University Libraries Departments and Staff

By Department


Access Services/Circulation, 1st floor, Jerome     419-372-2051
Acquisitions/Gifts, 2nd Floor, Jerome     419-372-7421
Administrative Office, 2nd Floor, Jerome      419-372-2856
          Fax Machine     419-372-0188
    Administrative Programs & Services     419-372-2482
    Budget Office     419-372-7890
          Fax Machine     419-372-0188
    Friends of the Library     419-372-2856
    Pallister Conference Room     419-372-6973
Bill Schurk Sound Archives, 3rd Floor, Jerome     419-372-2307
Browne Popular Culture Library, 4th Floor, Jerome     419-372-2450
Cataloging, 2nd Floor, Jerome     419-372-7421
Center for Archival Collections, 5th Floor, Jerome     419-372-2411
Collection Development, 2nd Floor, Jerome     419-372-7894
Collections & Technical Services     419-372-7894
Course Reserves, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-7908
Curriculum Resource Center, 2nd Floor, Jerome     419-372-2956 
Dean's Office, 2nd Floor, Jerome     419-372-2856
          Fax Machine     419-372-0188
Digital Initiatives, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-8664
Document Delivery, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-4873
Electronic Resources, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-2690
Firelands College Library     419-433-5560
First Year Experience Coordinator, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-9442
Government Documents Materials Processing, 2nd Floor, Jerome     419-372-8681
Government Documents Reference & Instruction, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-6943
Historical Collections of the Great Lakes, 6th Floor, Jerome     419-372-9612
Interlibrary Loan, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-8726
          Fax Machine     419-372-6877
Learning Commons, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-2823
Library Information Technology Services, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-8664
Library Instruction, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-2362
Library Teaching & Learning, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-2362
Micrographics Lab, Perrysburg     419-372-5766
Music Library, 3rd Floor, Jerome     419-372-2307
Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository, Perrysburg     419-372-5760
          Fax Machine     419-372-5770
Preservation Lab, Perrysburg     419-372-5764
Reference Services, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-6943
Student Technology Assistance Center (STAC), 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-9277
Serials, 2nd Floor, Jerome     419-372-8681
Subject Specialists, 1st Floor, Jerome     419-372-2362