Falcon Fitness Staff

Join our Falcon Fitness Team! If you are interested in becoming a certified Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer, Contact Karyn Smith at karync@bgsu.edu for more information. 

All Falcon Fitness staff members are certified in first aid and CPR/AED. 

Photo of Karyn Smith

Karyn Smith

  • Position: Group X Instructor | Personal Trainer
    Profession: Health Educator - Wellness Connection
    Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, ViPR® Instructor

Adrienne Ansel

  • Position: Fitness Instructor
    Profession: Fitness and Wellness professional and small business owner
    Certifications: Masters of Education in Kinesiology, ACE, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Les Mills BodyPump™ Instructor, and SilverSneakers® Instructor

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: It brightens my day to lead others to ENJOY exercise while building relationships with others in our special Falcon Fitness Family!

Personal Interests: Staying active is definitely one of my favorite hobbies! In my spare time, I love choreograph for the BGSU Dance Program. When I’m not teaching or training or staying active, you can find me spending time with loved ones or snuggling with my 3 sweet kitties.

Headshot of Reagan Benseler

Reagan Benseler

  • Position: Older Adult Fitness Instructor
    Profession: Human Delvelopment and Family Studies
    Certifications: CPR, Silver Sneakers Splash

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: I’m newly hired but cannot wait to start and meet all the lovely people in the classes!

Personal Interests: Working out, hanging out with friends, taking long walks in beautiful places

Headshot of Hannah Bockey

Hannah Bockey

  • Position: Fitness Graduate Assistant of Student Recreation Center.
    Profession: 1st year Kinesiology Graduate Student in the School of Human Movement, Sport, and Leisure Studies.
    Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Instructor of Older Adult Strength Training.

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: My favorite part about being part of Falcon Fitness in the environment. Everyone here is very welcoming and makes coming to work enjoyable! Another part that I enjoy about Falcon Fitness is teaching my Older Adult Strength Training class – this community is one of the most dedicated group of individuals & I couldn’t imagine Falcon Fitness without them! Falcon Fitness has given me so many great experiences & friendships that I will forever cherish.

Personal Interests: During my free time I enjoy working out, spending time with my dog, Tonks, and hanging out with my family and friends!

Headshot of Purvi Chauhan

Purvi Chauhan

  • Position: Yoga instructor
    Profession: Accounting
    Certifications: RYT 100, RYT 200, CPR

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: It's a supportive community working toward wellness!

Personal Interests: Traveling, walks, cooking with my friends, reading.

Headshot of Meg Crawford

Meg Crawford

  • Position: Instructor
    Profession: Inclusive Early Childhood Education
    Certifications: CPR Certified and 200-Hour Teacher Training

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: All of the different classes that are available for me to try/ a stress release

Personal Interests: Yoga, crafts, spending time with friends

Headshot of Shannon Fisher

Shannon Fisher

  • Position: Older Adult Fitness Instructor
    Profession: Workforce Development and Social Services
    Certifications: AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, Licensed Zumba® and Zumba Gold® Instructor

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: As a BGSU alum with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, I'm excited to join the Falcon Fitness staff. I started my fitness journey while attending group exercise classes at the Student Rec Center as a student, and it's full circle to return as an instructor.

Personal Interests: I enjoy running, reading, traveling (especially to a sunny beach), and spending time with my husband and two dogs.

Headshot of Shannon Fisher

Abby Gilfillen

  • Position: Rockstar Spin Instructor
    Profession: AYA Math Education
    Certifications: Spin Licenses

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: I like being a part of falcon fitness because I love helping people find new ways to stay active!

Personal Interests: Sharing my love for cycling classes is one of my favorite parts of the week!

Photo of Demetria Graham

Demetria Graham

  • Position: Group X Instructor
    Profession: Student Services Counselor in the College of Arts and Sciences
    Certification: AFAA Group Exercise Instructor

Training Philosophy: It's your workout, you get out of it what you put into it.

Personal Interests: I am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. I am a former basketball player and coach.  I am a graduate of BGSU. As a former (and current) Group X participant, the instructors inspired me so much that I made the decision to live a healthy lifestyle, and I decided to become a fitness instructor.  One of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life!


