Veronica's Story

Veronica Rasicci, B.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science
Student Supervisor – Customer Service (2012-15)

As a freshman looking for an on-campus job, it seemed like the BGSU rec center was the place to work, so naturally I applied, and didn't get the job. It was sad, because I was just getting into working out and getting the hang of my college classes. So I then went to the spring job fair, visited the RecWell booth, and applied for the second time, so when I got a call for an interview, and then the offer to become a customer service associate, I was thrilled!

Perhaps the greatest thing about working for Recreation and Wellness was the support that the professional staff gives to the student staff. My first day of work was the "brutal" 6 AM shift, the second day of classes. And anyone who visits/works at the Rec Center knows just how hectic those first couple weeks of the semester are! But I loved it, I really didn't even mind waking up at 5 AM and making the trek across campus, because the interactions with patrons were wonderful. Not only did I work at the "front desk," I was also a Wellness Connection Attendant. Working for the Wellness Connection was a great experience because I became familiar with a unit of RecWell that not many people are familiar with. I was able to represent RecWell in more ways than one, and I was able to spread the word about the Wellness Connection, and the programs they offer, to my friends and sorority sisters. Also, while working in the Wellness Connection, I worked closely with Karyn Smith, the BGSU Health Educator, and she actually encouraged me to get my personal trainer and group exercise instructor certifications. I could not imagine going through college without those certs! Those two certifications lead me to also become an instructor and trainer for RecWell, which continued to open up many doors for me. 

Perhaps the greatest thing about working for the department of Recreation and Wellness was the support that the professional staff gives to the student staff. From offering us daily life advice, to encouraging us to step outside of our comfort zone, present at local, regional, and national conferences, to just being someone we could vent to, the professional staff always showed their support of the student staff. It didn't matter what unit you worked for, you could see that support in everything from aquatics to the outdoor program to intramurals. 

So to say that RecWell has impacted me is an understatement. It helped shaped me into the leader that I am today. To ask exactly how my time with RecWell has impacted me is hard to say, because they offered me, and taught me, so much, about being a student, a leader, a well-around person of society. I know my college experience would not have been the same if it wasn't for my time as a RecWell employee, and I am so happy that I didn't give up on my goal of becoming a RecWell employee!

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