Practicum Positions and Internships

Opportunities Beyond the Realm of Student Employment Positions

Position descriptions are continuously reviewed and developed in order to meet the needs of students and the department. Recreation and Wellness recruit students in many areas of study including tourism, hospitality, and event management, sport management, marketing, and journalism, business, health promotion, and other majors. All students participating in a practicum or internship during the fall and spring semesters are invited to participate in the Recreation and Wellness Student Development and Leadership program. Staff members work with each student to ensure academic requirements are addressed. Students with a particular project or experiential need that may be met by the department, beyond what is included in the posted descriptions, are asked to contact the programmer of interest to discuss details.

Designed for both graduate and undergraduate students attending BGSU.

Practicum positions are sometimes titled “internships” for certain academic areas. Students have the ability to receive academic credit for these experiences. Positions typically average 120 contact hours per semester. Practicum positions and regular internships are unpaid unless otherwise noted.

BGSU students may use the application links below to apply. Non-BGSU students may apply by sending a resume and cover letter to the designated staff contact.

Designed for students who attend schools other than BGSU.

Students have the ability for receive academic credit for internship experiences. Professional/full-time internships typically require 40 contact hours per week. These interns receive on-campus housing (summer only). These positions are competitive, are available until filled, and recruitment is ongoing. Inquire with the staff listed below for more details.

Katey Headley ~ Spring 2014

I just wanted to say thank you once again for all of your guidance during my time as a practicum student. I am happy to report that I am a Wellness/Program Director at a YMCA in my hometown. I was an intern there over the summer and they were so impressed that they decided to keep me! J I owe a lot of that to you! During my time as a practicum student, you taught me how to develop/run programs, how to be a good fitness instructor, and many other skills that I then utilized at my internship. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Matthew Alan Lacy ~ Summer 2008

BGSU has taught me how to grow as a leader; I lead a staff of 30 student employees and learned every aspect of being a manager. My experience at Bowling Green State University was the opportunity of a lifetime, and I would recommend to any student interested  in a career in campus recreation to join the BGSU Recreation and Wellness team.

Bernard Little ~ Fall 2008

Interning at my Alma Mater was something I was looking forward to, and actually having the opportunity to work with the Department of Recreation and Wellness allowed me to challenge myself to live better physically, mentally, and professionally. Recreation and Wellness gave me tools to improve myself as a person first and a professional second, and because of that I am forever grateful!

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