English Teaching Students

Current Students:

Current job: High school English teacher at The Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, FL
Academic interests: Grammar and writing, writing assessment, drama
Email: earmor@bgsu.edu

Current Job: Currently, I am a 7th grade Language Arts teaching in Ocala, FL.
Academic Interests: Although I am learning a ton about becoming a better writing instructor, I am so fascinated by literature study. I hope to pursue a career teaching either high school literature courses or college level literature courses. However, I am also pulled toward environmental study, and plan to pursue a second MA degree once I am finished with this one.
Why Ashley decided to get an online MA in English: Originally I decided to get my MA in English because I needed to take some education courses to get my teaching certification in Florida. While at UF, although I got my degree in English, I did not take any education courses, so I was a little behind. Then I got to thinking about other courses I would like to teach eventually. Having this degree would certainly help with that.

Current job: Firefighter/EMT and academic transcriptionist (audio interviews of scholars' research in public education)
Academic interests: Composition studies, American literature. My goal at BGSU is to attain an education that will enable me to become an effective English composition & literature instructor.  I am interested specifically in the community college environment and in reaching and affecting students enrolled in freshman composition and survey classes.
Email: bchampl@bgsu.edu

Current job: High school language arts, speech, theatre, TV Production teacher
Academic interests: Literary critique and theory
Email: conklid@bgsu.edu

Current job: Instructional coach
Academic interests: Effective grammar instruction, support for struggling readers, standards-based grading, and unreliable narrators
Why Kelly decided to get an online MA in English: I wanted to become a leader in my educational content area without pausing my career. BGSU courses have offered me a rigorous experience balancing many relevant fields of English studies.

Current job:  English teacher (high school and college in the high school)
Academic/research interests: Shakespeare, as well as figuring out how to motivate students to read and try their hardest in all academic pursuits.
Why Megan decided to get an online MA in English: I liked the flexibility that online learning allowed me.  After earning my first MA through another program 100% online, I knew that going back to a traditional learning environment would not work as well for me.
E-mail: mheefne@bgsu.edu



Current job: High school English teacher
Academic interests: American literature, composition studies, developmental studies
Email: okatie@bgsu.edu

Current job: High School English teacher at Rhinelander High School in Rhinelander, WI
Academic interests: Teaching non-fiction, linguistics, and writing
Email: alljohn@bgsu.edu

Current Job: I currently work as a 9th, 10th, and 11th grade English teacher and I teach one reading intervention class.
Academic Interests: American and British Literature, Composition, and Shakespeare
Why did Kristen decided to get an online MA in English: I work at a year round school with an extended day. I wanted to further my education and learn more about teaching, but I needed an online program with grit.
E-mail: kmjohns@bgsu.edu

Current job: Junior High English Teacher, Hayfield High School, in Hayfield, MN
Academic/research interests: I enjoy researching and developing effective curriculum
Why Laura decided to get an online MA in English: I am planning to teach concurrent enrollment English classes to high school students for college credit. I also want to further develop my own teaching skills and style.
E-mail: lkuisle@bgsu.edu  

Current job or position: High school English teacher for Toledo Public Schools
Academic interests:
Linguistics and approaches to teaching urban youth.
Why Annelise decided to get an online MA in English: I thought it would be beneficial to my career and I wanted to learn some tools to help me be more effective at work.

Current job: Hagerty High School in Seminole County, Florida (9th grade Gifted/PreAP English and 12th Grade Honors English) in addition to teaching, I sponsor the Anime Club, Asian Club, E-Sports Club, and The Creative Writing Club.
Academic/research interests: Literary Theory (Aesthetics, Formalism, Structuralism), British Literature (Austen, Eliot, Dickens, Trollope, Shakespeare) The Uses of Rhetorical Grammar
Why Christina decided to get an online MA in English: To further my career aspirations to teach college English (the online portion interested me because though I am right down the street from UCF, I felt that BGSU’s program met my academic interests, my interest in a rigorous and relevant mélange of class offerings, and my need to avoid a brick-and-mortar school because of a full time teaching career and busy family life).

Current Job: English teacher at Hardin Northern High School in Dola, Ohio
Academic Interests: American literature, journalism, writing, and editing
Why Erika decided to get an online MA in English:
I would like to use my MA English degree to teach post-secondary courses at my school.
E-mail: esandre@bgsu.edu