Kate Hans

  • Position: Group X Instructor
    Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders minor in Applied French
    Certification(s): ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and CPR/First Aid

Training Philosophy: I truly love being able to dance with my participants every week! It brings me so much joy to foster healthy living through dance. After attending various Group-X classes as a freshman, I realized how important exercise is, both physically and mentally. Through teaching group fitness classes, I hope to share my love of dance and create an inclusive atmosphere for my participants to grow and have fun!

Personal Interests: When I’m not dancing, I enjoy going on walks, exploring museums, listening to k-pop, and spending time with family and friends!

Place Holder Photo

Bryant Miller

  • Position: Fitness Instructor
    Major: Inclusive Early Childhood Education
    Certifications: 200 Hour Hatha Yoga instructor. Anti -Racism in Yoga Training. Adult First aid/AED/CPR.

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: I love being able to do so many outreach programs where I get to meet amazing groups of people that might have not come to a yoga class otherwise!

Personal Interests: I love to hike and take Trader Joe's road trips with my roommates!

Headshot of Olivia Oblak

Olivia Oblak

  • Position: Instructor
    Major: Nursing
    Certification(s): ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification

Training Philosophy: My favorite part about Falcon Fitness is their honest drive to create a community of people who want to better themselves and live healthier lives. I’m looking forward to being a member of that team!

Personal Interests: I love the feeling of pushing through a difficult exercise class and feeling stronger at the end! I also love dance, ice cream, the beach, and spending time outside!

Photo of Jodi Schroeder

Jodi Schroeder

  • Position: Budget Coordinator - Intercollegiate Athletics
    Certification: BODYPUMP™ and Cycle Instructor

Training Philosophy:  I strive to motivate others to achieve their personal success one step at a time.  I enjoy celebrating the mini-successes of realistic achievements which in turn become the foundation for greater triumphs.  Sometimes, the toughest thing to do is to take that first step.

Personal Interests:  A native of Northwest Ohio, Jodi has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree specializing in Marketing, as well as, a Master’s degree in Workforce Development and Education from Bowling Green State University.  Back in the summer of 2012, I caught the BGSU Falcon Fitness “bug” and haven’t looked back since.  In my free time, I enjoy participating in various sporting activities with my kids, spending time with my family, and soaking up the quiet calm a great run affords me.

Claire Semer

Claire Semer, Ph.D.

  • Position: Group X Instructor
    Profession: Assistant Director, Office of Residence Life
    Certification: AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, WERQ Dance Fitness Certified, BUTI Yoga Certified, and SilverSneakers®

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: I love providing different fitness formats to participants and watch them fall in love with exercising and sweating!

Personal Interests: I enjoy spending quality time with my family and gardening in the warmer months.


Maria Signorino

  • Position: Mindfulness Facilitator
    Major: Environmental Policy and Analysis | Specialization: Education and Interpretation | Minor: Entrepreneurship
    Certifications: Mediation and Mindfulness Instructor, Reiki level 1, Reiki level 2 , CPR and First Aid

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness:
 I absolutely love providing others with what I am so passionate about myself. It is important to me to practice what I preach, so I love meditating for myself as much as I love leading others in meditations. I also love how positive, outgoing, inclusive, and helpful the entire Falcon Fitness community is. 

Personal Interests: I enjoy yoga, hiking, and plants. Also, I love to try new things. I believe it is important to go out of your comfort zone to really see personal growth.

Headshot of Theresa Torio

Theresa Torio

  • Position: Personal Trainer

Training Philosophy: Coming Soon

Personal Interests: Coming Soon

Photo of DeeDee Wentland

DeeDee Wentland

  • Position: Group X Instructor
    Profession: Secretary, School of Cultural and Critical Studies (ACS, ETHN, POPC, and WS)
    Certification(s): Zumba®, Zumba® Step, Zumba® Toning, Aqua Zumba®, and STRONG by Zumba®, BodyPump™,and AFAA Group Exercise Instructor.

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: I love being a part of our Falcon Fitness family as an instructor and as a participant because our team is so supportive and positive!  Being at the Rec is the best part of any day on campus.  It’s where the fun is!

