Section 3.1


Bowling Green State University is dedicated to providing quality academic programs in a learning environment that promotes academic and personal excellence in students, as well as an appreciation for intellectual, ethical and aesthetic values. Wisdom, sound judgment, tolerance and respect for other persons, other cultures and other ideas are hallmarks of an educated person--these are the characteristics the University seeks to develop in its students.

Consistent with this mission, and recognizing the University's primary emphasis on enhancing excellence in undergraduate education along with selected graduate areas, the Bowling Green State University Trustees endorse and support the standards and guidelines for a faculty workload policy as adopted by the Ohio Board of Regents on February 18, 1994. As stated in the Regent's Advisory Committee Report, the ". . . guidelines are designed to provide flexibility for different missions at all levels." The report recognizes that, much as the mission of Ohio's universities differ, so, also, within a given university, departmental missions differ:

"Some departments will offer only baccalaureate programs while others will offer both baccalaureate and graduate degree programs. The relative emphasis between undergraduate and graduate learning will also vary among these departments. At each university, it is reasonable to expect that the mission of individual departments will define for the faculty an appropriate combination of effort in teaching, research and service.

In general, it is expected that a department will maintain a reasonable balance between its commitments to teaching, scholarship and service, consistent with its mission. To achieve this balance, faculty may have different responsibilities in any academic year. Some will be expected to spend more time in teaching while others may devote more effort to research and service. The actual responsibilities for a faculty member may change over time in response to changing departmental and personal expectations."

Consistent with the spirit of the Regents' approved Faculty Workload Standards and Guidelines, the Trustees of Bowling Green State University hereby reaffirm their commitment to a quality undergraduate learning environment. Further we hereby charge all academic units, in consultation with the Deans and Provost, to implement their individual workload policies, ones which have been developed in consonance with the state-wide standards and guidelines, and to build on the University's traditional strengths in support of the quality, breadth and excellence of undergraduate education.


NOTE: The above Policy Statement on Faculty Assignments was passed by the Board of Trustees on May 6, 1994.