Outdoor Recreation Spaces

Various areas across campus are under the jurisdiction of Recreation and Wellness. Refer to the rentable areas below that are used regularly for RecWell programming and events, but can also be reserved for various functions.

Intramural Fields are used for Recreation and Wellness programming and events but can be used for open recreation at no cost when space is available or reserved for various functions. Rental fees vary based on date, time, and other variables.  

For More Information: pfh@bgsu.edu

Most reservation requests are processed based on the following schedule:

  • January-April Use: Assignments begin September 1
  • May-August Use*: Assignments begin February 1
  • September-December Use: Assignments begin May 1

*NOTE: During summer classes, Conference and Event Services manages this space.

For More Information:
419.372.9000 | planevents@bgsu.edu

students playing frisbee on IM field

Two mud pits are located just behind the Perry Field House. These are typically used for mud volleyball, tug of war, or other fun, messy activities. Rental groups are responsible to arrange water permits to hook into the fire hydrant by calling the Fire Department at 419.352.3106 and prepare for safety issues and tilling the ground by calling 419.372.2171.  

Mud Pit Area BGSU Student Organization/Department Rate Community Group Rate
Mud Pit $25/hr $40/hr
Garden Hose $5/day
Fire Hydrant Meter Set by Fire Dept. Set by Fire Dept.
Volleyball Nets & Poles No Charge $20/day
Clean Up $25/hr (if needed) $25/hr (if needed)
students in the mud pit
students in the mud pit

The courtyard is located outside of Andrews Pool at the Student Recreation Center and features a sand volleyball court, gas fire pit, and gazebo with seating. The courtyard is great for birthday parties, group outings, and other social activities. It is currently only open during Andrews Pool hours unless it's rented out during specific hours.


Community Group Rate

Outdoor Courtyard: $32/hr
Outdoor Fire Pit: $11/hr

Reservation Request Form

Inquire with Dave Hollinger regarding BGSU student organization and BGSU department/office pricing.

Outdoor Recreation Space Rentals

Thank you for your interest in utilizing the Recreation and Wellness outdoor facilities for your group's needs. In order to expedite your usage request, please complete the form below, review it for accuracy, then click the submit button. Completion of this form does not guarantee your request to be granted. Please submit this request at least two weeks prior to event date.

Most reservation requests are processed based on the following schedule:

Usage Period Date Assignments Begin
January – April September 1, Prior to January
May – August *  February 1, Prior to May
September – December May 1, Prior to September

*NOTE: During summer classes, Conference and Event Services manages the Intramural Fields.  

For More Information:
419.372.9000 | planevents@bgsu.edu

Rental Request Form

If requesting SPECIFIC date(s), complete this section. If requesting more than two dates, contact Thad Long to provide additional date requests.

Activity/Event Request #1

Time(s) desired (fill out all fields provided):

Activity/Event Request #2

(Make-up or back-up date)

Time(s) desired (fill out all fields provided):

*Check all facility areas requested. Contact Thad Long for fee information.

Intramural Field Areas:

Perry Field House Mud Pits:

Student Recreation Center Sand Volleyball Court:

Security/Officials or Event Staff:

Check each type of Recreation and Wellness facility equipment or services requested (and provide quantity/detail as needed):

Trash Cans:

Mud Volleyball Equipment:


Fire hydrant water meter and hose:

Contact Bowling Green City Fire Department at 419.352.3106

Explain your group's plans and provisions for the topics below:

After you submit your request, do not forget to print out the "Form Submitted" page, which should appear after you submit your request. This will serve as a confirmation that your form was submitted. If you have any questions, contact Thad Long | 419.372.8110

Additional Outdoor Recreation Space Rental Fees

Item Description Responsible Party and Cost
Clean Up Fee (if needed)
Equipment or Facility Dammage
Rental group billed for all repair and replacement costs
Overtime - When Authorized
Events running 30+ minutes past contracted finish time may be charged up to double the standard rental fees for facilities, equipment, and/or employees
Security/Officials or Event Staff
Sport Specific Equipment
Supplied by rental group
Tables, Chairs, Platforms Rental available through external sources