Student Employee Awards

Student Employee of the Month 2023 - 2024 Winners

One student employee is selected each month by the Student Employee Board to be honored for their work and commitment. These students have displayed leadership qualities through willingness to pick up extra shifts, voluntarily working beyond expectations, providing excellent customer service, taking initiative, and seeking development and improvement. The Offices of Recreation and Health & Wellness thank these outstanding student employees!

August: Ashlyn Koester, Center Manager - Student Recreation Center
September: Austin Pugh - Intramural Sports
October: Samantha Wellman, Head Lifeguard - Aquatics
November: Riley Poffenbarger - Climbing Wall
December: Kate Laney, Customer Service Attendant - Student Recreation Center
January: Aleksander Rodkin, Athletic Assistant - Perry Field House 
February: Abi Slembarski - Marketing Manager 
March: Jeremy Barley, Head Lifeguard - Aquatics  
April: Alex Wood, Lead Peer Health Educator - Wellness

June: Jake Ruby, Center Manager - Student Recreation Center
Mo Crane, Head Lifeguard - Aquatics
Kyle Brackenbury, Center Manager - Student Recreation Center
Aleksandr Rodkin, Athletic Assistant - Perry Field House
Maria Signorino, Group X - Fitness
Eryn Dael, Climbing Wall Attendant - OP, Floor Attendant - SRC
Ethan Fontana, Referee - IM
January: Sarah Barth - Perry Field House
February: Laney Hemmelgarn - Marketing
March: Gen Greer - Lifeguard - Aquatics
April: Rinata Kaiser - Climbing Wall Attendant - OP, Marketing
May: Emily Jarvis - Center Manager, Studet Recreation Center

June: Morgan Thompson, Center Manager - Student Recreation Center
July: Chloe Buck, Lifeguard - Aquatics
August: Nicholas Beier, Manager, Personal Trainer, Group X Instructor - SRC
September: Makesha Bow - Perry Field House Attendant
November: Bailey Wysong, Lifeguard/Crew Chief - Aquatics
December: Kelsey Dietrich, Yoga Instructor - Fitness
January: Cory Baird, Center Manager - Student Recreation Center
February: Tom Paul, Athletic Supervisor, Information Coordinator - Intramurals/Club Sports
March: Elliot Qualls, Lifeguard - Aquatics
April: Gage Minney - Student Recreation Center

June/July: Michaella Lowe - Kids Camp Head Counselor
August: Caroline Haworth - Perry Field House, SRC CSA and FA, Wellness Connection and Fitnes
December: Kyle Staten, Lifeguard - Aquatics
January: Dakota Brunsman, Customer Service Attendant - Student Recreation Center
February: Paige Geatz, Desk Attendant - PFH
March: April Leygraaf, Lifeguard - Aquatics
April: Daniel Trantham - Marketing and Social Media

May, June, and July: Benjamin Sinegar, CSA, Center Manager, PT/Group X, Mr. RecWell - Student Recreation Center
August: Mike Holobaugh, Center Manager - SRC
September: Sydney Mason, Floor Attendant - SRC
October: Kayla Cyphers, Building Manager - Perry Field House Attendant
November: Julia Hage, Group X Instructor - SRC
December: Megan Sommers, Customer Service Associate - SRC
January: Alexandria Stojovich, Lifeguard - Student Recreation Center
February: Kelsey Knoop, Group X Instructor - SRC
March: Katie Ruby, Attendant - Perry Field House
April: Tyler Minnis - Forrest Creason Golf Course

June: Emily Helm - SRC Customer Service Attendant
July: Joe Cohen - FCGC Golf Attendant
August: Mackenzie Smith/Alexis Gideon - SRC Co-Leaders
September: Cieara Little - PFH Attendant
October: Bridget Mescher - PFH Marketing & Brand Strategy
November: Allison Lagrou - SRC Manager
December: Alexandria Baker - SRC Fitness Instructor
January: Melanie Bracco - SRC Customer Service
February: Steven DelCegno/Ashlynn Wardle - Intramural Sports Manager & Referee
March: Sydney Street - Trip & Rock Wall Attendants

