Alcohol Education

Students are likely to be exposed to alcohol at some point during their time in college. Being aware of the effects can prevent unwanted events occurring in the future. In general, decisions regarding alcohol should consider questions of risk and personal values. 

Questions of Risk:

  • Does your behavior include unnecessary risks to your personal safety?
  • Do your actions violate any laws or university policies?
  • Does your behavior increase your risk of long-term health consequences?
  • Does your behavior produce positive benefits that outweigh the negative consequences?

Questions of Personal Values:

  • Does your behavior violate your personal integrity?
  • Do you make choices that you later regret?
  • Are your decisions influenced by others in a negative way?
  • Are your actions in line with your understanding of moral behavior?

Rather than simply tell you what to do or not do, we've developed resources that provide information about the areas of risk and choices regarding alcohol. Use these tools to make informed decisions for yourself after weighing the risks and consulting your personal values. If you think you may have an issue with alcohol, please contact the BGSU Counseling Center at 419-372-2081.

Updated: 12/12/2022 11:31AM