Named Collections

Many collections in the Browne Popular Culture Library are named for individuals who have collected materials on a particular topic or genre and then generously donated their collections to our library. Some collections are donated posthumously and named in honor of the original collectors. These collections include a variety of topics--everything from Star Trek to mysteries to self-help books.

Arthur and Phyllis Rieser Mystery Collection

This collection includes first editions, early printings and trade editions of mystery and suspense novels, including true crime and fictional crime from about 1880 to the present.

Gary C. Hoppenstand Adventure Fiction Collection

Dr. Gary Hoppenstand has given an extraordinary collection of British and American adventure fiction. The collection contains nearly one thousand monographs and features rare, first edition classics from the late Victorian and Edwardian periods and the early twentieth century.

Marie Wakefield Star Trek Collection

The Star Trek Collection includes Star Trek memorabilia given to the Popular Culture Library principally by Marie Wakefield, but also contains items received from Sandra Springer, and items from other miscellaneous sources. The collection contains a wide range of materials including, but not limited to, books, journals, clothing items, models, posters, games, puzzles, greeting cards, playing and trading cards, and calendars.

Jeffrey Shore Collection

This is a collection of videos (VHS & DVD) dating from the 1980s-present and a small selection of miscellaneous materials; primarily related to Mr. Shore's work at E! Entertainment Television as well as videos submitted for Emmy consideration.

Guymon Collection

The voluminous correspondence between Guymon and numerous authors, dealers, and collectors, from 1930 to 1983, forms the basis of the Guymon Collection. In addition, there are a number of literary manuscripts; hundreds of dealers' invoices; and large files of materials pertaining to the Baker Street Irregulars; the Mystery Writers of America (including a long run of MWA's The Third Degree); and the Mystery Library. Also included in the Collection of numerous catalogs, lists, reviews, programs, scrapbooks and photographs.

Bravard Collection

The Bravard Collection is a large collection of comics donated by Bob Bravard spanning all genres.

Horowitz Collection

The Horowitz Collection is a large collection of pulp magazines in the Science Fiction genre. They are signified by the "HJH" before the call number.

Laura M. Mueller Bridge Tally Card Collection

This collection, donated by Laura M. Mueller, contains mainly bridge tally cards and score pads from the early part of the 20th century to the 1960's.

Ann & Billy Wilkinson Ice Cream Card Collection

This collection of ice cream themed greeting cards was donated by Ann Wilkinson and varies in topics ranging from Birthday to Get Well and even Valentine's Day.

Hoosier Archives

The Hoosier Archives Collection was donated to the Browne Popular Culture Library (BPCL) in 1999 by Jamie McQuinn, who received the materials from Walter Buchanan of New Lebanon, Indiana. Buchanan was the editor of the “Hoosier Archives” and had amassed a collection of Diplomacy zines (dipzines), war gaming periodicals, correspondence, player census, maps, game rules, and other materials relating to the dipzine postal Diplomacy genre.

The Frank Kalan Romance Cover Art Collection

The Frank Kalan Collection provides researchers with the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the most important elements of romance novel marketing- the cover. In addition, the BPCL already holds copies of many of the books created from Mr. Kalan’s work. The ability to consider this particular combination of creative process and published product is unique among academic archives, and will be a tremendous resource for scholars of romance fiction, one of the fastest growing aspects of popular culture research.

The Vivian Stephens Collection

In the summer of 2018, the Romance Writers of America donated to the Browne Popular Culture Library a collection of books formerly used by Vivian Stephens during her days at both Dell and Harlequin. The collection includes books on women’s sexuality, editing and writing romance fiction, the publishing industry, as well as academic works on romance writing. A list of the books can be found in our catalog as The Vivian Stephens Collection.

Updated: 06/05/2023 09:21AM