Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee

The Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee (FAAC) is responsible for developing a three-year University operating budget plan and a five-year capital budget plan, and is responsible for updating these plans annually. The FAAC works with the University Budget Committee (UBC) to develop the annual operating and capital budgets, which are forwarded to the President. The FAAC also reviews resource impact analyses of academic programs and unit and policy proposals that are prepared by the Vice President for Planning and Budgeting and which are used by various governance units in the approval process.

For more information on FAAC meetings, contact the committee chairperson.

Positions on the committee are filled through annual elections in the Spring semester. Vacancies are filled by appointment of the Committee on Committees for a period of up to one year. If you are interested in filling a vacancy on this committee, please contact the Chair of the Committee on Committees.

Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee Members