July 2023 Press Release

Safe Communities announced today that there have been 6 fatal crashes to date this year, compared to 5 this time last year. Speeding is illegal, and it endangers you, your loved ones, and even strangers. While speeding may seem like the quicker option, Speeding Catches Up With You.  Let’s look at the following facts about the dangers of speeding:

Speeding Catches Up With You
•    Speeding fatalities have continued to increase over the past few years, rising a dramatic 17% from 2019 to 2020 and another estimated 5% from 2020 to 2021. Even advancements in vehicle safety and passenger protection cannot keep people safe from the dangers of speeding.
•    According to NHTSA, in 2020, there were 11,258 people killed in speeding-related traffic crashes, and speeding was a contributing factor in 29% of all fatal crashes nationally. 
•    Local roads are more dangerous than highways for speeders: In 2020, 87% of all speeding-related traffic fatalities on American roads occurred on non-interstate roadways. 
•    Slow down around road crews: In 2020, speeding was involved in 37% of the fatal crashes in construction or maintenance zones.
•    In 2020, speeding was a factor for 19% of drivers involved in fatal crashes on dry roads and 21% of those occurring on wet roads. 
•    While drivers of all ages may exceed posted speed limits, young people are most likely to be involved in speeding-related fatal crashes. In 2020, 27% of males ages 18-44 and 16% of females ages 18-44 involved in fatal crashes were speeding at the time of the crash. However, the relative proportion of speeding-related crashes to all crashes declines with increasing driver age. 
•    Speeding can reduce a driver’s ability to negotiate curves or maneuver around obstacles in the roadway, extends the distance traveled before a vehicle can stop, and increases the distance a vehicle travels while the driver reacts to a hazard. Speeding can also increase the risk of crashes and injuries because other vehicles and pedestrians may not be able to judge distance correctly. 

Always Drive Sober
•    In 2020, 37% of the drivers involved in fatal crashes were speeding and had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. This compares with only 17% of non-speeding drivers.
•    Adding nighttime to the impaired-driving combo increases the dangers: In 2020, between midnight and 2:59 a.m. during the weekend, 63% of speeding drivers involved in fatal crashes had been alcohol-impaired. 
•    In 2020, 31% of speeding drivers under age 21 who were involved in fatal crashes had a BAC of .01 or higher. In contrast, 17% of non-speeding drivers under age 21 involved in fatal crashes had a BAC of .01 or higher. 
•    For drivers ages 21-24 who were speeding and involved in fatal crashes in 2020, 40% had a BAC of .08 or higher, compared with 21% of non-speeding drivers. 

For more information, visit www.trafficsafetymarketing.gov/get-materials/speed-prevention/speeding-wrecks-lives/speeding-catches-you

Updated: 07/10/2023 09:46AM