Personal Training

Let Our Personal Trainers Help You Achieve Your Goals

Need extra motivation, are not getting results, or don't even know where to begin? Individual or group personal training may be the solution. Nationally certified, BGSU personal trainers work with individuals one-on-one to provide the assistance, direction, and encouragement needed to succeed in meeting fitness goals ranging from weight loss, aerobic fitness, muscle toning, strength building, and flexibility. Trainers develop safe and effective exercise plans that are based on client goals and physical fitness levels and are grounded in knowledge of exercise principles, kinesiology, and biomechanics. Sign up for a personal trainer at the SRC Welcome Desk.

FREE Equipment Orientation 

Learn more about SRC equipment and full body exercises while receiving guidance from a certified Personal Trainer. FREE sessions include a 45 to 60-minute guided exercise session. No experience is required, so come as you are! Please wear active shoes and attire.

Free Equipment Orientation Request Form

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BGSU Personal Trainers

Everyone needs a little help with exercise sometimes whether they are just starting out or they have been at it for a long time. Below are just a few good reasons why a personal trainer is right for you!

  • Improve Overall Fitness 
    Past personal training clients confirmed they gained strength, lost weight and inches, increased their cardiovascular endurance, have more energy, and reduced stress!
  • Stop Wasting Time 
    Get results with a program designed specifically for you.
  • Motivation 
    A trainer can provide structure, direction and accountability. Plus, 100% of survey respondents said BGSU Personal Trainers made workouts both fun and enjoyable.
  • Exercise Safely and Effectively 
    Learn correct techniques and form for equipment use, strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular activities.

Individual Personal Training Packages

Individual PT Student/SRC Member BGSU Faculty/Staff/Retiree SRC Non-Member
3 Session Package $62   $78   $95  
6 Session Package $118   $150   $182
12 Session Package $224   $288   $352  
1 Consult $21   $27 $33

Each individual personal training package includes a free half hour consult and fitness assessment. All training sessions are one hour in length.


Group Personal Training Packages

Group PT Student/SRC Member BGSU Faculty/Staff/Retiree SRC Non-Member
3 Session Package $42 per person $58 per person $75 per person
6 Session Package $78 per person $110 per person $142 per person
12 Session Package $130 per person $195 per person $260 per person

Workout with your friends and a personal trainer! Group Training packages consist of 2 or 3 individuals per session. Package includes a free half hour consult with the group. Each training session is one hour in length.

Personal Training Packages can be purchased at the Student Recreation Center Welcome Desk.

Sessions valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Getting Started

  • Call or visit the Student Recreation Center Welcome Desk.
  • Complete a Trainer Request Form and submit payment (cash, credit, or check).
  • After paperwork is reviewed by the Fitness Student Supervisor, clients are assigned to a compatible trainer.
  • Registered clients receive contact from the trainer to schedule sessions.

What to Expect

Consult/Fitness Assessment

  • This is a time to discuss any questions the trainer or client may have and establish physical fitness goals. The assessment includes a body composition analysis and tests to measure strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. The assessment establishes a point from which progress can be measured.

Typical Session

  • After the consult and fitness assessment, the personal trainer designs a program based on client goals and physical fitness level. Each session is one hour in length. The trainer demonstrates how to properly execute exercises, evaluates progress and adjusts the exercise routine as needed to reach fitness goals.

Session May Include

  • Equipment orientation or physical fitness assessment. Assessment can test general strength, cardiovascular health, range of motion, or an individualized-goal assessment.
  • A workout consisting of all integral components to a well-rounded exercise plan: warm-up, resistance training, cardiovascular training, and cool-down.
  • Education on the benefits of exercise, the importance of consistent exercise, and additional knowledge to equip any client with the tools needed to succeed in the future.
  • Further training sessions can be scheduled after the initial visit to reassess goals.


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