SpColl 40: Bicentennial Collection


This collection of printed materials and realia (e.g. objects from everyday life) commemorates the American Bicentennial celebration in 1976. The collection includes pamphlets, brochures and other printed materials about regional bicentennial celebrations, special edition reprints for the bicentennial and official information from the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration. The collection also includes realia themed with American iconography, such as the Liberty Bell, Flag, Bald Eagle, and more. The realia includes such objects as a special edition beer can, pin back buttons, toys, and posters. Most of the items within this collection are from the years 1973 through 1976.

Finding aid prepared by Travis Limbert, Summer 2011.

Series Description

Literary Productions

Can include guidelines for use of the bicentennial symbol

Legal Documents

Includes a reprint of the Declaration of the Independence

Printed Materials

1973-1976, n.d.
Can include clippings, pamphlets, booklets, flyers, brochures, and press kits


Can include pinback buttons, license plates, sugar packets, coasters, balloons.


Box 1
Series 1 : Literary Productions
Series 2: Legal Documents
Series 3: Printed Materials
Series 1: Literary Productions
1Guidelines for Authorized Use of the Official Bicentennial Symbol1974
Series 2: Legal Documents
(Reprint of the Declaration of Independence)
Series 3: Printed Materials
Bicentennial Commission of Pennsylvania
3Pamphlets Brochures1976, n.d.
American Revolution Bicentennial Administration
4Pamphlets1974-1975, n.d.
5Brochures1975, n.d.
6Flyers1974, n.d.
8Programs1973-1975, n.d.
The New York City Bicentennial Corporation
10Brochures1976, n.d.
State of New Jersey Bibliography Committee
12Pamphlets1975, n.d.
13Pamphlets1975-1976, n.d.
14Brochures1972-1976, n.d.
16Flyers1976, n.d.
17Clippings1975-1976, n.d.
19Programs1975-1976, n.d.
(Women's League, Vol. 46, No. 2)
Winter 1975
21Trading Cards
(13 Big Boy Bicentennial Trading Cards)
(2 Bicentennial Visitor's Passes, 1 bank envelope, Boy Scout Card, 3 different Bicentennial Train Stubs)
1976, n.d.
Box 2
Printed Materials
Press kits
1Johnny Horizon '761973
2Salute '76 New York City's Bicentennial Celebration1975-1976
3Town 76 Meeting1975
4American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-19761972-1976
5American Issues Forum: A National Bicentennial Program1975
Box 3
Artifacts/ Realia
11 Maxwell House Coffee 1776 Style Storage JarMaxwell House
21 Falstaff Bicentennial Beer CanFalstaff Brewing Corporation
31 Plastic Bicentennial Ice Cream BoatUnknown
43 American Freedom Train Cups 2 Celebrating 200 Years of American Sports CupsSweetheart
51 Men of '76 Revolutionary Figure Set #10Innovation Promotions, Inc.
61 Plastic '76 Mini FlagUnknown
71 Bicentennial Key Ring and Medallion still in original packagingChristian Appalachian Project
1 Brooklyn, Michigan BicentennialUnknown
1 Channel 30 Bicentennial Buy-in
1 I am an American 76'er
1 The Minute Man Colonial Militia America's Bicentennial
1 Spirit of '76 America's Bicentennial
1 American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1796American Revolution Bicentennial Administration
1 American Bicentennial Town of Thompson Village of MonticelloAmerican Revolution Bicentennial Administration
9Sugar packets
1 George WashingtonGamma Packing Corp.
1 James Madison
1 Our First Flag BicentennialDomino
1 Independence Hall
1 Signing the Declaration of Independence
1 Symbols of Freedom (George Washington)
1 Symbols of Freedom (Paul Revere)
101 Spirit of '76 Key ChainUnknown
1 '76 American FlagBennington
1 American Revolution Bicentennial Cloth PatchUnknown
111 Bicentennial Postage Stamp Match Book CoverD.D. Bean & Sons Co.
1 Johnny Horizon '76 “Let's Clean Up America For Our 200 th Birthday”Diamond Match Div.
121 Bicentennial Flag Pen with Disk on TopUnknown
131 Liberty Bell 1776-1976 White BalloonUnknown
1 Statue of Liberty American Bicentennial White Balloon
1 Spirit of '76 FlagUnknown  
1 Liberty Bell '76
1 Official Symbol of the United State's BicentennialRed, White and Blue Star Jewelry Corp.
151 Silver Necklace “Women's Bicentennial 1776-1976”Tony Carabillo
161 Bicentennial Metal CoasterUnknown
171 Gold Coin featuring George Washington and George the Third in a blue velvet caseTimes Newspaper Limited/Barclays Bank
184 coin Bicentennial set in a black leather caseU.S. Mint
191 U.S. Postal Service Bicentennial Philatelic PassportU.S. Postal Service
201 Bicentennial Day Commemorative Medal and DeclarationThe Franklin Mint
213 1776-1976 Liberty Bell NapkinsUnknown
2 Cedar Point 76 Napkins
1 Bicentennial ObservationBeach Productions
221 Marcal Spirit of 1776 Hankies Tissue BoxMarcal Paper Mills Inc.
231 Bicentennial Edition of Fireside Chocolate Chip Cookies (package)Fireside
241 Michigan Bicentennial License PlateState of Michigan
251 American Bicentennial FrisbeeUnknown
261 Bicentennial Plastic Bag PurseThe Pushcart
Box 4
1Miscellaneous (4 Placemats, 1 Postcard and 1 Menu from an LK Restaurant)1976, n.d.
2Pamphlet (Documents Of Democracy)1975
3Brochure (American Issues Forum)1976
4Broadsides/Posters (1 The American Freedom Train is Coming)1976
5Broadsides/Posters (1 Americana '76 City of New York)1976
6Program (NSA Bicentennial Convention Graphic)1976