BGSU SSCI Communication Journal Publishing Guide

This published guide was created by the Bowling Green State University Fall 2021 and 2022 MC6300 Social Scientific Method Class to serve the communication program scholars and graduate students worldwide interested in publishing communication research. This publishing guide covers 95 SSCI communication journals with Journal Impact Factors. We hope this impartial apple to apple comparison will enable you to make a wise choice in selecting your publishing outlets. We know there are many more quality communication journals and hope we can add more to this when we have more resources.

The contributors to this publishing guide are: Dr. Louisa Ha; 2022 updates by PhD Students: Ahmad Alsubhi, Zainab Akbar, Hyacinth Bangero, Saadia Farooq, Man Luo ,Mac Williams, Master Students: Daniel Awomnab, Kendell Davis, Jillian Hallisey. Shehbaz Kahn, Sara Richter and Guest Student KC Bailey; originally contribution by 2021 PhD Students: Anna DeGalan, Matt Dorr, Enamul Kabir, Debipreeta Rahut, Jeevani Sammeta, Shudipta Sharma, Nuzaira Tannerum, Amanda Grace Taylor; and Master Students: Chinwendu Akanolu, Felicity Dogbatse, Cole Highhouse, Genesis Jordan, Amir Khan, Michael Ofori, Annase Raji, Alana Ritt, Morgan Rutan, Conner Spencer, Michael Zolciak.

Our team analyzed the total number empirical research of articles published in the journal in the most recent year available (most of them are Oct 2021 to Sept 2022), excluding editorial essays, commentaries, and book reviews and the research method used in the empirical studies. Then we determined the research orientation of the journal by the methods being used in its published articles.

The complete publishing guide contains 40 items about each journal which can be downloaded here as a spreadsheet you can sort. A shortened sortable version is displayed at the bottom of this page.

  1. Journal title with journal web site link
  2. Language of published articles
  3. Brief Journal Description
  4. Format (print or online or both)
  5. Link to journal guideline for authors
  6. Editor-in-Chief’s name
  7. Editorial Office contact
  8. ISSN number of the journal
  9. eISSN number of the journal
  10. SSCI subject category
  11. Total number of citations as per Journal Impact Factor Report
  12. 2020 Journal Impact Factor
  13. JIF Quartile
  14. 2020 JCI
  15. Google H5 index of the journal
  16. Scopus SCIMAGO SJR of the journal
  17. % of Open Access Gold articles (according to JCR)
  18. Publisher name
  19. Academic Association affiliation
  20. Launch Year
  21. Publication Frequency
  22. Has onlinefirst/earlycite articles
  23. Has Book Reviews
  24. Charge to authors
  25. Total number of articles published in the most recent year
  26. Research Methods breakdown in published articles in the most recent year
  27. Research Orientation of the journal determined by research methods used in published articles in the most recent year (60%+ quantitative method articles are counted as quantitative journal, 60%+ qualitative method articles are counted as qualitative journals, even proportion of quantitative and qualitative methods are counted as open orientation journal).
