Intramural Sports

Intramurals are Virtual and FREE for Spring 2021

As part of BGSU's safe return to campus plan, Intramural Sports are virtual and in-person for the spring of 2021. Various popular games played on several different consoles are offered as a way to keep students engaged and connected - and having fun!

The Intramural Sports program provides BGSU students/faculty/staff a wide variety of competitive activities for players of all skill levels and interests. Qualified staff provide a fun, yet structured environment that focuses on the health, safety and developmental needs of all Intramural Sports participants. Individual, dual and team activities are available. 

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When in-person, many sports offer both competitive and recreational leagues and most are played twice a week, Monday through Thursday between 5 PM and midnight. Regular season play lasts approximately three to four weeks, with one week of single-elimination playoffs for qualifying teams or individuals. BGSU students/faculty/staff are eligible. Restrictions apply for varsity/club athletes in same Intramural sports.

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Spring 2021 Virtual and In-Person Sports
Open to All BGSU Students/Faculty/Staff

Register through Virtual event times are flexible with season style games. Competitive event winners receive an Intramural Champs T-Shirt!

Entry Dates Season Play
3-on-3 Basketball
2/27 - 3/4
3/8 - 4/2
4 Player Flag Football
2/27 - 3/4 3/8 - 4/2
4v4 Volleyball
2/27 - 3/4 3/8 - 4/2
2/27 - 3/4 3/8 - 4/2

Overall Rules and Procedures for Virtual Intramurals

Report results by emailing a screen shot to

  • Games are scheduled to be played based off of player availability
  • Opponents must add each other as friends on gaming console
  • Games must be recorded in case of conflicts
  • Losing team has 24 hours to dispute score to
  • Final score is determined by IM Sports Office and are reflected on

Additional Game Specific Rules

  • Games consist of 6-minute quarters
  • Controls set to your preferences
  • All game settings are default and game skill is All-Pro
  • Only current NFL teams are allowed. Retro, Fantasy and/or All-Star Teams are prohibited
  • If two competing players may play on the same team
  • Jersey colors must be contrasting to ensure adequate visibility for both players
  • Games can be played at any time during the day
  • If a tie exists, both players must follow default overtime settings
  • Games consist of Default 5-minute quarters.
  • Controls set to your preferences.
  • Default settings and skill level set to All-Star
  • Only current NBA teams are allowed. Retro, Fantasy and/or All-Star Teams are prohibited
  • League is played with the latest NBA 2K20 update
  • Competing players may play with the same team
  • Jersey colors must be contrasting to ensure adequate visibility for both players
  • Games can be played at any time during the day
  • In the event of a tie, default overtime rules are utilized

Search and Destroy Rules

  • Best out of 3 rounds
  • Default game settings
  • When advancing, players must play with the same group

Warzone Rules

  • Sore points based off kills
  • There are teams of 2 and teams drop in quads
  • Two rounds are played and the teams with the most point moves on
  • In the event of a tie a third game is played
  • Public match making
  • Cross play enabled
  • Games consist of two 6 minute halves
  • Controls set to your preferences.
  • Game speed is played at normal
  • Teams may not choose an “All-Star” team unless both players agree beforehand
  • Jersey colors must be contrasting to ensure adequate visibility for both players
  • Games can be played at any time during the day
  • A full game consists of three 5 minute games
  • Best 2 out of 3 wins
  • Only a 3v3 league is played
  • All game settings are default
  • Any map that is regulation size and dimensions is permitted
  • Games may be played at any time during the day

When in-person play resumes, the following leagues are offered:
=Women's | M=Men's | MC= Men's Competitive | MR=Men's Recreational
CR=CoRec | CRC=CoRec Competitive | CRR=CoRec Recreational | F=Fraternity | S=Sorority | O=Open

Fall 2020 Intramural Fitness Competition
October 15 - November 30
Open to All BGSU Students/Faculty/Staff

BGSU Intramural Sports is stepping, lunging, gliding and spinning their way into new territory with a fitness themed video competition. Enter your fitness themed video and compete to win an Intramural Sports t-shirt. Share an IG, Twitter, TikTok or Snapchat handle and get an extra shout-out from Recreation and Wellness as a thank you for participating and being a part of connecting students virtually, both on and off-campus, with each other!  

