If you have not yet completed a full year of high school and need assessment testing to meet admission criteria, please schedule an Accuplacer Reading Test.  

Accuplacer Scheduling Steps:

  1. To be eligible to take the Accuplacer, you MUST first apply to the BGSU CCP program.
  2. After you have applied please call the CCP Main Campus office at 419-372-1537 to ask for your BGSU ID #
  3. Once you have your BGSU ID #, call 419-372-0743 to schedule your remote Accuplacer reading test.

The Accuplacer reading test will be remotely proctored and does not require you to come to campus. Please be sure to have a laptop or device that allows full audio and video via Zoom for your proctored session. There is no time limit on the Accuplacer Reading test but on average students will complete the test within 25-30 minutes.

Pre-College Programs will offer the Accuplacer Reading test on-campus throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.

Accuplacer Reading (or a qualifying ACT/SAT score) is required for admission to the BGSU CCP program. Qualifying scores determined by the state can be found at: CCP: Student Eligibility Assessment Testing.

To be eligible to take the Accuplacer, you MUST apply to the BGSU CCP program prior to testing.

Registration is required.

You can reserve an Accuplacer test date by calling the Firelands Campus at 419-372-0766.

**You are required to provide a valid state-issued ID at the time of testing.  If you do not have a state-issued ID, a parent/guardian with a valid state-issued ID must be present at check-in.

Updated: 07/19/2022 10:10AM