Section 3.5


The Faculty Assignment Report provides a convenient means to advise the college of proposed faculty assignments and to identify released time commitments.  This form is to be used in conjunction with each semester's schedule. The information collected will permit the Dean to respond more efficiently to departmental/school staffing needs when requests are made since this information is not available on the faculty service report until a later date.

Please summarize the number of regularly scheduled courses, the total credit hour responsibility and the total contact hours (if different from the credit hours) for each faculty member on contract.  Tutorials and individual instruction should not be included in the summary. If instruction is shared, credit and contact hours should be split as on the Faculty Service Report.

If a faculty member is scheduled for a differentiated teaching load, indicate the alternate duties in the last column.  If the release is funded by a grant or other source, please identify this source.  Activities which do not require a reduction from the person's normal teaching load need not be listed.

If you have already compiled an equivalent summary of teaching assignments in another form, you may enclose that summary and report only released time assignments on the attached form.

The Faculty Assignment Report should be returned when you submit your schedule sheets to the College office. Note that data is needed only for the semester for which schedules are being developed.

Please call the College office if you have any questions in completing this form.