeLittle Blue BookGregg, Leah 
1729Technology-from the Viewpoint of an EditorLittle Blue BookCromie, Robert 
1738How to Win Prize ContestsLittle Blue BookLangberg, Stanley 
1765The World We Live InLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1943
1774Real and Unreal Moral LawLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1943
1809Bunk About Free Will and Strong WillLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1944
1821How to Understand the Fundamental Factors in …Little Blue BookBurma, John1943
1828Bunk About MarriageLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1948
1846Belle Starr, The Bandit QueenLittle Blue BookYancey Shackleford, William1946
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