Representatives & Executive Committee

Meet the 2019- 2020 Representatives

Administrative staff members at BGSU are responsible for promoting a healthy climate for learning and professional growth, and for asserting the leadership and support essential to enhance the University’s programs and services. All administrative staff members should share a sense of working towards a common goal—that of maintaining the high standards of the University and its vision to be the premier learning community in Ohio and one of the best in the nation. To this end, ASC has established a committee structure, which provides administrative staff members with the means for addressing their needs and for promoting their efforts.

ASC members serve as elected representatives for the areas including Finance and Administration, Firelands, Intercollegiate Athletics, Office of the President, Provost, Student Affairs. Please reach out to any of the representatives if you have any questions.


The ASC Executive Committee acts for the Administrative Staff Council between meetings and serves as or designates a liaison between the ASC and other governance groups, individuals, and agencies. Nominations are handled annually by the Election and Orientation Committee who prepares a list by functional area of those ASC members eligible for election to the Executive Committee.

2019-20 Executive Committee Members  

Rebecca Lyons

Rebecca Lyons

Position: Chair
Phone: 419-372-9327

Margo Kammeyer

Margo Kammeyer

Position: Past Chair
Phone: 419-372-1613


Jordan Cravens

Position: Chair - Elect
Phone: 419-372-7772

Jaime Spradlin

Position: Secretary
Phone: 419-372-2032

Jeremy Joseph

Jeremy Joseph

Position: Treasurer
Phone: 419-372-9129

Todd Glick

Todd Glick

Position: Communications Officer
Phone: 419-372-3451


Andrea Boehme

Position: Division Representative
Phone: 419-372-2054

Beth Detwiler

Gabe Dunbar

Position: Division Representative
Phone: 419-372-8137

Teresa Earl

Position: Division Representative
Phone: 419-372-2202


Meghan Horn

Position: Division Representative
Phone: 419-372-7103

Sophia Jackson

Sophia Jackson

Position: Division Representative
Phone: 419-372-0605


Kristi Peiffer

Position: Division Representative
Phone: 419-372-3830

Jennifer Twu

Position: Division Representative
Phone: 419-372-9550

Adam  Arthur 372-4945 Finance & Administration 2022
Beth  Ash 372-5572 Office of the Provost 2021
Paul  Bezdicek 372-9085 Intercollegiate Athletics 2020
Andrea Boehme 372-2054 Office of the Provost 2021
Stephanie  Brinkman 372-9223 VP Student Affairs 2022
Becky Cogswell 372-6778 Office of the President 2022
Terra  Cramer 372-2284 Finance & Administration 2020
Jordan Cravens (Chair-Elect) 372-7772 Office of the President 2020
Stephanie  Dalmacio 352-7096 Intercollegiate Athletics 2020
Gabe Dunbar 372-8137 Office of the Provost 2021
Teresa Earl 372-2202 Finance & Administration 2021
Leslie  Galan 372-3241 Finance & Administration 2020
Emily Garcia 372-9244 Office of the President 2022
Emily Gattozzi 372-8681 Office of the Provost 2020
Teri Gentry 372-7941 Finance & Administration 2020
Todd Glick (Communications) 372-3451 Finance & Administration 2022
Maite Hall 372-4761 Office of the Provost 2021
Deminique Heiks 372-8710 Office of the Provost 2020
Meghan Horn 372-7103 Intercollegiate Athletics 2021
Sophia Jackson 372-0605 Office of the Provost-Firelands 2022
Taylor  Jefferson 372-7093 Intercollegiate Athletics 2020
Jeremy Joseph (Treasurer) 372-2823 Office of the Provost 2022
Margo  Kammeyer (Past Chair) 372-1613 Finance & Administration 2020
Lona Leck 372-7235 VP Student Affairs 2022
Rebecca  Lyons (Chair) 372-9327 VP Student Affairs Officer Only
Sharon  McIntosh 372-3226 Office of the Provost 2022
Lucas  Miller 372-2011 VP Student Affairs 2022
Cordula Mora 372-3873 Office of the Provost 2021
Jacquie Nelson 372-6997 Office of the President 2021
Kristi Peiffer 372-3830 Finance & Administration 2020
Jenna  Pollock 372-2739 Office of the Provost 2022
Beth Ralph
372-3350 Intercollegiate Athletics 2020
Jennifer  Sayre 372-7711 Office of the Provost 2022
Victor  Senn 372-9232 Office of the Provost 2020
Travis  Sheaffer 372-4224 Office of the Provost 2022
Sherri  Sherock 372-3609 Finance & Administration 2022
Jaime Spradlin (Secretary) 372-2032 Office of the Provost 2021
Jenifer  St. Louis 372-3353 Office of the Provost 2020
Kari  Storm 372-0424 VP Student Affairs 2022
Jennifer  Twu 372-9550 VP Student Affairs 2020
Cindy  Valentine 372-9016 Finance & Administration 2021
Dennis  Voss 372-9333 Finance & Administration 2022
Lily Young 372-8531 Finance & Administration 2022