June/July: Stephanie Lieto - SRC
August: Alli Schiffer - Ice Arena
September: Nicole Burton - SRC
October: Alec Hoffman - Ice Arena
November: Rita Betz - PFH
December: Nikki Bourland - Ice Arena
January: Matt Stith/Frank Viancourt - Falcon Fitness/SRC
February: Sara Deliberato - SRC
March: Wyatt Garber - FCGC

August: Sheena Dicab - Aquatics
September: Andrew Namoski - Aquatics
October: Kristina Rodman - PFH
November: Christy Glaser - Wellness Connection
December: Josh Bohn - Ice Arena & SRC
January: Vince D'Ettore - Outdoor Program
February: Kaylee Paul - SRC
March: Spencer Bechstein - Ice Arena
April: Piper Kullas - Marketing

August: Margo Morr, Center Manager - Student Recreation Center
September: Mary Ross, Lifeguard Crew Chief - Aquatics
November: Ali Hassanov, Facility Attendant - Perry Field House
December: Greg Schweiterman, Referee - Intramural Sports
January: Maddie Stiles, Facility Attendant - Perry Field House
February: Max Erwin, Center Manager - Student Recreation Center
March: Emily Schwieterman - Marketing Attendant
April: AJ Leonard, Climbing Wall Attendant - Outdoor Program

June: Lauren Huyn, Trip Leader - Outdoor Program
July: Lauren Reece, Attendant - Perry Field House
August: Ethan Chamblee, Center Manager - Student Recreation Center
September: Jason Monlinaro, Sttendant - Perry Field House
October: Courtney Smith, Lifeguard - Aquatics
November: Taylar Diver, Learn to Swim Instructor - Aquatics
Decmeber: Makesha bow, Attendant - Perry Field House

May, June, and July: Elly Schnitker, Customer Service Associate - Student Recreation Center
August: Ryan Myracle,Center Manager - Student Recreation Center
September: Janelle Mangen, Customer Service Attendant and Center Manager - SRC
October: Emily Kollar - Wellness Connection Attendant
November: Caroline Haworth - Wellness Connection Attendant
January: Brody Hanna, Customer Service Student Supervisor - Student Recreation Center
February: Jennifer Chang, Center Manager - SRC
March: Caroline Inkrott, Group X Instructor - SRC

August: Tanner Zizelman - Wellness Connection Attendant
September: Logan Elias - FCGC Pro Shop Attendant
October: Connor Goodpaster - SRC Customer Service Attendant & Center Manager
November: Khiry Sparks - Aquatics Crew Chief
December: Jake Tanner - PFH Manager
January: Joel Hartman - Marketing Associate
February: Kylie Hayes - SRC Customer Service Attendant & Center Manager
March: Kelli Baumgardner - SRC Center Manager
April: Kristina Irwin - Intramural Referee

June/July: Emily Skorrupski - PFH
August: Mallory Rodabaugh - SRC Aquatics
September: Courtney Sullican - Outdoor Program
October: Macy McCartney - SRC Welcome Desk
November: Dan Gaertner - Intramural Sports
December: Kelsey Hammersmith - PFH Welcome Desk
January: Camey Macy - SRC Aquatics
February: Andrew Wiltsie - Intramural Sports
March: Cassidy Gauthier - PFH
April: Macy Weatherhead - Falcon Fitness

September: Haley Speaker - SRC
October: Chris Kohr - SRC
November: Jenna Vermilya - Intramural Sports
December: Heather Sabin - Outdoor Program
January: Angela Uhlenhake - SRC
February: Chelsea Dietrich - Wellness Connection
March: Adam Foley - Outdoor Program

September: Ellen Borer - SRC
October: Adie Heyne - Outdoor Program
November: Lindsay Helm/Jermy Lewis - SRC
December: Mike Swartz/Rob Whitaker - Outdoor Program
January: Ryan Rampe - PFH
February: Kaitlyn Kobe - SRC
March: Dani Deuschle - SRC

Annual Award Winners

Annually the Offices of Recreation and Health & Wellness acknowledge and reward four deserving students as best in their specific job roles throughout the department who demonstrate exemplary dedication to the mission and the core values of Bowling Green State University. Students are nominated by peers, supervisors, graduate assistants, or professional staff members and are also required to complete a formal application.

