Green Office Initiatives

We're Green Certified by the BGSU Office of Campus Sustainability

Green Office Certification is a program created by the BGSU Office of Campus Sustainability with the purpose of encouraging offices on campus to make conscious decisions about their environmental footprint. This program allows departments around campus to audit their daily functions to see what actions could be taken to use less energy or produce less waste.

Learn more about BGSU's Green Office Certification

  • To complete this certification a checklist provided by the Office of Campus Sustainability that includes areas of printer/paper reduction, lighting, heating, cooling, energy, waste reduction, transportation, education and more.
  • The evaluation is based on a scoring system that allows offices and staff to claim an action item in specific categories. 
  • The Department of Recreation and Wellness scored an 81 as an entire department of offices which passed the process of auditing to be granted the Green Office Certification in April of 2021.
  • Students Hanna Hunt (‘22), Nick Schwochow (‘23), and Andrew McNutt (‘23G) led the way on achieving the certification with guidance from Assistant Director, Lona Leck ('90, '04), and Director, Dave Hollinger ('01, '05). 

Ongoing green operations and purchasing practices.

  • Using recycled paper and printing double sided.
  • Working to go completely paperless for waivers, forms, and employee documentation with Connect2Concepts.
  • Working to make ALL lights in our buildings LED.
  • Marketing our own sustainable actions as well as all of campus.
  • Incentivizing employees to use reusable utensils, water bottles, plates, etc.
  • Haveing a plethora of water bottle refill stations located around the buildings. Did you know there are over 160,000 water bottle refills per semester at ther SRC!?
  • Having recycle receptacles located in all office spaces.

Past Recreation and Wellness projects funded by BGSU Sustainability throug the Student Green Initiatives Fund

  • Student Recreation Center pool area LED lighting upgrade
    (Funded 50% of the project of up to $50,00)
  • Student Recreation Center LED lighting upgrade ($18,745)
  • Perry Field House LED lighting upgrade ($30,00)
  • Assistance purchasing self-powered treadmills
  • Replacement of electric-powered elliptical equipment with battery-powered elliptical equipment
  • PENDING: Student Recreation Center Raquetball Court LED lighting upgrade ($12,500)
Learn more about energy efficiency at BGSU.

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