Family Structure

  • FP-21-26
    Children’s Family Structure, 2021
  • FP-21-22
    Variation in Stepfamilies among Currently Cohabiting and Married Men and Women Under 50
  • FP-21-21
    Stepfamilies among Currently Cohabiting and Married Women Under 45, 1988 and 2017
  • FP-20-28
    Stepfamilies in First Marriages
  • FP-19-21
    Resident Single Parents: Mothers & Fathers
  • FP-19-09
    Characteristics of Foster Children in the U.S., 2016-2018
  • FP-19-02
    Composition of Cohabiting Families
  • FP-19-01
    Cohabitors Raising Shared Children
  • FP-18-06
    Fathers with Resident Minor Children, 2016
  • FP-17-17
    American Children's Family Structure: Single-Parent Families
  • FP-17-16
    American Children's Family Structure: Stepparent Families
  • FP-17-15
    American Children's Family Structure: Two Biological Parent Families
  • FP-15-10
    Remarriage & Stepfamilies
  • FP-15-03
    Trends in Births to Single and Cohabiting Mothers, 1980-2013
  • FP-14-05
    Trends in Births to Single and Cohabiting Mothers, 1980-2009
  • FP-13-19
    Children's Family Structure, 2013    
  • FP-13-16
    Diverging Destinies: Children's Family Structure Variation by Maternal Education
  • FP-13-15
    Intentions of Nonmarital First Births and Maternal Age at Birth: 2000-2010    
  • FP-13-10
    Women Who Gave Birth Within the Past 12 Months, 2011    
  • FP-13-03
    Grandchildren: Living in a Grandparent-Headed Household    
  • FP-13-02
    Public Assistance Participation Among U.S. Children in Poverty, 2010   
  • FP-12-24
    Intentions and Planning Status of Births: 2000-2010
  • FP-12-23
    Single, Cohabiting, and Married Mothers in the U.S., 2011    
  • FP-12-18
    Co-Resident Grandparents: Caregivers Versus Non-Caregivers    
  • FP-12-17
    Child Poverty in the United States, 2010    
  • FP-12-16
    Health Insurance Coverage of U.S. Children, 2010    
  • FP-12-09
    Fatherhood in the U.S.: The Decoupling of Marriage and Childbearing    
  • FP-12-08
    Who are Nonresident Fathers? Demographic Characteristics of Nonresident Fathers    
  • FP-12-06
    Unmarried Births to Cohabiting and Single Mothers, 2005-2010    
  • FP-12-02
    Nonresident Father Visitation    
  • FP-11-11
    On the Road to Adulthood: Sequencing of Family Experiences    
  • FP-11-08
    On the Road to Adulthood: Forming Families    
  • FP-11-07
    Children in Cohabiting Unions    
  • FP-11-06
    Adoption Motivations Among U.S. Parents
  • FP-11-05
    Adoptive Parents in the U.S., 2007    
  • FP-11-03
    Adopted Children in the U.S., 2007    
  • FP-11-01
    U.S. Families and Households: Economic Well-being    
  • FP-10-08
    Same-Sex Couple Households in the U.S., 2009

Working Papers & Publications

  • WP-09-07
    Bachman, H. J., Coley, R. L., & Carrano, J. (2009). "Distinguishing between Family Structure and Family Instability on Child Well-Being in Low-Income Families."
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  • WP-09-11
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  • WP-10-02
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  • WP-10-04
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  • WP-11-06
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  • WP-09-08
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  • WP-09-05
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  • WP-09-06
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  • WP-12-02
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  • WP-09-14
    Manning, W. D., & Brown, S. L. (December 2009). "The Demography of Unions Among Older Americans: 1980-present."  
  • WP-09-04
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  • WP-11-03
    Rinelli McClain, L., & DeMaris, A. (September 2011). "A Better Deal for Cohabiting Fathers? Union Status Differences in Father Involvement.
  • WP-10-05
    Seltzer, J. A., Strohm, C. Q., & Bianchi, S. M. (Updated: August 2010). "Doubling Up When Times Are Tough: A Pilot Study of Obligations to Share a Home in Response to Economic Hardship."
    • Seltzer, J. A., Lau, Charles, Q., & Bianchi, S. M. 2012. "Doubling up when times are tough: A study of obligations to share a home in response to economic hardship." Social Science Research, 41(3), May 2012 doi:org/10.1016/j.ssresearch.2012.05.08

Research Briefs

  • RB-10-01
    • Bachman, H. J., Coley, R. L., & Carrano, J.  (2010). Changes in Family Structure: The Consequences for Children's Well-Being. 
  • RB-09-04
    • Fomby, P., Mollborn, S., & Sennott, C. A. (2009). Racial and Ethnic Differences in Family Instability: Testing Social Protection and Socioeconomic Stress Theories.    
  • RB-09-03
    • Fomby, P., & Sennott, C. A. (2009). Changes in Family Structure: Consequences for Adolescents' Behavior.    
  • RB-09-01
    • Rinelli, L. (2009). The Coparenting Relationship: Key to Strengthening Fragile Families

Conference Posters and Presentations

  • View Poster
    • Balistreri, K., Manning, W., & Brown, S. (2009). New Family Measures: An Examination of Direct Measures of Cohabitation and Parent Pointers.
      • Poster presented at the Population Association of America 2009 Annual Meeting, Detroit, MI (April/May).      
  • Bures, R., & Latham, K. (2009). Family Structure, Employment, and Retirement in Later Midlife.
    • Poster presented at the Population Association of America (PAA) 2010 Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX (April).    
  • WP-10-04
    • Evenhouse, E., & Reilly, S. (2010). Multiple-Father Fertility and the Criminal Justice System.
      • Research presented at the Population Association of America 2010 Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX (April).    
  • View Poster
    Krivickas, K., & Payne, K. (2009). Religion's Influence on Adoption Practices.
    • Poster presented at National Conference on Family Relations 71st Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA (November).

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