Classified Staff Scholarship

Applications are CLOSED for the 2019 Scholarship Award!

The scholarship is given annually to selected classified staff employees and/or their spouse or dependent(s) that are currently enrolled at BGSU and have a minimum 2.5 grade point average. Applicant must be an undergraduate or graduate student in a degree-seeking program (either full-time or part-time) that has at least one semester of course work remaining at BGSU prior to graduation. Applicants must have completed 12 credit hours at BGSU.

Purpose of the Scholarship:

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide monetary assistance for any BGSU education-related expenses.
Method of Payment:

The award will be made available through the BGSU Foundation. Funds will be deposited directly into the recipient's bursar account at the beginning of fall semester of that academic year.

Amount of Award and Number of Recipients:

The amount of the award and the number of recipients may vary each year according to the availability of funding through the BGSU Foundation.

Method of Payment:

The award will be made available through the BGSU Foundation. Funds will be deposited directly into the recipient's bursar account at the beginning of fall semester of that academic year.

Selection Guidelines:

  • Applicant must complete the required application package and submit by established deadline
  • The Classified Staff Scholarship Committee will present their recommendations to CSC for final approval of the scholarship recipients

Application Process:

Applicants for the Classified Staff Scholarship are encouraged to apply each academic year.  Please complete and return a completed digital application by Friday, March 30, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. emailed to  

Classified Staff Scholarship Application

Complete all items.  An incomplete, illegible, or late application package will prevent you from scholarship consideration.  It is your responsibility, as an applicant, to confirm all the application materials are received by the due date.  Applicants will be notified approximately two weeks after the deadline date.  Award recipients receive special recognition and will be asked to attend the Classified Staff Annual Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 101 Olscamp.


Please write a one page statement explaining your motivation for this scholarship, background, future plans, and any extenuating family circumstances, etc.  Letter format is acceptable.  Please copy and paste your essay in the box below. 


Please briefly list in chronological order, beginning with the present, your participation/leadership positions in BGSU and/or community activities and organizations.  The following items are what you need to include with each organization.

  • Name of Activity and/or Organization
  • Dates Involved
  • Participation (List specific activities)
  • Leadership Position

Please briefly list relevant achievements/recognitions you have received (i.e. honors and awards).   

Post high-school employment

Please list your work or academic experiences.  When including employment, please include the following items with each employer listed:

  • Employer
  • Duties
  • Starting Date
  • Ending Date
  • Number of Hours Per Week

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must be a classified staff member, their spouse, or child/dependent.  Applicant must have completed 12 credit hours at BGSU and have a minimum 2.5 Grade Point Average.  In order to determine your eligibility, it is important that the selection committee have access to your academic and financial aid records.  Please indicate by your signature below that the Classified Staff Scholarship Committee has your permission to access your academic records at Bowling Green State University.  Failure to submit this form with your electronic signature will make your application ineligible. 

Employees – Jeanne Berry, Kim Griner, Cheryl Williams

Dependents - Noah Lanning, Sydney Mason, Rachael Sattler, Emily Smith, Megan Swartz, Austin Thurman

Employees – Jeanne Berry, Chad Warner

Dependents - Devin Bouza, Skyler Fleshman, Jacob Houtz, Elizabeth Kelso, Noah Lanning, Sydney Mason, Heather Schaller, Mallory Swartz

Employees – Jeanne Berry, Deborah Carden, Erin Taft, Chad Warner, Erin Ziems

Dependents - Angela Barbour, Katya Dachik, Noah Lanning, Mallory Swartz, Jena Schwamberger

Employees – Deborah Carden, Stacey Dickerson, Pam Oler
Dependents - Angela Barbour, Molly Beattie, Deanna Bradt, Skyler Fleshman, Christina Gardner, Taylor Massey, Erin Schwamberger

Employees – Theresa Boggs, Deborah Carden, Kim Davis, Jean Greene, Faith Olson
Dependents - Angela Barbour, Maxwell Beattie, Nathanael Hackworth, Christopher Schimmoeller, Madison Telecky

Employees – Cynthia Kendall, Jennifer Nyiri, Michele Schwamberger, Anita Serda, Chad Warner
Dependents – Samantha Griner, Kevin Hammer, Abbey Joy, Courtney Thurman, Devin Wrice

Employee - Jennifer S. Nyiri
Dependents - Maxwell S. Beattie, Hallie L. Beattie, Molly C. Beattie, Troy R. Bostelman, Halie L. Hamman, Kelsey A. Hammersmith, Erin M. Schwamberger, Erin S. Ziems

Employees - Deborah Carden, Joetta Kynard, Chad Warner
Dependents - LeeAnna Houtz (Suann Houtz), Megan Joy (Brenda Joy), Kayla Joy (Brenda Joy), Melissa Leimgruber (Linda Leimgruber, Monica Marsh (Jennifer McCarty), Alyssa Potter (Pam Potter), Amy Wygant (Dan Wygant)

Employees - Joetta Kynard, Marsha Olivarez, Carol Schermbeck, Lori Schultz
Dependents - Jason Colyer, Lauren Downard, Emily Fries, Jacob Hamman, Wade Sattler, Erin Ziems

Employees - Elizabeth Forester, Joetta Kynard, Steven Ryder, Anita Serda
Dependents - Eric Bennett, Kylee Bostelman, Ryan Sanner, Nicholas Simmons

Employees - Gloria Enriquez Pizana, Tammi Sharp, Amanda Stewart, Jaye Baum Gangwer, Raquel Guzman, Marsha Olivarez, Yolanda Patton
Dependents - Kristin Bechstein, Kyle Hesterman, Christopher Lorenzen, Laura Samson, Kari Stencil, Mark Zuzik

Employees - Lisa Bowen, Kerry Foster, Sara McLaughlin, Carol Schermbeck-Horine, Lisa Tatham, Chad Warner
Dependents - Erin Bechstein, Erica Bennett, Kylee Bostelman, Zackery Fletcher, Kathrine Grolle, Terica Lowery, Nicholas Schroeder

Employees - Peg Bucksky, Kim Davis, Kerry Foster, Susan Huffine, Carol Schermbeck-Horine , Laurie Studer, Karen Williams
Dependents - Justin Bostelman, Tyler Drewes, Mitchell Frost, Alexander Hoegrefe, Laura Lindsley, Charles Meyer, Christopher Plotts, Alan Potter II, Adam Snyder