Examples of student employee contributions considered for these awards may include but are not limited to:

  • Exhibiting distinguished leadership
  • Breaking barriers to participation
  • Championing for underrepresented populations
  • Enhancing facilities, programming, or services
  • Going above and beyond by performing extraordinary tasks or duties outside of the job description
  • Demonstrating character that shines
  • Encouraging student involvement within the department

Graduate Assistant of the Year
2023-24: Jadyn Mummey, Health and Wellness
2022-23: Andrew McNutt, Student Programming
2021-22: Maddi Styles, Fitness
2020-21: Julia Thatcher, SRC
2019-20: Adrienne Ansel, Fitness
2018-19: Lindsay Rausch, PFH/IM/CS
2017-18: Brianna Harris, PFH/IM
2016-17: Dorothy Stromdahl, SRC
2015-16: Matt Reising, Wellness Connection
2014-15: Karen Grajczyk, Wellness Connection
2013-14: Kelsey Gabbard, Student Programming
2012-13: Sarah DeWitt, Wellness Connection
2011-12: Mya Jordan, Student Programming

Jadyn Mummey flanked by Faith DeNardo and Ashley Hartman
Jadyn Mummey with Faith DeNardo and Ashley Hartman

Student Supervisor of the Year
2023-24: Mandy Grimm, SRC/Fitness
2022-23: Jenna Tegge, SRC
2021-22: Hanna Hunt, SRC
2020-21: Lauren Andrews, Fitness
2019-20: Emily Kollar, Wellness Connection
2018-19: Brody Hanna, SRC
2017-18: Taylor Brandt, SRC
2016-17: Andrienne Ansel, Fitness
2015-16: Maryah Schmitz, Intramural Sports
2014-15: Macy McCarntney, SRC
2013-14: Morganne Rodabaugh, Aquatics
2012-13: Lindsay Helm, SRC/Marketing
2011-12: Lisa Miller, Perry Field House

Mandy Grimm R. with Julia Adams L.
Mandy Grimm with Julia Adams

Sue Hager Student Employee of the Year
2023-24: Abigail Slembarski, Marketing
2022-23: Addie Ward, Intramural Sports
2021-22: Olivia Gorman, SRC
2020-21: Kelsey Dietrich, Fitness
2019-20: Krystal Lau, Fitness
2018-19: Caroline Haworth, Wellness Connection
2017-18: Caroline Inkrott, Fitness
2016-17: Megan Sommers, SRC
2015-16: Kelli Baumgardner, SRC
2014-15: Libbey Snyder, Marketing
2013-14: Kelsey Hammersmith, Perry Field House
2012-13: Angela Uhlenhake, SRC
2011-12: Whitney Pellham, Perry Field House

Abi Slembarski R. with Lona Leck L.
Abi Slembarski with Lona Leck

Sue Hager was the Director of University Intramurals at BGSU from 1968-1981. During her tenure Ms. Hager also served as an assistant professor in the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, as a public school physical education teacher, and as the BGSU Associate Athletic Director. Ms. Hager made a lasting impression, not only on BGSU’s overall intramural and athletic programs, but also in a regional and national perspective for women and athletics everywhere. She was involved and influential in national organizations such as the National Association for Girls’ and Women’s Sports, the Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, the Ohio College Association, and the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association among others.  

Ron Zwierlein Student Employee of the Year
2023-24: Mason Lewis, Aquatics
2022-23: Maria Signorino, Fitness
2021-22: Ali Hasanov, PFH
2020-21: Jonathan Voth, SRC
2019-20: Josiah Nichols, SRC
2018-19: Dakota Brunsman, SRC
2017-18: Cody Seiter, SRC
2016-17: Connor Goodpaster, SRC
2015-16 Anthony Cabot, SRC
2014-15: Jacob Tanner, Perry Field House
2013-14: Casey Back, Perry Field House
2012-13: Jordan Cedoz, Marketing
2011-12: Keith Wells, Perry Field House

Maria Signorino flanked by Bryant Miller and Hannah Bockey
Mason Lewis with Jacob Muellerschoen

Ron Zwierlein has an undergraduate and master's degree from BGSU, and a Doctor of Philosophy in 1980 from The Ohio State University. During his professional career he served as Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at St. Bonaventure University (New York) and various positions at BGSU including Freddie Falcon, adjunct faculty for the School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies, Senior Associate VP for Student Affairs, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (1994 to 1999), Director of Recreational Sports, Director of the Perry Field House and head coach for the men’s and women’s swimming and diving programs. Ron is a man of many talents, as evidenced by the variety of positions he has held, and the quality of relationships he has built.  He is also well known for his sense of humor, and ability to relate to people at all levels of an organization, and in all walks of life. 

