Prof. Writing and Rhetoric Students

Current Students:

Current job: English Teacher at Plainfield North High School in Plainfield, IL.
Academic/research interests:
I mostly teach senior-level dual credit courses that focus on rhetoric and argumentation through written expression; however, I am also value and have interest in oral communications, contemporary literature, ethnography and qualitative research, and multimedia/visual studies.  
Why Harley decided to get an online MA in English:
After surviving a pair of near-death, life-changing experiences in the fall of 2014 I realized that despite my love for teaching, I missed the challenge and mental stimulation of being a student. Pursuing this degree exposes me to the rigor I crave while concurrently working with my students. What I learn in this program will improve my teaching and better enable me to help my students prepare for the challenges of life after high school. 



Current job: High School English and Video Production Teacher
Academic interests: The teaching of writing, specifically rhetoric with a focus on junior English/AP Composition
Why Tyler decided to get an MA in English: "I had been teaching for a few years and was debating between Administration and English.  After seeing what administrators do on a day-to-day basis I knew that wasn't for me.  Instead, I decided to pursue a degree that would make me better at teaching and possibly open up other opportunities in teaching down the road (such as community college classes or dual-credit teaching)."