English Teaching Students

Current Students:

Current job: High school English teacher at The Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, FL
Academic interests: Grammar and writing, writing assessment, drama
Email: earmor@bgsu.edu

Kathleen Below
Robin Bowdish
Jacyln Bowlin

Current job: High school language arts, speech, theatre, TV Production teacher
Academic interests: Literary critique and theory
Email: conklid@bgsu.edu

Susan Daugherty
Nashwa Elkoshairi
Amie Erickson
Lisa Foster

Martha Holt 

Current job: I currently teach 10th Grade English, Theatre, and 11th grade AP Language in a 9-12 rural public school in WV.

Academic Interests: I enjoy studying the ways in which language changes over time and location, especially focusing on dialect and personal narratives.  I also enjoy reading and studying Appalachian literature and Appalachian women's literature. 

Why Martha opted to get an online MA in English: I was previous enrolled in a Reading Specialist program at a local university.  However, that did not serve my interests academically nor further my goals professionally.  After researching various schools, both local and out-of-state, I found the online program for MA in English Teaching through BGSU which has what I was searching for.  Online serves my needs for time and scheduling, and although I miss the interaction of face-to-face classes, the online program here has opened me up to a new way of learning that I was previously adamantly against.  

Caleb Kresl
James Lamb
Rachel Lantz

Current job: I currently teach English 11 & 12 (college preparatory and regular), College Readiness II (elective), and GSW 1110/1120 (dual enrollment) at North Baltimore High School.

Academic Interests: My academic interests include anything and everything that can teach me how to help better prepare my students for college and careers beyond high school. 

Why Stefanie decided to get an online MA in English:I pursued an MA in English when we were offered the grant program option to start teaching dual enrollment writing courses at our local high schools. I decided to finish my masters' in the hopes of teaching even more dual enrollment courses in the future, such as literature. After I receive this MA, I also am considering furthering my education to teach at a college campus.

Megan Looney

Current job: I am both English Teacher and English Department Head at Lone Pine High School in Lone Pine, CA.

Academic interests: My academic interests concern anything and everything that is even tangentially related to James Joyce and Lewis Carroll. I am also interested in Modern artwork and poetry.

Why Jayson decided to get an online MA in English: I do not have access to universities near me, so online education is the only way to achieve any sort of post-secondary education without leaving home. I wanted to advance my career from within my discipline (as opposed to a degree in Administration or Education), so I enrolled in the online MA-ET program at BGSU.

Stacey Magri
Kari Mann
Victoria Michalski
Melissa Napierati
Jennifer Northrip
Danielle O'Young
Elizabeth Pinto
Laura Risaliti
Martha Stai

Current Job: High School English teacher in Boise, Idaho

Academic Interests: I am fascinated by literary criticism, British literature, and how to explore creative ways to draw students into meaningful conversations about literature.

Why Emily decided to get an online MA in English: I love to learn and wanted to stretch myself intellectually. I also hope to be prepared to teach any sort of advanced placement literature courses that might come my way. I was especially drawn to the scheduling flexibility of completing my coursework online with others who were similarly motivated.

Amanda Sweeney
Jennifer Thobe
Virginia Wyeth

Dawson ZImmerman 

Current job: I currently teach World Literature, British Literature, and Creative Writing at Wesleyan School just outside of Atlanta, GA.

Academic Interests: My current academic interests involve studying the intersection of the English classroom, student mental health, and mindfulness: specifically, how the development of an authentic writing voice and a greater emphasis on self-knowledge can better equip students to critically examine both literature and themselves.

Why Dawson decided to get an online MA in English: I was drawn to the online MA because of its convenience and flexibility as I handle full-time teaching and coaching. And, this program has exceeded my expectations both in the interaction with classmates and professors, as well as the ease of using the online platform to continue my studies.