Senate Committee on Professional Affairs

The Senate's Committee on Professional Affairs (FS-CPS) purpose is to focus on issues external to the University that affect the profession of teaching and the value and mission of higher education in society. Specifically, the CPA shall perform an advisory function to the Faculty Senate about important developments related to the professional role of educators in society at the local. state, and national level. The Committee will perform an educational role to the faculty and to the University community at large about professional issues that affect educators and advise and assist the Faculty Senate with media and governmental affairs relationships. The CPA will also initiate studies, or conduct studies at the request of the Faculty Senate on issues relevant to professional affairs and will receive suggestions and make recommendations to the Senate Executive Committee on issues relevant to professional affairs.

Positions on the committee are filled through annual elections in the Spring semester. Vacancies are filled by appointment by the Committee on Committees for a period of up to one year.

Committee on Professional Affairs Members