SpColl 15: Little Leather Library


Little Leather Libraries were first published in the 1920's by the Little Leather Library Corporation, which was founded by Ralph J. Mahany and later bought out by Robert K. Haas, Inc. There are a number of different styles and collection types, often denoted by the color and embossing of the covers.  There is no definitive information about the exact number of volumes published.  The booklets are 4"x3" and often have embossed floral border trim and title in croft leatherette.  According to one collector, there are several different varieties including biblical (30 volumes) and children's health library (10 volumes).  The different collections were advertised on the back of National Geographic Magazine during the 1920's.

Scope and Content

The BPCL's collection consists mainly of the green covers, printed in the 1920's. Our collection is organized alphabetically by title, with 65 total titles.


Box 1
Book No.TitleAuthor
1A Child's Garden of VersesStevenson, Robert Louis
2A Christmas CarolDickens, Charles
3A Message to Garcia and Other EssaysHubbard, Elbert
4A Midsummer Night's DreamShakespeare, William
5A Tillyloss ScandalBarrie, James
6An Essay on Going to ChurchShaw, George Bernard
7As a Man ThinkethAllen, James
8At the End of the Passage and The Mutiny of the MavericksKipling, Rudyard
9Bab Ballads, TheGilbert, W. S.
10Ballad of Reading Gaol and Other Poems, TheWilde, Oscar
11Barrack Room BalladsKipling, Rudyard
12Christ in Flanders and Other StoriesBalzac, Honore de
13ChristmasIrving, Washington
14Comedy of Errors, TheShakespeare, William
15Coming of Arthur, TheTennyson, Alfred Lord
16Comtesse, De Saint-GeranDumas, Alexandre
17Courtship of Miles Standish, TheLongfellow, Henry Wadsworth
18Dante's Inferno, Vol. IDante
19Dante's Inferno, Vol. IIDante
20Dream Children and Other EssaysLamb, Charles
21DreamsSchreiner, Oliver
22Enoch Arden and Other PoemsTennyson, Alfred Lord
23EssaysEmerson, Ralph Waldo
24Fifty Best Poems of America 
25Fifty Best Poems of England 
26Finest Story in the World and Other StoriesKipling, Rudyard
27Friendship and Other EssaysThoreau, Henry David
28Gold Bug, ThePoe, Edgar Allan
29Greatest Thing in the World, TheDrummond, Henry
30Happy Prince and Other Tales, TheWilde, Oscar
31Holy Grail, TheTennyson, Alfred Lord
32Importance of Being Earnest, TheWilde, Oscar
33Irish MelodiesMoore, Sir Thomas
34Land Of Heart's Desire, TheYeats, W. B.
35Lays of Ancient RomeMacaulay, Thomas Babington
36MacBethShakespeare, William
37Man Who Was, TheKipling, Rudyard
38Man Without a Country, TheHale, Edward Everett
39Memories of President LincolnWhitman, Walt
40Mother Goose Rhymes 
Box 2
Book No.TitleAuthor
41Mumu and Kassyan Of Fair SpringsTurgenev, Ivan
42Murders in The Rue Morgue And Other TalesPoe, Edgar Allan
43Pelleas and MelisandeMaeterlinck, Maurice
44Phantom Rickshaw, TheKipling, Rudyard
45Pippa Passes; A DramaBrowning, Robert
46Poems and PlaysBrowning, Robert
47Poems and Songs of Robert Burns, TheBurns, Robert
48Raven and Other Poems, ThePoe, Edgar Allan
49Rime of The Ancient Mariner and Other PoemsColeridge, Samuel T.
50Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: With an Essay on Omar KhayyamGerald, Edward Fitz
51Salome, a Tragedy in One ActWilde, Oscar
52Short StoriesMaupassant, Guy de
53Snowbound and Other PoemsWhittier, John Greenleaf
54Song of Hiawatha, TheLongfellow, Henry Wadsworth
55Sonnets from the PortugueseBrowning, Elizabeth Barrett
56Speeches and Addresses of Abraham LincolnLincoln, Abraham
57Speeches and Letters of George WashingtonWashington, George
58Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeStevenson, R. L.
59Tales of Sherlock HomesDoyle, Conan A. Sir
60Tempest, TheShakespeare, William
61Trial of Socrates, ThePlato-Translated by F. J. Church
62Uses of Great MenEmerson, Ralph Waldo
63Vampire and Other Verses, TheKipling, Rudyard
64Will o' the Mill and MarkeimStevenson, Robert Louis

Contents compiled by Bob Hamburger
Introduction and collection description by Deirdre Rogers (June 2003)
Revised by Stefanie Hunker (March 2008)