Assessments and Services

Free Equipment Orientation

Register for a free equipment orientation at the Student Recreation Center. Learn how to safely use the cardio equipment and strength machines and perform basic free weight and stretching exercises. Trainers are also available (hours vary) at the Personal Training Office to help with questions on the spot.

Email us with questions or to register for equipment orientation.

Body Composition

Body composition refers to the types and amounts of tissues that make up the body.  The most widely accepted body composition analysis is a two-part scale which divides the body weight into fat weight and lean weight.

Fat weight or adipose tissue is considered essential for normal functioning and is stored in the body to protect, insulate and be used for energy.

Lean Body Mass is comprised of 40-50% muscle, 16-18% bone, and 26%-35% organ mass (liver, kidneys, heart, etc.).

Recommended Body Fat Percentages:

Age Males Females
18-24 years 10-16% 18-24%
24-35 years 12-18% 20-26%
36-47 years 12-20% 22-28%
48-59 years 14-22% 24-30%
60+ years 14-24% 24-32%

Health risks associated with excess body fat include heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and joint discomfort.

Through a partnership with the Exercise Science, additional testing utilizing InBody or BodPod for higher accuracy, and other testing services are also available.

Learn more about the BGSU Exercise Science Exercise is Medicine testing services.

Updated: 12/11/2023 11:30AM