SpColl 21: Yearbook Collection

The Yearbook Collection is a selective set of 85 yearbooks from colleges around the U.S. Years range from 1891 to 1987.

Note: This collection is stored offsite, so please notify the BPCL if you would like to use items from this collection.


Box 1
Date Institution Title of Yearbook
1891 Purdue University (IN)  
1894 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA) Technique
1897 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Technique
1897 New York University Violet
1903 Harvard College (MA) Fortieth Ann.
1903 Stanford University (CA) Quad
1904 Yale University (CT) Yale Burner
1905 Cornell University (NY) Cornellian
1908 Harvard University Harvard Class of 1908
1909 Indiana University Arbutus
1911 Nebraska State Normal School Peruvian
Box 2
Date Institution Title of Yearbook
1911 Pennsylvania State Normal School (PN) Touchstone
1913 University of Missouri (MO) Savitar
1916 Hillsdale College (MI) Winana
1917 University of Kansas (KA) Jayhawker
1919 University of Colorado (CO) Coloradoran
1921 Wentworth Military Academy Wentworth
1922 John Hopkins University (MD) Hullabaloo
1929 Indiana University (IN) Arbutus
1929 Princeton University (NJ) Bric-a-Brac
1929 Georgetown University (D.C.) Ye Domesday Book
Box 3
Date Institution Title of Yearbook
1930 University of Wisconsin (WI) Badger
1933 Colorado College Pike Peaks Nugget
1934 University of Denver (CO) Kynewisbok
1936 Duke University (NC) Chanticleer
1937 Harvard Harvard Freshman Red Book
1937 Northwestern University (IL) Syllabus
1938 Oklahoma City University (OK) Scarab
1939 Westminster College (UT) An Argo
1939 Beloit College (WS) Gold
1941 New York State College (NY) Pedagogue
1942 Monticello College Echo
1943 Marquette University (WI) Hilltop
Box 4
Date Institution Title of Yearbook
1943 Colorado College (CO) Nugget
1943 Northwestern Military & Naval Academy  
1944 The American School & University  
1947 Harvard Medical School Aesculapiad
1947 Cortland State Teachers College Didascaleion
1947 University of Denver (CO) Kynewisbok
1948 University of Wisconsin (WI) Badger
1950 University of Illinois (IL) Illini Years
1950 Marymount College (NY) Elan
1959 Lehigh University Epitome
1959 University of South Carolina (SC) Gamet and Black
Box 5
Date Institution Title of Yearbook
1959 University of Notre Dame (IN) Dome
1962 Trinity College (D.C.) Trinilogue
1963 Rutgerts University (NJ) Scarlett Letter
1963 Colby T. College for Women (OH) Colbyan
1964 Yale University (CN) Yale Banner
1964 University of Massachusetts Index
1965 State Highway Patrol, Ohio  
1966 Cornell University Medical College (NY) Samaritan
1968 Western Michigan University Brown & Gold
1968 University of California Call Aggies
Box 6
Date Institution Title of Yearbook
1968 University of Connecticut Nutmeg
1968 Western New England College (MA) Cupula
1970 Queensborough Community College (NY) Aurora
1971 Wilbraham University Del Todo
1971 Stanford University (CA) Stanford Quad
1971 Lowell Technology Institute (MA) Pick Out
1972 University of Houston (TX) Houstonian
1972 USS Midway DCCC
1973 Dodge City Community College  
1973 Louisiana State University Gumbo
Box 7
Date Institution Title of Yearbook
1973 University of Pittsburgh Owl
1973 Southern Methodist University (TX) Rotunda
1974 Princeton University (NJ) Prince
1974 Saint Louis University Only Once
1974 Essex Community College (MI) Challenger
1974 New York Institute of Technology Estate
1974 State University of New York at Stony Brook Specuta
1974 Polytechic Institute of New York Polywog
1976 Clarkson College of Technology (NY) Clarksonian
1976 Wagner College Kallista
1978 Marquette University Hilltop Grafetti
1978 Westchester Community College (NY) Valkyr
Box 8
Date Institution Title of Yearbook
1978 Fordham University (NY) Maroon
1980 Queens College (NY) Silhouette
1981 University of Wisconsin Horizon
1982 New York Institute of Technology Estate
1983 Pace University (NY) Legend
1983 New York Institute of Technology Estate
1983 St. Agnes Academic (NY) Agnesene
1985 Queens College (NY) Silhouette
1987 John's University School of Law (Jamaica, NY) Res Gestae

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