Section 4.6


All disbursements are required to have a signature of the fund's administrator or designate. The designate's authorization must be in writing and on file in the Foundation office before disbursement of funds can occur.

The administrator of the fund should be fully informed of the provisions, restrictions, and other conditions applying to the fund, to insure that all expenditures are strictly in accordance with such conditions. At no time should an administrator authorize a disbursement order for an amount which would exceed the available balance in the account.

Please send all disbursements to the attention of the BGSU Foundation, Mileti Alumni Center.

Outside Purchases

Appropriate documents must be provided supporting the expenditures--original* bills or invoice.

*In cases where the expenditure is being paid from both University funds and Foundation funds, the Foundation will accept a photocopy of the documentation along with a copy of the appropriate form(s) submitted to the University Business Office.


An explanation of the reimbursement along with receipts, bills, invoices or canceled checks are required. Reimbursements to budget administrators must have the approval of the area dean or vice president.

Travel Reimbursement

Documentation requirement is the same as the University Travel Expense Policy. You must indicate the dates of travel, destination, reason for trip and list of names of anyone who attended with you.

Memorial Gifts

A letter of transmittal to the recipient organization must accompany all disbursements requesting a memorial gift.

Transfers to University Budgets

A complete description of what the transfer is for, including, but not limited to, copies of bills, receipts, invoices or memorandums.

Honorariums and Services Rendered

Social security numbers or tax identification numbers and addresses are required for all services rendered payments.

Scholarships and Awards

All scholarships and awards are to be deposited into the students' bursar accounts (unless otherwise stated in the scholarship criteria). The recipient's name, home address, country of origin, BGSU ID number and social security number are required. Please indicate if the payment is to be divided between spring and fall semester or a one-time payment. Also, a copy of the disbursement is to be sent to Student Financial Aid.

Payroll and Consultant Fees

These cannot be paid directly from foundation accounts for University employees; they should be paid from a University budget through Payroll. Funds can then be transferred from the appropriate Foundation account with disbursements prepared by the requesting office.

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