Seth's Story

Seth Daniels, B.S. in Business – Specialization in Marketing and Supply Chain (2021)
Student Recreation Center Facilities Student Supervisor

Seth Daniels, from Bowling Green, Ohio has had the time of his life working in Recreation and Wellness. He stumbled into the job in the fall of 2018 starting as a Customer Service Attendant at the Student Rec Center. It was not long after that when he found himself loving the department and looked to be more involved. In the spring of 2019, he applied to be Student Supervisor at the Recreation Center. Soon after, he ran for President of the Student Employment Board where he has served for two years.

Seth is a Business Major with a specialization in Marketing and Supply Chain. What he never realized was how much of an impact the Recreation and Wellness world would have on his future. Recreation and Wellness has given me a professional start that I did not know I would get. “Recreation and Wellness has given me a professional start that I did not know I would get when starting in 2018. Whether it is professional communication skills, project management, conflict resolution, or how to run an effective meeting, I will use these skills for the rest of my life,” said Daniels.

When Seth first joined the team, he immediately noticed a sense of belonging and family-like atmosphere that he had not noticed from past employment. Seth stated, “The culture that we have within Recreation and Wellness is something that is contagious and wants to make you work hard every day. Whether it was a Late Night Event at the Rec, or a 5:00 a.m. shift, I was always happy to be coming into work.”

Recreation and Wellness gave Seth a sense of belonging while at Bowling Green State University. Learning how to become a better leader, communicator, friend, and coworker were just a benefit to the job!


Seth Daniels delivering the Student Employee Board's service project, dog toys, to the Wood County Humane Society.


Seth Daniels with Zach Gaskins, Customer Service and SRC Student Supervisor.


Zach Gaskins, Julia Thatcher, Maddi Stiles, and Seth Daniels (left to right), supporting the Student Employee Board fundraising event.

Updated: 03/24/2021 12:46PM