  28. Citation style
  29. Open to different citation style in initial submissions
  30. Length/word limitations
  31. Desk rejection rate
  32. Abstract type (structured vs. unstructured)
  33. Abstract in other languages
  34. Acceptance rate
  35. Open data requirement
  36. Keyword requirement
  37. Submission platform
  38. Average first decision turnaround time
  39. Online supplement postings
  40. Remarks/news about the journal
JOURNAL NAMEFormat2021 JIFPublisher NameAsso affiliationLaunch YearPublication Freq.Charge to authors# of articles per yearOrientationCitation StyleLength/Word limitations
AFRICAN JOURNALISM STUDIESOnline only1.673Taylor and FrancisThe Journalism Research and Education Section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), the Journalism Studies Division of the International Communication Association (ICA), The African Council for Communication Education (ACCE), The South African Communication Association (Sacomm)19804 issues per yearNo (Pay for open access)30Qualitative but open to other orientationChicago Style6000 and 800
ARGUMENTATIONBoth print and online1.172Springer NetherlandsNone19875 per yearNo (Pay for open access)14Quantitative but open to other orientationsAPAbetween 8000 to 10000 words
ASIAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online2.074Taylor & FrancisAsian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC)19906 issues a yearNo (Pay for open access)27Quantitative but open to other orientationsAPABetween 6000 to 9000 words
CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online3.698Taylor and FrancisNONE20104 issues per yearNo12quantitative but open to other orienatationAPA8000 words
COMMUNICATION & SPORT Both print and online3.183SAGEIACS20126 bi-monthly isuesNo (Pay for Open Access)38quantitativeAPA5000-7000 words
COMMUNICATION AND CRITICAL-CULTURAL STUDIESBoth print and online2.426Taylor & FrancisNCA20044 times a yearNo48QualitativeChicago9000 words
COMMUNICATION CULTURE & CRITIQUEBoth print and online2.052WileyICA20084 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)49QualitativeAPANo more than 7000 words
COMMUNICATION METHODS AND MEASURESboth print and online8.044Taylor & FrancisAEJMC CTM Division Journal20074 times a yearNo10Quantitative but open to other orientationsAPAno limitations
COMMUNICATION MONOGRAPHSBoth print and online2.695Taylor and FrancisNCA19344 issues per yearNo (Pay for open access)15Quantitative but open to other orientationsAPA40 pages
COMMUNICATION RESEARCHBoth print and online6.300SAGE PublicationsNone19746 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)56QuantitativeAPA40-page limit
COMMUNICATION THEORY Both print and online4.111International Communication AssociationNone1991quartlyNo (Pay for Open Access)25openAPA9000 words
COMMUNICATIONS-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION RESEARCHBoth print and online1.339Walter de Gruyter GmbHNone19764 per yearNo (Pay for open access)17Mostly quantitativeAPA8000 words
COMUNICARBoth print and online5.725Grupo Communicar EdicionesNone19934 times a yearNo (with open access)40OpenAPA 7th edition5,000- 6,700 words
CONTINUUM-JOURNAL OF MEDIA & CULTURAL STUDIESOnline only2.139Taylor & FrancisCultural Studies Association of Australasia (CSAA)19876 times a yearNo64QuantitativeChicagoNo more than 6000 words
CONVERGENCE- THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH INO NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES Both print and online2.268SAGENone19956x a yearNo (Pay for Open Access)60openAPA8000 words
CRITICAL DISCOURSE STUDIESBoth print and online1.632Talyor & FrancisInternational Pragmatics Association20046 issues per yearNo66QualitativeFormat-free (they will do it for you, just keep things consitent); APA recommendedNo more than 8000 words
CRITICAL STUDIES IN MEDIA COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online1.328Taylor & FrancisNCA19845 issues per yearNo (Pay for open access)59Cross-diciplinary journal for critical media and mass communicationFormat-free (they will do it for you, just keep things consitent); APA recommendedNo more than 7000 words
CYBERPSYCHOLOGY-JOURNAL OF PSYCHOSOCIAL RESEARCH ON CYBERSPACEonline only3.708Masaryk University, Faculty of Social StudiesNone2007Four issues per yearno35quantitative but opent to other orientationsAPA 7th11000 words
DIGITAL JOURNALISMBoth print and online6.847Taylor & Francis OnlineNone201310x a yearNo (Pay for Open Access)20openAPA8000 words
DISCOURSE & COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online1.647SAGE Publications Ltd.None20074 times a year (quarterly)Yes (pay for open access)39Qualitative but open to other orientationsSAGE HarvardRecommended length: 7000 words
DISCOURSE & SOCIETYBoth print and online1.507SAGE Publications Ltd.None19906 times a year (bimonthly)Yes (pay for open access)34Open, but heavy focus on qualitative orientationsSAGE HarvardRecommended length: 7000 words
DISCOURSE CONTEXT AND MEDIA Both print and online1.858ElsevierNone2013quartlyNo (Pay for Open Access)59openAPA6000-8000 words
DISCOURSE STUDIESBoth print and online1.871SAGE Publications Ltd.None19996 times a year (bimonthly)Yes (pay for open access)33Open, but heavy focus on qualitative orientationsSAGE HarvardRecommended length: 7000 words
ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION-A JOURNAL OF NATURE AND CULTUREBoth print and online3.389Taylor & FrancisThe International Environmental Communication Association20078 issues per yearNo72Mostly quantitative but open to qualitative and mixed approachesAPA6000-8000 words
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online2.463SAGE PublishingNone19866 times a yearNo32Open to all orientationMLA) Style given but not conventionalnot more than 7000 words
FEMINIST MEDIA STUDIESBoth print and online1.953Taylor & Francis Online, Routledge*Feminist Scholarship Division of the International Communication Association (ICA) *Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MECCSA)20018 issues a yearNo (Pay for open access)67Qualitative but open to other orientationsAPANot more than 8000 words
GAMES AND CULTUREBoth print and online2.180SAGE Publications Inc.None20066-8 issues a yearNo (only to subscribers); SAGE CHOICE Fee77Critical studies, Media StudiesAPA (Fifth Edition)No more than 8000 words
HEALTH COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online3.501Taylor and Francis OnlineNone198914 issues per yearNo (Pay for open access)26Qualitative but open to other orientationAPA5000 words in text
HUMAN COMMUNICATION RESEARCHBoth print and online5.333Oxford university pressICA19744 issues per yearno20quantitativeAPA 730 double spaced pages
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONOnline and Print1.447Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.None (Professional body)19574 (Quarterly)Yes18Quantitative but open to other orientationsTPC Citation Style10000
INFORMATION COMMUNICATION & SOCIETYBoth print and online5.054Taylor & FrancisA0IR, CITAMS, ICA199816 issues per yearNo (charge for color figures)125Mixed (40% quantitative, 40% qualitative, 20% conceptual/exploratory paper with no method)APA 7thno more than 8000 words
INFORMATION SOCIETYBoth print and online2.522Taylor & FrancisNone19815 times a yearNo (but pay for open access)21Qualitative but open to other orientationsTaylor & Francis US Chicago (B) author-date styleno word limits
INTERACTION STUDIESPrint and Online1.512John BenjaminsNone20043 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)12QuantitativeAPAshould not exceed 8000 words
19558 times a yearNo (but no open access)38Open to all orientations SAGE Harvard reference style8,000 - 9,000 words
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVERTISINGOnline only5.888Taylor and FrancisUK Advertising Association's journal19828 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)45QuantitativeChicagoNo more than 9000 words
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online2.625SAGEABC19634 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)31OpenAPA15-35 double spaced pages
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONOnline only1.637USC Annenberg PressUSC School for Communication and Journalism2007ContinuouslyNo218Quantitative but open to other orientationsAPA 6th Ed8,900
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONFLICT MANAGEMENTBoth print and online2.551Emerald PublishingNone19905 times a yearYes46Quantitative but open to other orientationsHarvard Stylesnot more than 12000
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOBILE COMMUNICATIONSBoth print and online1.522Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.Not affiliated20036 per yearNo (Pay for open access)29QuantitativeAPA5000 to 7000 words
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRESS-POLITICSBoth print and online4.495SAGE journalsNone
19964 issues per yearNo (pay for open access)37Quantitative but open to other orientationany style but encouraged to follow SAGE house style6000-8000
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PUBLIC OPINION RESEARCHBoth print and online1.872Oxford University PressWAPOR19894 issues per yearno36Quantitative but open to other orientationAPA 7thno more than 9000 words
JAVNOST-THE PUBLICBoth print and online1.164Taylor & Francis OnlineEuropean Institute for Communication and Culture20094 issues per yearNo28Mostly rhetoric based analysis but quantitative, qualitative, mixed and multi methods are also thereAPAno more than 8000 words
JOURNAL OF ADVERTISINGOnline only6.528Taylor & FrancisAAA (American Academy of Advertising)19725 times a yearNo (pay for open access)39Open, but heavy focus on quantitative orientationsAPAnot more than 12,000 words for research article, 6000 for research note, 12,000 words for literature review
JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING RESEARCHOnline only3.031Cambridge University PressAdvertising Research Foundation19654 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)34QuantitativeAPANo more than 7000 words
JOURNAL OF AFRICAN MEDIA STUDIESPrint and online0.641IntellectNot affiliated20093 per yearNo (Pay for open access)26Open to all orientationAPA6000 words
JOURNAL OF APPLIED COMMUNICATION RESEARCHBoth print and online2.462Taylor & FrancisNational Communication Association (NCA)19736 issues per yearNo (pay for open access)36Though majority of the articles were qualitative but a lot of quantitaive oriented articles were also there. I would say open to bothAPAno more than 9,000 words
JOURNAL OF BROADCASTING & ELECTRONIC MEDIABoth print and online2.985Taylor & FrancisBEA1985QuarterlyNo (no open access)30QuantitativeAPAno more than 7500 words, including references, tables, appendices, etc.
JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online2.109Iowa state universityNone1987Quarterly (jan, apr, jul, oct)no32quantitative but open to other orienatationAPA 7th6000 to 12000
JOURNAL OF CHILDREN AND MEDIAOnline only2.716Taylor & FrancisICA20074 issues a yearNo (Pay for open access)28QuantitativeAPANo more than 8000 words
JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online (Book reviews online only)5.750Oxford University PresInternational Communication Association19516 issues per yearNo (Pay for open access fiigures reproduced in colour after article is accepted for publication)42Most of the articles used multi-method , experiment and content analysis. However, some were qualitative too. I would say though largely quantitative but open for qualitative and mixed method.APAThe main document should be a maximum of 35 pages in length (including the abstract, main text, references, tables, figures, and endnotes).
JOURNAL OF COMPUTER-MEDIATED COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online7.432Oxford University PresInternational Communication Association19956 issues per yearNo  25OpenAPAAll manuscripts, including revision and resubmission, should be BOTH under 10,000 words AND within 30 pages in length (including the abstract and all references, tables, figures, appendices, and endnotes). Both requirements should be met.
JOURNAL OF HEALTH COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online2.742Taylor & FrancisNone199612 times per yearNo (Pay for open access)92Quantitative and QualititiveNot available 
JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & POLITICSBoth print and online2.710Taylor & FrancisNone
20044 times a yearNo31Qualitative but open to all orientationsAPA 7th edition9000 words
JOURNAL OF LANGUAGE AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGYPrint and Online2.098SAGENone19824 times per yearNo (Pay for open access)25QuantitativeAPA 7th. EdNo more than 25 double-spaced pages
JOURNAL OF MEDIA ECONOMICSBoth print and onlineN/ATalyor & FrancisN/A 4 times a yearNo (Pay for Open Acces)9QuantitativeAPA 7th. Ed.No page limit
JOURNAL OF MEDIA ETHICSPrint and Online1.150Taylor and FrancisAEJMC Media Ethics Division Journal20154 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)15OpenAPANo more than 9000 words
JOURNAL OF MEDIA PSYCHOLOGY-THEORIES METHODS AND APPLICATIONSPrint and online2.310HogrefeNone2008quarterlyNo (Pay for open access)10QuantitativeAPA8000 words
JOURNAL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS RESEARCHPrint and Online4.167Taylor and FrancisAEJMC Public Relations Division Journal19926 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)9QuantitativeAPANot available
JOURNAL OF SOCIAL AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPSBoth print and online2.681SAGE PublicationsCommittee on Publications Ethics (COPE)198411-12 times a yearNo146Mostly quantitativeAPAmaximum of 9,000 words for Full Papers/ 3,000 words for short reports
JOURNALISMBoth print and online3.194SAGENone200012 times per yearNo (Pay for open access)112QualitativeSAGE Harvard8,000 words
JOURNALISM & MASS COMMUNICATION QUARTERLYPrint and Online3.431SAGEAEJMC19244 times per yearNo52QuantitativeAPA 7th. EdTypically 5,000-6,500, but up to 10,000 with justification in cover letter
JOURNALISM PRACTICEOnline only2.328Taylor and Francis OnlineICA,JSIG, ECREA, AJE, & EJTA200710 issues per yearNo (Pay for open access)72QualitativeCan be in any format6000 and 9000
JOURNALISM STUDIESBoth print and online3.604Taylor & FrancisNone
200016 times a yearNo91OpenN/A6000 - 9000
LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online1.890ElsevierNone19816 issues a yearNo (Pay for open access)64Qualitative but open to other orientationsHouse style with specific requirement on citations6000-8000 (no upper limit)
