Section 9.8


This worksheet outlines basic procedures for handling a case of academic dishonesty. It is based on the Academic Honesty Policy contained in Section B-II.H of the Faculty Handbook portion of theAcademic Charter . The policy also appears as Appendix D of the Student Code published by the Office of Student Affairs.

Items of Special Importance

All cases of alleged dishonesty where the student is penalized in any manner must be reported in writing to the student's academic dean.

Reporting of grades where a penalty is imposed requires special care. Note especially the use of NGR (no grade received) in certain cases while an appeal is pending. If a penalty of a failing grade in the course is assigned, a WF is reported to the registrar.

A student accused of a violation of the Academic Honesty Policy shall be permitted to continue in the class pending final disposition of the case. (The instructor may check with the Chair of the Academic Honesty Committee to determine if an appeal is in process.)

Documents alleging or referencing an act of academic dishonesty should be treated with strictest confidentiality and must not be included in a student's departmental file or transmitted by the instructor to persons other than those directly involved with the case.

Steps to take upon recognition of a suspected case of dishonesty:

1. Contact the College Associate Dean of Student Services

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