Facility Rentals

SRC (excluding pools/climbing wall) $263/hr
Individual Activity Court $63/hr
Multi-Activity Court (MAC) $63/hr
All Activity Courts (4) $209/hr
Cooper Pool $193/hr
1/2 of Cooper Pool $138/hr
Cooper Pool Lane (long course) $19/hr
Cooper Pool Lane (short course) $12/hr
Andrews Pool $63/hr
Climbing Wall $146/2 hrs
Falcon Fitness Studio A $63/hr
Falcon Fitness Studio B $63/hr
Group X Instructor Fee $30/hr
Classroom $63/hr
Outdoor Courtyard $34/hr
Racquetball/Handball/Squash/Wallyball Court $23/hr
Multi-purpose Rooms (#21 and 36) $23/hr
SRC Chair $1/day
SRC Table $5/day
SRC Staff Member (As Determined by SRC Management) $15/hr
SRC Tabling Fee (BGSU) $16/day
SRC Tabling Fee (non-BGSU) $30/day

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