Section 8.2


General Statement

The Charter requires each department/school to conduct a yearly evaluation of the chair or director. This format allows for the evaluation of the chair's/director's administrative performance. Departments/schools should use their unit's merit instrument to evaluate the chair's/director's performance as a faculty member and should rank him/her accordingly.

As long as Charter-mandated procedures are observed, each department/school may determine the manner in which department/school faculty will participate in these evaluations. A report assessing performance in fulfilling the administrative assignment and the general expectations as a faculty member, recognizing the effect of administrative work on such expectations, shall be submitted to the Dean, annually.

The chair/director and probationary and tenured faculty shall be given copies of the evaluation sent to the Dean. Raw data may be transmitted to the Dean's Office for the purpose of retaining a permanent record.  The Dean may elect to meet with the evaluation committee for clarification of the report. The Dean shall meet annually with the chair/director to discuss the department's/school's assessment of his/her performance as both a faculty member and an administrator.