RecWell Spotlights

Nathan Tembo

By working at the course, I have learned about time management and also to be part of a team. B.S. in Chemistry (2018)
Golf Course Pro Shop Attendant (2015)

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Leah Palazzo

Working here has been a memorable, developmental, and rewarding experience for me. M.A. in College Student Personnel (2017)
Graduate Assistant – Student Programming and Leadership (2015-17)

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Sara Scacchi

“This job has been really rewarding, because you get to see yourself progress.” B.S.B.A in Marketing (2017)
Customer Service Associate – Student Recreation Center (2014-17)

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Sara Scacchi PortraitSmall


Hannah AdamsCollege is a time in life for figuring out what you want to do, and what you don't want to do.

B.S. in Gerontology – Specialization in Long-Term Care Administration (2017)
Customer Service Associate – Student Recreation Center (2014-17)

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Tyler Dunton I recognized the opportunity for personal growth and experience, and thought, maybe I should do this.

B.S. in Education – Major in Sport Management (2016)
Student Supervisor – Perry Field House (2015-16)

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Kayla Tesmer

Kayla Tesmer Rugby helped Kayla make the most of her college experience.

B.S. in Education – Major in Sport Management (2015)
Manager – Intramural Sports (2012-15)

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Reid Mankowski Reid gained valuable experience working in numerous department areas.

B.S. Business Administration – Specialization in Accounting (2015)
Student Supervisor – Golf Course (2013-15)

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Reid Mankowski

Veronica Rasicci, Malissa Davis

Veronica Rasicci Perhaps the greatest thing about working for Recreation and Wellness was the support that the professional staff gives to the student staff. 

B.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science (2015)
Student Supervisor – Customer Service (2012-15)

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Morganne Rodabaugh Every day I am reminded of the contributions RecWell has had on developing my lifelong goals.

B.A. in Communication (2014)
Student Supervisor – Aquatics (2012-14)

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Micah Alt, Morganne Rodabaugh, Dr. Steve Kampf


Dr. Ron Zwierlein His dedication and service to BGSU is exemplary, and his contributions are countless in the many roles that he played. 

Director – Department of Recreational Sports (1991-94)
Director – University Field House and Recreational Sports (1990-92)
Associate Director – Student Recreation Center (1984-91)

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Kelsey Hammersmith We will always be falcons and have support from BGSU throughout our lives, and the connections made in this department are a major stepping stone to future success!

B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies (2015)
Student Supervisor – PFH Facility (2012-15)

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Matthew Makela I don't think I can categorize the SRC as job because it was so much more than that.

B.A. Economics (2015)
Student Supervisor – SRC Facilities (2012-15)

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Ryan Wong The opportunities that the department presents to their employees are endless, and I can't say how thankful and proud I am to say I have worked for THE best department throughout BGSU.

B.S. in Education – Major in Sport Management (2014)
Student Supervisor – SRC Facilities (2012-14)

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Sade Acre Since I was a kid, I would go to the pool every single day and this job made me and my family very happy.

Dietetics major, Psychology minor (2017)
Crew Chief, WET Instructor (2017)

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Larissa Leck The instructors were supportive and encouraging to everyone and gave us the confidence needed to try our best and succeed. 

B.S. in Visual Communication Technology (2018)
Recreation and Wellness Lifeguard Class Participant (2014)

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Claire Semer Being active and just sweating out the toxins is how I destress, and WERQ gets me there. I’m a sweaty mess in class, but I feel great!

Assistant Director – Office of Residence Life
Group X WERQ Instructor (2015-17)

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Demetria Graham You get a great group of instructors, and that makes it fun to work out. You don’t even know you’re working out until the end!

Student Services Counselor – College of Arts and Sciences
Group X Instructor and Participant (2012-17)

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Julia Hage Seeing where I am, how I can push myself, it's exciting, and you build relationships through fitness. It's just so fantastic!

M.P.H. in Public Health (2016)
Group X Instructor (2016)

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Sandy Wiechman It has been hard to break the "no pain, no gain" mentality I learned in the 80's, but the trainers are very patient and helpful. 

Safe Communities Coordinator – BGSU Recreation and Wellness
Personal Training Client (2015)

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Andrew Kuebeck Each session is fun, educational, and geared to my own needs. I always feel like I am accomplishing things that I didn't think I could do before.

Instructor – BGSU School of Art
Personal Training Client (2014)

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Macy Weatherhead I believe being fit isn't just a physical status. It encompasses so much more than that.