Personal Interests: I love going place and being a tourist, in Ohio and beyond.  I enjoy walks in the park, being by water, and I have 5 grandkids who keep me busy.

Headshot of Ashley Welling

Ashley Welling

  • Position: Instructor
    Major: Graduated from The Ohio State University in 2010 with a Major in Food Business Management and a minor in Dance
    Certification(s): Barre Intensity, Tabata Bootcamp, and Balletone former Professional Cheerleader for MLS Columbus Crew and AHL Cleveland Monsters

Training Philosophy: The ability to share my love of fitness and dance, especially after coming back from a C-Section, with people of all different ages.

Personal Interests: I have been breeding/showing rabbits for the last 17 years. I help out various 4H clubs in the area and also judge 4H rabbits including showmanship and meat pens in Northwest Ohio. I live on my husband's 150-year-old farm in Pemberville.

Headshot of Ashley Welling

Grant Cassidy

  • Position: Personal Trainer
    Profession: 2nd year Kinesiology student
    Certifications: CSCS

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: The opportunity to work with a variety of different individuals and help them achieve their fitness goals. 

Personal Interests: Working out, spending time with friends and family. 

Headshot of Ashley Welling

Rebekah Monroe

  • Position: Fitness Instructor
    Profession: 1st-year Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Student & Graduate Assistant
    Certifications: Yoga Teacher Training 200-HR, CPR, and First Aid

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: I love the energy of working hard, and resting hard! Yoga really empowered me to own my path towards healing and strength and I love helping others to find their way on this path. Community is powerful! Come take my Vinyasa class for a challenge, fun, and appreciation of just laying on your back and breathing after working up a sweat.

Personal Interests: Cats, Yoga, Intersectional Feminism, Jazz, Fashion, and Anime.

Headshot of Ashley Welling

Abby Wayman

  • Position: Fitness Instructor
    Major: Exercise Science
    Certification: BLS, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: I love that I am able to share my love and knowledge of fitness with participants. I’m glad to know that I am able to make them more comfortable in the gym and teach them the proper technique for them to continue their fitness journey on their own!

Personal Interest: I love to spend time traveling and exploring the outdoors! I spend a lot of my free time hiking, paddle boarding, and camping. I also enjoy sports and spend a lot of time playing basketball. 

Headshot of Ashley Welling

Dalton Curran

  • Position: Personal Trainer
    Major: Exercise Science
    Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer through ACTION

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: My favorite thing about being a part of falcon fitness is being able to collaborate with my coworkers and being able to share my passion for exercise with other members of our community.

Personal Interests: My personal interests are working out and doing community service and philanthropy events with my friends.

Headshot of Ashley Welling

Alli Daly

  • Position: Fitness Instructor
    Major: Physics with a minor in Spanish
    Certifications: Zumba Instructor License, AED/CPR First Aid

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: All the people that I get to meet and connect with over working towards a healthier lifestyle.

Personal Interests: I love dance, going to get coffee, going to the lake, and doing anything with my family and friends.

Headshot of Ashley Welling

Lexi Levicki

  • Position: Older Adult Fitness Instructor
    Profession: Math
    Certification: AED/CPR and Silver Sneakers Splash

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: I love staying active while making connections with members of our community.

Personal Interests: I enjoy walking, hanging out with friends, and spending time with my family. 

Headshot of Ashley Welling

Grace Perlberg

  • Position: Personal Trainer
    Major: Exercise Science on the Pre-Physical Therapy track
    Certification: NASM-CPT

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: Getting to work with all sorts of different people and share my same passion for exercise with everyone else.

Personal Interests: I am currently on the women’s swim and dive team here at BGSU as one of the swimmers and I specialize in breaststroke and IM. Additionally, I enjoy coaching swimming and in my free time I like to bake!

Headshot of Ashley Welling

Gabe Tupaz

  • Position: Personal Trainer
    Major: Exercise Science
    Certification: American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer

Favorite Thing About Being a Part of Falcon Fitness: I always appreciate being able to connect with people through exercise and help them towards their own personal and fitness goals.

Personal Interests: I enjoy staying active and working out. I also am a musician and love to play guitar and piano.

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