ASC Standing Committees

The members of ASC standing committees include ASC members and administrative staff members-at-large as appointed by the Chair. ASC representatives and administrative staff members-at-large are nominated or may self-nominate to serve on ASC standing committees. The Chair of ASC shall appoint a chair for each standing committee from the ASC membership. Duties and responsibilities of each ASC standing committee are listed as follows:

  • Amendments & Policies Committee - The responsibility of this committee is to initiate and receive proposed amendments to the Charter or Bylaws and to report to ASC on all proposed amendments. This committee will annually review the ASC Charter, Bylaws, and Handbook for accuracy of content and will propose revisions as necessary. This committee will be responsible for understanding the Charter and Bylaws so as to serve as a policy resource to the Chair or Co-Chairs and officers as well as ASC representatives. The Amendments Committee is responsible for recording and maintaining a history of ASC Charter, Bylaws, and Handbook amendments as well as BGSU policy changes affecting administrative staff. Each May the complete history of record will be submitted to the ASC Secretary or Co-Secretaries for archiving.
  • Awards & Recognition Committee - This committee is to develop and recommend to ASC ways to recognize administrative staff for their outstanding achievements. The committee also will handle all responsibilities associated with the planning, advertisement, selection, and presentation of all ASC-sponsored awards and recognition including the annual awards reception and monthly award presentations. Committee members will have been employed by the University for at least three years.
  • Outreach & Activities Committee – This committee is responsible for planning and implementing social activities to engage administrative staff and planning and implementing charitable and other external events to promote administrative staff engagement with the community external to BGSU. This committee does not participate in planning the ASC annual awards reception.
  • Personnel/Welfare & Compensation Committee - This committee is to review, study, and recommend Council action on matters involving general salary policies, benefits, performance, evaluation, and policies and procedures that affect the functioning of administrative staff in their positions. The committee will conduct an annual salary market comparison, work with Human Resources on wage and compensation-related issues, proactively review current compensation policies, and yearly review the Administrative Staff Handbook for possible required revisions of outdated policies and procedures relative to current university practices.
  • Professional Development Committee - This committee is charged with aiding and encouraging the professional growth and development of administrative staff. It will study and recommend action with regard to professional leaves, continuing education and recognition of professional achievement.
  • Student Scholarship Committee -The responsibility of this committee is to administer all aspects of the administrative staff student scholarship program. This committee conducts fund-raising activities and implements and awards scholarships for the student scholarship program.
2020-21 Amendments & Policies Committee
Sophia Jackson
Rebecca Lyons
Becky Cogswell
Mark Fox
Dennis Voss
2020-21 Awards & Recognition Committee
Cordula Mora
Cindy Valentine
Kaitlyn Kuch Finkler
Taylor Jefferson
Jacquie Nelson - Co-Chair
Lona Leck - Co-Chair
2020-21 Outreach & Activities Committee
Kari Storm
Lily Young
Jennifer Sayre
Paul Bezdicek
Teresa Earl
Qasim Al-Shboul
2020-21 Personnel Welfare & Compensation Committee
Stephanie Brinkman
Gabe Dunbar
Jaclyn Calderon - Co-Chair
Kacee Ferrell Snyder
Cyndie Roberts - Co-Chair
2020-21 Professional Development Committee
Andrea Boehme - Chair
Meghan Horn
Jennifer Twu
Kerrie Turner
V. Rosser (Member-at-Large)
Coty Behanna (Member-at-Large)
2020-21 Student Scholarships Committee
Delaine Adams
Beth Ash
Shannon Tyler - Co-Chair
Maite Hall - Co-Chair
Jenna Pollock
Jamie Wlosowicz
Jenifer St. Louis (Member-at-Large)
2020-21 Diversity and Belonging Adhoc Committee
Adam Arthur
Sharon McIntosh
Stephanie Dalmacio
Emily Hubbell-Staeble - Chair
Connie Weaver (Member-at-Large)
Katrina Heilmeier - Co-Chair  
Shevonne Nelson Dillingham (Member-at-Large)

University Standing Committees

Administrative staff elected to University standing committees need not be ASC representatives and are elected by the entire administrative staff. Committees include Equal Opportunity Compliance, Health, Wellness and Insurance and Information Technology.

Equal Opportunity Compliance Emily (Garcia) Hubbell-Staeble 2019-2022
Equal Opportunity Compliance Sophia Jackson 2019-2022
President's Advisory Council on Health, Wellness, and Insurance Jason Hartigan 2017-2020
President's Advisory Council on Health, Wellness, and Insurance Jaime Spradlin 2018-2021
CIO Advisory Jeremy Joseph 2019-2022
CIO Advisory Meghan Horn 2018-2021
CIO Advisory Mary Ellen Kellow 2018-2021
CIO Advisory Angela Cornelius 2019-2022
Information Technology Dennis Voss 2019-2022
Library Advisory Jaime Spradlin
Public Safety Rebecca Lyons
University Council   Jordan Cravens 2020-2021
Professional Affairs Michelle Schenk

Ad Hoc Committees

ASC ad hoc committees are created by the Executive Committee, which appoints members. These members need not be ASC representatives. After two years, an ASC ad hoc committee either ceases to function or becomes a standing committee, through action of the Amendments Committee. For more detailed information about committees, refer to the Bylaws, Appendix A of the Administrative Staff Handbook.