19874 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)23OpenAPAunder 40 pages and under 10000 words
MASS COMMUNICATION AND SOCIETYPrint and Online3.256Taylor & Francis, RoutledgeAEJMC19986 times a yearNo36QuantitativeAPA 7th. EdNo more than 9000 words
MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONboth print and online3.043This journal uses Open Journal Systems, which is open source journal management and publishing software developed, supported, and freely distributed by the Public Knowledge Project under the GNU General Public LicenseNone201310 times per yearYes (with open access)87Quantitative and QualititiveAPAmaximum length of 6,000 words (the word count limit includes title, abstract, tables, figures, and references list). During a potential revisions stage, after peer-review, authors can extend the article length to a maximum of 8,000 words to better address the reviewers and editors’ comments.
MEDIA CULTURE & SOCIETYBoth print and online3.248SAGE Publications Inc.None19796-8 issues a yearNo122Cross-diciplinary journal for media cultureSAGE Harvard reference style (*1qfy3zy*_ga*NzkyMzU1NzQuMTYzMDU0MDI4OA..*_ga_60R758KFDG*MTYzNTk1NTA3My42LjEuMTYzNTk1NzI0Ni4w)6000-8000 words
MEDIA INTERNATIONAL AUSTRALIABoth print and online2.441SAGEANZCA19764 times a yearNo16OpenHarvard5000 - 8000 (including notes/references)
MEDIA PSYCHOLOGYBoth print and online3.912Taylor & FrancisNone19996 times a yearNo31QuantitativeAPA-7no more than 9000
MOBILE MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online3.859SAGENone
20133 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)28Quantitative and Qualitative/openAPA8000 Words
Both print and online
1.289John Benjamins Publishing CompanyNone19982 issues a yearNo (Pay for open access)20Qualitative but open to other orientationsAPA8000
NEW MEDIA & SOCIETYBoth print and online5.310SAGENone199912 times a yearNo118OpenHarvard8000
POLICY AND INTERNETPrint and Online4.510WileyPolicy Studies Organization20094 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)25OpenHarvardBetween 6000-8000 words
POLITICAL COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online6.176Taylor & FrancisAPSA, ICA19806 issues per yearNo (pay for open access)33QuantitaviveAPA 7thno more than 30 pages
PROFESIONAL DE LA INFORMACIONOnline3.596EPINone19926 times a yearNo (Pay for open access  890 euros)79QuantitativeStyle manual of "Information Professional" version 21.Any length as long as its justified
PSYCHOLOGY OF POPULAR MEDIABoth print and online2.900Taylor & FrancisAPA20174 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)41QuantitativeAPA 7th longer than 8,000 words, inclusive of references and appedices
PUBLIC OPINION QUARTERLYBoth print and online4.616Oxford AcademicAAPOR19374 issues per yearNo (Pay for open access)33Quantitative but open to other orientationChicagono more than 6500 words
PUBLIC RELATIONS REVIEWBoth print and online4.636Elsevier BVNone19754 times a year (quarterly)No (pay for open access)118OpenAPAnone
PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING OF SCIENCEBoth print and online3.702SAGE Publications LtdNot affiliated to any association19928 issues per yearNo (Pay for open access)67Quantitative orientation, but open to qualitativeHarvard reference style8000
QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF SPEECHBoth print and online2.313Taylor & FrancisNCA (National Communication Association)19154 times a yearNo (but charge for colour figures in print)16Qualitative but open to other orientationsThe Chicago Notes Systemnot more than 12,000 words
RESEARCH ON LANGUAGE AND SOCIAL INTERACTIONBoth print and online4.158Taylor & FrancisNone19694 times a yearNo (pay for open access)22Qualitative but open to other orientationsAPAno more than 10000 words
RHETORIC SOCIETY QUARTERLYboth print and online0.878Taylor & FrancisRhetoric Society of America19685 times per yearNo (with open access)25QualitativeMLA 
