Paycheck FAQ

There's simply too much information to include on one page. Making the print smaller to fit on to one page could make it difficult for employees to read.

This is due to several factors. How your pay advice prints depends on the Internet browser and type of computer you are printing from. The pay advice was created to print from a PC in Internet Explorer. Additionally, variations in the information to be printed on each employee's pay advice will cause the pay advice to vary in length. For example, if one employee has more items in an area (such as Before-Tax Deductions) to itemize, the pay advice will be longer. If the length of your pay advice causes the page to break within a section, all information will still be printed.

These are listed in hours and decimals in PeopleSoft; for example, four and one half hours of sick time earned would appear as 4.5 hours.

Effective June 19, 2005 classified staff members need to report time in hour and decimal format. Administrative staff members completing leave report forms need to report leave in hour and decimal format. For your reference, a minute-to-decimal conversion chart.

No, for classified staff the online balances will be a pay period behind. So, if you used leave during the last pay period the reduction to your balances will not be reflected. For administrative staff, the balances will reflect usage reported from the last check date.

PeopleSoft's program displays leave balance information for only the current pay advice. Classified time sheets are printing two weeks at a time so the leave you used during the previous pay period may not yet have been reduced from your balances on the time sheet.

This is a chronologically ordered list of all the position and salary changes you've experienced as a BGSU employee. The View Compensation History self-service application shows one row of hire data. As an employee's compensation changes, the data will appear as a row on this page. The conversion of additional compensation history will not be a part of this "Go Live".

The View Compensation History only provides information about compensation rate changes for an employee. The summary of year-to-date leave balances or other pay advice information is available through the View Paycheck self-service application.

While in the View Paycheck self-service application, click on the "View a Different Payment" link that appears on your current online pay advice.

The last 4 digits of your bank account number will appear. Any digits before this will be masked with x's. This way, you can determine into which account your pay has been deposited, but no one else will be able to read your full account information.

The banking system requires direct deposit information at least 3 days prior to the pay date. Therefore, the payroll must be run in order to send the information to the bank. Once payroll is finalized, the pay information is available for the employee to see on the self-service pages. However, the money is not deposited into your account until the pay date. Please review the "Check Date" on your pay advice to find when the monies will be posted to your bank account. The money will NOT be in your account prior to this date.


Each type of Earnings code will show as a separate line on your pay advice. If the hourly pay rate is the same for multiple jobs, the total hours worked in jobs at this hourly rate will show on one line. If the hourly rates are different, multiple lines will show for regular pay. You will be able to track your multiple job information in the Earnings panel on your online pay advice if the pay rates are different. The Paycheck Summary panel will show your Gross Earnings, taxes and deductions, and Net Pay as the sum total of all jobs.

These are the amounts that BGSU contributes to your benefits each month. For example, as a full-time administrative or classified staff or faculty member, you would see contributions to your medical and dental plans, your life insurance policy, and your retirement plan.

Before-tax deductions are the amounts you contribute to your benefits that are deducted from your gross earnings. The amounts of the deductions depend on the types of benefits you have. Before-tax items would be deductions such as health plans, Deferred Comp, retirement plans, TDAs, and FSAs. After-tax deductions are the amounts deducted from your netearnings. These may be items you have designated such as contributions for charitable organizations, savings bonds or Dependent Life coverage as examples

When checks are printed, the pay advice is attached to the check. In addition to the printed pay advice, you may also view your pay advice online through the self-service application View Paycheck in My BGSU. Just as someone going to view their direct deposit pay advice, you can access the information by logging on to My BGSU and selecting View Paycheck from the My Services column. You'd see all the same pay, tax, and deduction information, but your Net Pay Distribution information will read "Payment Type Issue Check", and there would not be an Account Type or Account Number listed.

The current pay advice will be available online until the next payroll runs. At that point, you may click on View a Different Payment to view a prior pay advice. At the present time, no policy regarding archival of prior pay advice information has been established.

The PeopleSoft HCM system has a variety of built-in security components. In addition to the built in components, BGSU has implemented the HCM so that all web pages are encrypted.

Yes. The system was specified, purchased, and configured based on the number of BGSU employees. The BG@100 team also gathered information from other universities using PeopleSoft HCM to validate that a system of adequate proportion was being put into place.

If you do not have access to a computer at your work location, check with your supervisor to see what computer you may have access to and at what time it would be convenient for you to use it to see your pay advice. The ITS Computer Labs are available for those who do not have a computer at their work location. The Office of Human Resources also has computers available and can provide assistance to those who would like guidance in accessing their online pay advice.