Need inspiration or ideas? Tune in to @BGSURecWell on Instagram to see our staff’s sample videos. 

Official Contest Rules and Processes:

  • Submit a video vile (.mp4, .mov, .wmv) from a valid BGSU email to Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat, YouTube or clips created through other platforms are accepted. Limit 1 submission per email address.  
  • Submissions must meet BGSU social media guidelines, be suitable for all ages, and contain no copyrighted material.  
  • Video content may feature anything fitness or sports related ranging from general workouts and exercise to your favorite games and activities.   
  • Video time limit: 30 seconds 
  • Demonstrating BGSU spirit through attire or action is encouraged. No branding from other colleges or universities may be displayed.  
  • Video content must adhere to all BGSU policies including wearing face coverings over the nose and mouth and physical distancing as appropriate.  
  • 3 winners, based on creativity, are selected by Rec Well Intramural Sports, Falcon Fitness, and Marketing staffs.  
  • Submissions showing multiple BGSU participants may be eligible for multiple prizes. Claim prizes at the Intramural Sports Office during select business hours. Winners are notified via email from of details.  
  • By submitting a video, all participants release content to Recreation and Wellness and authorize its sharing through various online sources including, but not limited to, social media. 

Registration Instructions

Spring 2021 Intramurals are FREE

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The BGSU Intramural Program processes all registration through IMLeagues, an organization specializing in the management and administration of intramural sports throughout the nation. Follow the instructions below to register.

  1. Log onto
  2. During the initial visit to the site, click the  "Create Account " link to create an account. Next, go to the "Schools" link and click on "Bowling Green State University" in the menu bar.
  3. Click on the sport icon you wish to sign a team up for or join a team
  4. Click on the day and time of the league for which you wish to register.
  5. Click on "Create Team" or "Join Team"
  6. Complete the necessary information and agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Bowling Green State University.
  7. Click on "submit."
  8. Once the registration deadline passes for a particular sport, schedules are generated and posted at
  9. For team sports, once the site has processed individual registration information, players are automatically directed to their team's homepage. From the team homepage, rosters may be completed. Each player must have a profile on in order to be added to a roster. Captains are emailed instructions for completing a mandatory online training/test.
  10. IMPORTANT - Once a team registration is submitted for any sport, payment MUST be received for all players prior to the end of registration. TEAMS NOT PAYING WITHIN THIS TIME FRAME ARE DROPPED FROM THE LEAGUE.
The typical pricing structure is listed below as a point of reference for when in-person activities resume.  
  • $40 per player/semester
  • $60 per player/academic year (these passes are only sold in the fall)
  • Payment is required in order to register a team. All individual payments must be made through in order for a team to be active and approved to play.
  • Any group or organization wishing to play and register as a group must complete and submit the appropriate Intramural Organization Form, with payment, to the Perry Field House Welcome Desk during the registration period.

The one-time academic year fee (sold during fall semester only) permits an individual student, faculty/staff the opportunity to play any and all sports throughout the academic year. If a semester pass is purchased, the individual is permitted to play any and all sports throughout that semester. All passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Patron requested refunds may be subject to a $25.00 administrative fee. View all Recreation and Wellness Policies.

While the participants of the Intramural Sports program have formed their own team, the employees of the Intramural Sports department are a member of a team of officials, scorekeepers, managers, and supervisors. These team members are critical to enhancing the experience of every Intramural participant. Each staff member provides a fun, yet structured environment while focusing on the health, safety and developmental needs of all Intramural participants. 

Apply Online  

Student intramural score keepers
Student intramural officials

BGSU students interested in officiating or score keeping for Intramural Sports are required to attend a Group Hiring Clinic/Training in order to be considered. Applicants are not paid for attendance at these clinics and are responsible to know the rules for the sport in which they are interested. Rule downloads are located on the IMLeagues website. Once hired as an Intramural official or score keeper, those employees with favorable ratings/evaluations may be recruited to work IM sports throughout the academic year.