SCIENCE COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online7.441SAGENone19796 times a yearNo (but no open access)23Quantitative but open to other orientationsAPA 7th edition7000-9000 words
SIGNS AND SOCIETYBoth print and online0.600The University of Chicago press journals.Semiosis Research Center at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies20133 issues/yearNo (Pay for open access)17More of Quanlitative than QuantitativeChicago Manual of StyleThe normal length of published manuscripts is a maximum of 8,000 words. A manuscript should begin with an abstract of 100–150 words. It should be submitted as a MS Word file. The entire manuscript (the body of the text, footnotes, and references) should be double-spaced and in a standard 12-point font.
20154 times a yearYes (with open access)130OpenAPA8000 words preferred
SOCIAL SEMIOTICSBoth print and online1.568Taylor & FrancisNone
19915 issues per yearNo (pay for open access)82No journals for the time given.Chicago An EndNote output style is also available to assist you. include a word count for your paper. A typical paper for this journal should be no more than 8000 words, inclusive of tables, references, figure captions, footnotes, endnotes.
TECHNICAL COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online0.875Society for Technical CommunicationSociety for Technical Communication19734 times a yearNo (only charge to readers/members of the STC)20Quantitative with minimal qualitativeAPA5000-8000
TELECOMMUNICATION POLICYBoth print and Online4.497ElsevierNone
20026 issues per yearNo (Pay for open access)25More of Quantitative than QualitativeAPACould not find any.
TELEVISION & NEW MEDIABoth print and online3.252SAGE PublicationsNone
20008 times a yearNo (Pay for open access)51QualitativeChicago Manual of Stylemaximum of 7500 words
TEXT & TALKBoth print and online0.776De Gruyter MoutonICA19816 issues per yearDepends (but limited open access)36OpenAPAbetween 6000 to 8000 words
TIJDSCHRIFT VOOR COMMUNICATIEWETENSCHAPBoth print and online0.111Amsterdam University Press1. Amsterdam Centre for the Study of the Golden Age 2. Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture 3. Arc Humanities Press 4. Association of European University Presses 5. Association of University Presses 6. CLUE+ (The Interfaculty Research Institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage) 7. Eye Filmmuseum 8.Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies 9. International Institute for Asian Studies 10. KNAW 11. LeidenAsiaCentre 12. TECHNÈS (The International Research Partnership on Cinema Technology) 13. Turku Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (TUCEMEMS) 14. Van Gogh Museum20044 numbers per yearNo (with open access)30Quantitative than Qualitatve.Could not find this 
TRANSLATORboth print and online0.744Taylor & FrancisNone19954 times a yearNo (with open access)33Qualitative but open to other orientationsNot available 
VISUAL COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online1.790SAGE PublicationsNone20024 issues a yearNo (Pay for open access)19Qualitative but open to other orientationsHarvard Reference Style5000-7000 words
WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONBoth print and online2.447SAGE PublicationsNone
19844 issues per yearNo (pay for open access)21More qualitative than quantitativeAPAinclude an abstract of 100-150 words and 5-7 keywords (which do not appear in the title) to facilitate electronic search. • follow the guidelines of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition) and should not exceed 10,000 words (including all appendices, tables, and references). Manuscripts that do not use APA style and conventions or manuscripts that far exceed the 10,000-word maximum may be turned back without review.

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