Academic Honesty Committee


To assume appellate jurisdiction in cases of academic dishonesty.


  1. Serve as an appeal board to hear any and all appeals on matters of academic honesty;

  2. Review and evaluate the University's policy for academic honesty and submit reports and recommendations to the Faculty Senate.


  • Seventeen faculty members, twelve of whom shall have graduate faculty appointments;
  • One additional faculty member in first four years, appointed by the Committee on Committees for a one-year term;
  • Six undergraduate students appointed by the VPAA for one-year term;
  • Six graduate student appointed by the VPAA for a one-year term;
  • Coordinator of the committee appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


The chair shall be elected from the faculty representation on the committee.


Each undergraduate college and Firelands College is represented on the Academic Honesty Committee. Three of the elected faculty members must be eligible for election to Faculty Senate ( Academic Charter, Article V.B).


All proceedings before the Academic Honesty Committee shall be conducted with respect to the due process of law, and in accordance with the University's academic honesty policy. ( See B.II.H of the Faculty Handbook)


All elected, appointed and ex officio members have full voting rights. Consultants are non-voting members. ( Academic Charter, Article V.B)