Many Student Employees at the Department of Recreation and Wellness have received special awards in honor of their dedication and professional work. These students have been recognized by various organizations locally and nationally for their excellence in the work place and and for their outstanding character. 

  • Haley Lutz - 2022 Student Employee Supervisor of the Year - BGSU Student Employment
  • Haley Zywiczynski - 2021 Co-Op/Intern Student of the Year - BGSU Student Employment
  • Dominique Buchanan, India Islam, Pablo Gomez-Estevez, and Haley Zywiczynski - 2020 NIRSA Creative Excellence - 2nd Place Integrated Marketing Campaign: THRIVE – Empowering Your Well-Being Journey
  • Dominique Buchanan and Haley Zywiczynski - 2020 NIRSA Creative Excellence - 2nd Place Student Publication: Falcon Fact or Fiction
  • Pablo Gomez-Estevez - 2020 NIRSA Creative Excellence - 1st Place Student Digital Presentation - "Welcome Back to the Rec"
  • Emily Kollar - 2019 Outstanding Peer Educator - NASPA General Assembly, Health, Safety, and Well-Being Initiatives
  • Sarah Music – 2016-2017 Outstanding Graduate Assistant – BGSU Division of Student Affairs
  • Erica Pax – 2016 NIRSA Creative Excellence – 3rd Place Student Digital Presentation – "BGSU Recreation and Wellness Through the Years" Digital Timeline
  • Matt Reising – 2016 BACCHUS Region IV-East Outstanding Peer Advisor
  • Erica Pax – 2015-16 Outstanding Student Employee – BGSU Division of Student Affairs
  • Devon Smith – 2015 BACCHUS National Peer Educator of the Year
  • LaParis Grimes – 2015 BACCHUS Regional Peer Educator of the Year
  • Christopher Otte – 2014 BACCHUS Network Regional Peer Educator of the Year
  • Anne Yenrick – 2014-15 Outstanding Student Employee – BGSU Division of Student Affairs 
  • Sarah DeWitt – 2014 BACCHUS Region 7 Outstanding Advisor of the Year
  • Taylor Newlove – 2013-14 Outstanding Graduate Assistant – BGSU Division of Student Affairs
  • Jordan Cedoz – 2013 NIRSA Creative Excellence – 2nd Place Website
  • Megan Rose – 2013 NIRSA Creative Excellence – 3rd Place Student Digital Presentation
  • Jodi Wellmann – 2012 NIRSA Creative Excellence – Honorable Mention – Programming Publication – Drinking and Driving Pledge Poster
  • Piper Kullas – 2011 NIRSA Creative Excellence – 2nd Place Programming Publication – GA Recruit Brochure
  • Anthony Althauser – 2011 NIRSA Creative Excellence – 2nd Place Audio Visual Publication – Recreation and Wellness Programming Video
  • Melissa Rausch – 2010 Outstanding Intern Student of the Year – BGSU Career Center
  • Emily Martin – 2010 NIRSA Creative Excellence – 3rd Place Student Programming Publication – Monster Mash Wellness Bash
  • Stephanie Martof – 2009 Outstanding On Campus Student Employee of the Year – BGSU Career Center
  • Brian Gulko – 2009 Citizenship Program of the Year – Gregory T. DeCrane Applauding Excellence Award for National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week – Student Wellness Network Emerging Male Leading
  • Melissa Rausch – 2009 NIRSA Creative Excellence – 3rd Place Website
  • Ashley Remer – 2009 BACCHUS Network Outstanding Student
  • Megan Morris – 2006-07 Outstanding Graduate Assistant – BGSU Division of Student Affairs
  • Jerome Gabriel – 2005-06 Outstanding Graduate Assistant – BGSU Division of Student Affairs
  • Sheila Brown – 1997-98 Outstanding Graduate Assistant – BGSU Division of Student Affairs

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