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The Student Recreation Center is a versatile venue for your organizaiton's event, social outing, or even birthday party. Submit the Rental Request Form below as far in advance as possible to request rental space. Contact Julia Adams, jthatch@bgsu.edu or 419.372.7485 with questions or for more information.

Thank You to the BGSU rec center staff for being so hospitable, so accommodating, and so very professional during our visit. As an experienced and well-traveled handball participant, I don't know the last time that I received and felt such a warm welcome from the facility/tournament staff - they were genuinely invested in our accommodations and in our overall experience.  They took pride in the BGSU campus, the university's culture, the town's points of interest (churches, restaurants, things to do outside of handball) and especially in the cleanliness of the rec center.

I can only speak for myself - and perhaps for my partner that I traveled with - to say that I/we had an exceptional experience at the handball tournament:  great lockers and showers, very nice hospitality room (where we relaxed, socialized, had snacks), and probably one of the BEST courts I've ever been on: perfectly lit, well-ventilated, and excellent viewing for the judges and spectators. Bravo to you and to BGSU for creating such a fruitful atmosphere. 

I say I can probably speak for my partner simply because this is exactly what he and I discussed on our drive back - just how incredibly high quality everything was: the condition of the courts, how respectful the students were (students using the gym facility and just seeing them pal around each other in the lockers and in the halls), and just how nice the rec center staff was to all of the handballers. 

Finally, it really was the buzz of the tournament: several of us had never played there before, so the 'sideways glass courts' were completely new and novel to us, and that View was spectacular - I facetimed with several of our Central PA handballers to 'brag' and 'show-off' just how nice everything was. We all talked about how inviting and well-mannered the staff was, and how they were so communicative - welcoming us with a smile, acknowledging that we were handball guests, and offering to help us navigate through the large facility...it's like "you can't teach that". So all that to say, they are remarkably trained, but I also think that they just naturally have 'IT'.... good young adults with great customer service; a very highly-professional team built on solid manners and a willingness to be helpful. 

I look forward to visiting BGSU again next year; I plan to participate in this tournament again, with hopes of coming back with more Central PA players.

~2023 Participant

Individual Activity Court $70/hr
Multi-Activity Court (MAC) $70/hr
All Activity Courts (4) $235hr
Cooper Pool $212/hr
1/2 of Cooper Pool $152/hr
Cooper Pool Lane (long course) $32/hr
Cooper Pool Lane (short course) $13/hr
Andrews Pool $100/hr
Climbing Wall $120/hr
Falcon Fitness Studio A $65/hr
Falcon Fitness Studio B $75/hr
Group X Instructor Fee $35/hr
Classroom $70/hr
Outdoor Courtyard $40/hr
Racquetball/Handball/Squash/Wallyball Court $25/hr
Multi-Purpose Room (#21 Hardwood Floor) $25/hr
Multi-Purpose Room (#36 Synthetic Floor) $35/hr
SRC Chair $1.50/day
SRC Table $8/day
Portable Bleacher
SRC Staff Member (As Determined by SRC Management) $17/hr
SRC Tabling Fee (BGSU) $25/day
SRC Tabling Fee (non-BGSU) $50/day

Updated July 1, 2022

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