B.S. in Education – Major in Exercise Science (2014)
Group X Instructor

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Marcus Kok The best part of being involved with Recreation and Wellness was definitely the people. Everyone around me was happy and friendly, and I felt blessed to work with my colleagues.

B.S. in Education – Major in Sport Management  (2014)
Intramural Office Attendant (2013-14)

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Sydney Street I met my two best friends through the Outdoor Program and gained so many more friendships.

B.S. in Education – Major in Adolescence to Young Adult Education; Specialization in Integrated Mathematics (2016)
Outdoor Program Student Supervisor (2016)
Outdoor Program Trip Attendant (2014-16)

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Kelly Heher This program contributed in shaping me into the person that I am today and helped me get to where I wanted to go.

B.S. in Psychology (2015)
Trip Leader and Student Supervisor – Outdoor Program (2012-15)

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Gerardo Samonte The Freshman Wilderness Experience was definitely one of my favorite experiences at BGSU.

B.S. in Journalism – Major in Public Relations (2017)
Outdoor Program Student Supervisor (2016); SRC Patron (2012-17); Outdoor Program Participant (2013-17); Video Attendant (2015-17)

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Karyn Smith I joke that it's in my blood, that this is what I was meant to do.

Health Educator – BGSU Wellness Connection
Fitness and Faculty/Staff Wellness Coordinator, Group X Instructor, and Personal Trainer

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Mary Toth My advice is if you are struggling with a goal, talk to others, find support and take advantage of our WellAware crew. The WellAware staff are here to assist you to achieve your goals!

Chemical Laboratory Supervisor – BGSU Chemistry Department
WellAware and Group X Participant

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Terry Carver I was being stubborn about not wanting to change too much in my daily routine without a huge time commitment.

Administrative Secretary – BGSU Department of Recreation and Wellness
WellAware and Group X Participant

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Steve Langendorfer My primary care physician still marvels at my low cholesterol, low heart rate, low blood pressure, and other typical blood measures, calling them "exceptional" and unlike virtually any other patient of his.

Professor – BGSU School of Human Movement, Sport, and Leisure Studies
WellAware Participant and Freshman Wilderness Faculty

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Susan Schooner I have a lot of reasons to try to live a healthy lifestyle, but the ones that motivate me most are feeling good both physically and mentally.

Senior Account Clerk – BGSU Biological Sciences
WellAware Participant

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Debra McLean The best advice I can give is to take advantage of the opportunities on campus, and if it's easier and more motivating, get a group of people together!

Bowling Green State University Employee
WellAware Participant

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Devin SmithGetting people to care about people is a main motivator to me, and teaching others about a variety of health topics as a Peer Educator achieves that goal.

B.S. in Applied Health Science – Specialization in Health Care Administration (2017)
Student Recreation Center Manager, Wellness Connection Attendant, and Peer Educator

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LaParis Grimes It was great to work alongside people who share your passions and really love and care about what they do.

B.S. in Applied Health Science – Specialization in Public Health (2015)
Wellness Connection Attendant, Peer Educator, and Student Wellness Network Member

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Dylan Fox While at work, I was always pushed to stay motivated, pushed to be creative, and encouraged to think critically in a number of different ways.

B.S. in Journalism – Specialization in Public Relations (2014)
Wellness Connection Media Attendant (2012-14)

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Zachary GaskinsThis is the type of atmosphere that I have always wanted to work in.

B.S. in Education and Human Development - Sport Management (2023)
Student Recreation Center Customer Service Student Supervisor

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Haley ZywiczynskiI’ve always looked for ways to grow as a leader and step out of my comfort zone!

B.S. in Visual Communication Technology (2021)
Marketing Attendant and Student Supervisor (2019-21)

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Seth DanielsRecreation and Wellness has given me a professional start that I did not know I would get.

B.S. in Business – Specialization in Marketing and Supply Chain (2021)
Student Recreation Center Facilities Student Supervisor (2018-21)

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Kelly HaydenThis was the perfect opportunity to spend my summer working with kids and building up my leadership experience in a fun way.

B.S. in Social Work (2021)
Wellness Connection Student Supervisor and Kids Camp Counselor (2018-21)

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Lauren AndrewsMy college career would have looked a lot different without the experiences that I have had here.

B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies and Psychology minor (2021)
Group X Instructor and Fitness Student Supervisor (2018-21)

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